Avoid Flying on United Airlines

Avoid United Airlines and Star Alliance at all times if You can.

On August 22nd, 2013, I was at Toronto’s Pearson Airport YYZ, and I was ever so excited to board my plane to head to Boston where I had a layover in Newark, New Jersey first. I had arrived at the airport about 3 hours before, and I had seen that the Gate for my flight had not been announced yet until about an hour and a half before, so I went to my gate F89, and then I got hungry so I got myself a bagel with jam which is the safest thing to eat at the airport, so as I came back and ate my mini breakfast, I saw that my flight was on time 10:59am which I said ok thank goodness. As I took a bite and turned my head away from the UNITED FLIGHT Screen, I take a look and now my flight is at 11:20am. I said ok, no big deal 20 minutes is not all that bad, then I had a conversation with one of the other people who are boarding my plane and killed time that way.

I look again and it said its delayed again until 11:50am. At this time I got so angry, my patience ran thin and marched right to the United Counter and I said I hope you know I am not going to make my flight in Newark, New Jersey to go to Boston which was supposed to board at 2pm, the attendant didn’t give a hoot what happens to me the way her expression was, so then I was yelling at them and fought with them, I said you better get me to Boston today, I said I do not care how you do it, but I demand to get on a plane. After fighting with them for almost 20 minutes they got me on a 4pm flight from New Jersey to Boston. I said to them I have a reunion with my beautiful ladies in Boston and I am the last one to get there, I said I better get there before it gets dark. So in New Jersey, I only waited an hour, but that hour felt like 8 hours to me. I just want to get there and be in the arms of my sisters. I am never connecting flights again and I am never flying with united again. They are so unprofessional, its not even funny, the flight attendants don’t even smile, they don’t even care and are rude to the passengers. If it wasn’t for us passengers and people booking flights, these airlines would not be in business, so they better take good care of us. I do not know how United Airlines and Star Alliance are still in Business. for the life of me. Passengers shouldn’t have to fight, and they shouldn’t demand to be taken care of to where passengers are going. So after I fought with them, they protected my airfare. I told them that I was going to write about united airlines and the poor service I received.

In the end I am happy I got to Boston and I got there safe which is the most important thing and I am not complaining about that and I know the scenario could have been worse, but the principal and the point to the matter is that, they should handle things in a more professional way and give passengers more options of a safe and quick way to get to peoples destinations and be humble, patient and understanding. That was my last time with the airline. They need to get pointers from Air Transat, Westjet, Jetblue, Delta, Sunwing, Emirates. Thats all I know.

Oh yes and I forgot to add that they had to shut off the whole plane and restart it again due to a faulty wire for the air conditioning which repaired itself. THATS COMFORTING. So another 15 minutes was gone… I was so angry.  They can delay and cancel flights all they want, but when you are late for your flight or when you just make it in time, they make such a big deal, but if its their fault, they do not care. Craziness. If you want to travel on a hassle free airline, contact me. I have been on many many different airlines.

9 thoughts on “Avoid Flying on United Airlines

  1. Unfortunately it is true, I too had problems with United, mine was luggage issues which found it after a long search, I will not go in details but it was extremely frustrating, the mistake was from their part.

  2. My favorite is Saudi Air. Nothing but Luxury, even in the tourist class. Lufthansa is MUCH worse than you describe United to be, especially Friday and Saturday. They are one Bum outfit, never have it together and don’t care. I would never check my bags in again with those clowns.

  3. Wow. This is yet another reason I have said that the airline industry is out of control and desperately needs to be regulated again. While doing so, merge or remove all but two airlines. There are too many. Too many that are also using and abusing the flying public for cash cows. I despise so much government control in America these days. But due to the sensitive nature of this industry, I believe it needs close supervised scrutiny by the feds.

  4. I flew United once, similar experience where my original flight was delayed for mechanical issues. Then after almost three hours sitting in the LAX airport they boarded us on the plane that they claimed was repaired. I had a connecting flight in CO which they claimed they were holding for our plane but they had such shitty customer service I wasn’t sure I believed them. As we neared the mountains by Colorado we flew into a huge electrical storm and the flight attendants looked panicked and all fled to their little jump seats and I heard one of them telling the other the part they needed to repair on this plane dealt with grounding it against electricity. I saw large bolts of lightning striking feet away from our plane and the turbulence was terrible. I think it might have been a miracle we didn’t die and they never showed any concern for us other than throwing on the seat belt sign. Finally landed and made my connection but I ended up getting home 6 hours later than I was supposed to (3am) and I was supposed to be at work at 6am so I was robbed of my sleep thanks to United. Never again will I fly with them.

  5. Yep, United Airlines….9 out 10 times is problematic. I did have a great United Airlines flight from JFK to San Francisco. I was so impressed, but then I flew from La Guardia Airport to Chicago and was reminded of why I stopped flying United. Sigh. Oh, the staff on my Chicago flight all seemed to be the most unhappy people, their smiles painted on, their eyes had no joy in the service they were giving…and don’t ask too many questions or ask for help….Nope.

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