Dedicated to The Late Paul Walker — Gone Too Soon

Dedicated to The Late Paul Walker — Gone Too Soon
By: Talin Orfali

Sometimes I Think to Myself on How Unfair Life Is,
Wondering How I am going to get through this.
Asking Myself why great people have to leave us?
Wanting to know the answer is why I am making a fuss.

Paul Walker Gone too soon from all of us,
To some, the News Felt like we got hit by a bus,
That feeling of mourning will take longer,
but for the Sake of Paul we must learn to be stronger

Our Blue Eyed Paul, Has Turned into Ashes,
We don’t realize how quick our life Flashes,
Paul Has now entered into heavens Gate,
Who knew, that this would be his final Fate?

Our Sweet Paul has gained his beautiful wings,
but we all know that this news really stings,
He is no longer with us on this earth,
but We know the great things he has done since birth,

Oh Paul How can life go on without you?
We have no choice but to pull through,
We know your life from us was cut too short
which has put a lot people out of sort,

Paul we didn’t get the chance to meet,
but I can look above and have that chance to greet,
You will always live on in our hearts forever,
This is not a goodbye, its see you later,
Gone too Soon Paul Gone to Soon.

6 thoughts on “Dedicated to The Late Paul Walker — Gone Too Soon

  1. Grrrr…he died driving too fast. There have been 119 soldiers killed this year – one on November 17. He was an actor. He did a job. He didn’t save anyone’s life. They sacrifice months away from their families to protect us. Yes, an actor spends time away from his family, too – for money. Not to protect us. I have NEVER understood the big deal about actors/entertainers. They are doing a job – just like the cook, cashier, secretary, bank teller, taxi driver, engineer, etc. who go to work everyday. It is just a job. He doesn’t deserve all of this attention any more than Whitney Houston did. Or Elvis.

    Staff Sgt. Richard L. Vazquez, who died on November 17, 2013 during an IED attack in Kandahar. I salute you. I am terribly sorry that you and your fellow soldiers deaths are not as mourned as the stars who wrap their cars around trees showing off and driving way too fast. RIP my friend.

  2. I am so sorry – Have been told I sounded a bit harsh. It is sad, for a life – no matter who’s to end before it should. It is sad for his family and friends, and I did not intend at all that his death was trivial. I tend to, as the mother of a Marine, get carried away when it comes to these things, and I apologize if I offended anyone as I did my friend, LA.

  3. Paul Walker seemed like a nice man. I haven’t seen many movies from him besides Fast and Furious but no one deserves to die. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. I really appreciate it :]

  4. when you become a officer or cop or figher fighter those are things you knowingly risk when you accept the job, we drive to work or to the store not thinking where going to die

  5. to those saying “Paul Walker was just an actor” and “he didn’t save anyone’s life”, do some research, he invested his time, money and safety, putting his life at risk to save many lives around the world, only someone that knows Paul or was his real fan would know. He never asked for credit for helping people, he done it out of love of humanity, he even brought many families together with just his acting alone.

    • I agree. I would never hate on someone that’s done so much charity in his life. He really was a good person that died way too soon.

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