The Late Paul Walkers Movie — Vehicle 19

Last night I was watching a Paul Walker movie named “Vehicle 19” and the whole movie I was so emotional looking at him, thinking to myself that we will never see him in future films again and we will never see him do more humanitarian work such as what he was doing for the victims of the Typhoon in the Philippines with The Reach Out World Wide Organization. His death has broken my heart into millions of pieces. I cannot even comprehend how his family and friends are dealing with his untimely death, the same goes for his friend who died with him in the Red Porsche in Los Angeles. When I was watching Vehicle 19 last night. There were so many similarities from the movie which really got to me even more and it was freaking me out that . Here are some of the similarities I found from the movie that were in relative as to how he died in real life. Unfortunately:

1 — He was in the car for the whole movie
2 — He had the car spray painted with the colour “RED” and He died in the Colour Red with the Porsche..
3 — The week that Paul Walker and Nelson Mandela died, the movie was filmed in South Africa in Johannesburg and toward the end of the movie there was a picture of Nelson Mandela on a building.
4 — The cars in South Africa drive on the opposite side and the steering wheel was on the right side of the car, but in the Porsche he was a passenger so he was sitting on the right side.

As I was watching this movie, It freaked me out at the end to see all the similarities and It just broke my heart to realize those things. What a waste of talent. I have not stopped thinking about this since I heard it happen. Yesterday they laid Paul Walker to rest. It has hit me really hard. My Condolences to his Friend also. 2 young men who had so much life to live ahead of them, and lives were cut short because of losing control due to speed. I do not know what logic and what sense there is for the thrill of driving fast, speeding and going for a joy ride brings. A vehicle is a weapon and if not used and driven carefully, it can do a lot of harm, it can injure, it can kill, it can do anything. In the end were responsible for our actions behind the wheel. Driving is a serious thing and it is not a right, its privilege. Once we get behind the wheel of a vehicle, truck or whatever is motorized, were not only responsible for ourselves, our passengers, but were responsible for others lives on the road as well. Senseless deaths can be prevented but some people choose to do wrong and play with other peoples lives and well being. So many people’s lives have been lost, so many families have changed forever and lives will never be the same without them  . God give their and all families that have gone through these terrible and terrifying moments and also friends strength at this difficult time.

6 thoughts on “The Late Paul Walkers Movie — Vehicle 19

  1. I don’t think those similarities were coincidence at all. His journey was predetermined. Doesn’t really make a difference that he is gone now, it’s just a message, that’s what is meant to happen, ironically immortalized in a movie.

  2. The orgin of this article sounds very familiar from another source. I just read over and over another article for a professional staff writer of entertainment source.

  3. I liked the scene of him driving the minivan with a full, open juice box in the steering hand while fumbling for his dropped snack with the other and finding instead a loaded gun.
    It’s a rental for sure.

    I liked it when it was on in November and I liked it when it was on again this week.
    It is not ‘F & F’ filled with expensive cars, it’s instead a low-budget movie with a deliberate well executed atmosphere.
    Instead of ridiculous stunts ala ‘Mission Impossible’, Paul is trying to get the phone charged to setup turning in key evidence. Then a street person/voodoo guy comes up to his now red van and yells “BURN it all down!” to Paul Walker’s character through the window.
    He survives to be with his loving fiancee at the end, all off camera to maintain the camera in van concept, except for the very last shot – the camera rising up from the van.

    I agree it was weird to watch with all the stressful scenes within Paul’s character’s vehicle.

    Another reviewer focused on the ‘Robots Ahead’ street sign in Johannesburg and was mad no robots were then shown. (laugh now)

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