I am Not Lucky, I am Blessed

In this life, well, in my life, I am not lucky, I have been so blessed with everyone and everything in my life. Materialism is something that I do not even consider, but to have people in my life with family and friends is something very important to me.  I have been blessed many times with great family and friends and my friends are like my family and they all hold a special place in my heart, mind, soul, and every inch and centimeter of my being. Seeing people happy, positive and doing well is something so great to see. It is what I am all about and to enjoy people as much as I can, to reach out to others, to make a difference in peoples lives positively and to make smiles all over the world.  Today I will keep it short and sweet, but I will be back tomorrow to write more. Thanks. I just wanted to share this little piece today. All the best to you all.

11 thoughts on “I am Not Lucky, I am Blessed

  1. A beautiful sentiment. I get a feeling of “pride” [I just cannot think of a better word right now — it’s pretty late] seeing loved ones struggling successfully against one of those obstacles that life occasionally tosses in our paths.

  2. My mother used to make my sister and I remember this. Whenever we said, “I’m lucky” she would say, “No, you’re blessed.” Ever since, I try to remember that I’m blessed no matter what.

  3. Talin, the ordinary is extraordinary, i think your post mirror this. i put your words in my twit which filled with my fave motivating quotations & express my emotion condition. Thank you for your share here, it does motivate me to put people first in a very positive way. @ladyedamame

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