Natural Beauty is The Way

As I go through life seeing many people wear oodles of make-up on their face, I always say to myself, why they put so much? why they have to cover their face up with all these cosmetics? I believe and know that all women and girls have a natural beauty and they are simply covering up what they really look like. I am not saying do not wear make-up, you are free to make your own decisions as to how much cosmetics you put on your face, but in moderation. The trick to wearing make-up, you have to make it look like you are not wearing any at all.

I believe inner beauty is far more beautiful than our exterior. Make-up should not make a woman/girl believe that they are far more beautiful with that stuff on their faces. Many cosmetic companies starve for women/girls who constantly head to the stores to purchase their merchandise. Beauty comes from within. We are just carrying our exterior, but I am telling all women/girls of the world right now, you are beautiful, you don’t have to try to impress the guy next door, or when you go to a party or somewhere to wear make up to the extent that it does not make you look good at all. It makes it worse to be honest.

I have been to many parties and I notice women and girls look in the mirror in the restroom to maintain themselves, adding more and more make-up. Again, it is totally up to you on what you do to your face, but I would understand if you’re a bride, bridesmaid, or you’re in a modeling agency, or whatever, but then again, make-up should be worn within limits.

As my personal side of the story, I only wear make-up when it is absolutely necessary, I occasionally wear make up to a party or a gathering with my girlfriends, but I rarely wear it on a daily basis. It makes my face feel so heavy and it makes me feel like there are things on my face constantly. The mess of mascara, the mess of the bronzer and foundation powders and everything, just clog up the pores and clog up the face and your face won’t breathe.

Although it is important to maintain your exterior, with having your hair groomed, showered up, clean, nice smelling, and have great hygiene with brushing your teeth, flossing and everything which is very important, but when it comes to Make-up, it really isn’t a necessity, it is something that hides your beauty, being a natural beauty is far more attractive, than having all this gunk on your face, and putting too much make-up on no matter what type of product or name it is, can speed up the aging process.

I know you readers are questioning and thinking that this woman writing this has got to be crazy, that she herself is a woman and women are so revolved around cosmetics, fashion so on and so forth. Personally, I myself enjoy wearing custom jewellery, and matching up my outfits and going out with just lip gloss on my lips or a lip colour that suits my face and colour of my skin, rather than wearing way to much on my face. I already wear corrective lenses, and i occasionally wear contact lenses.

In conclusion, you are beautiful, you are a person of our world, you have been put on this earth, no matter how your face looks, your facial attributes, sizes, shapes, were all different, were all ONE BODY, Were all in the same human race, were all on this earth for a reason. Nature will take its course. BE NATURAL, BE WHO YOU ARE, GOD LOVES YOU Just the way you are, SO LOVE YOURSELF THE WAY YOU ARE. Save that 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 dollar bill that you are going to spend on Make-up and Utilize it for something more worthwhile. So get up, stand up, Smile and look at yourself in the mirror and say these 5 WORDS Every morning you wake up — “I AM A NATURAL BEAUTY” and start your day. Try it, and you will see the difference.

16 thoughts on “Natural Beauty is The Way

  1. I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy I guess you could say, and I’ve never had any desire to put on makeup, I like how I look naturally, sometimes I’m a little envious of how creative some people get with their make up but never had a desire to do it to myself. There is some pressure in school and out in the working world for us to always look our best thanks to magazines, movie stars and of course a bit of peer pressure, but you know, the best person anyone can look like is themselves. The most I do in terms of make up is use a facial scrub once a day and put on moisturiser and that is it, I’m me, ready to tackle the world with a smile 🙂

  2. I agree. Make-up isn’t beauty. Heavy make-up makes you look more mature/old than when you’re not wearing it. I’d rather have fresh and clean face

  3. I go both ways. I love to play artist and paint up my eyes dramatically. I also love the freedom of a clean face. They both have their place for me and so do the combinations in between.

  4. I’m all for natural beauty and no one should feel like they *have* to wear makeup: but for me makeup is really a kind of self expression. In my field, we often wear pretty casual clothes or office clothes and everything has to be kind of low-key but makeup is where I get to express myself and play with my appearance.

  5. Well said! Another plus to minimal make-up is the time you save but more importantly, you get used to seeing the beauty of you and can become comfortable not always having to look “perfect.”

  6. Makeup will not change who you are. I say let how you act be the face that you show the world. Makeup, at best, should complement how you look not change how you look. Makeup and a getup will not keep you up. It is how you think that makes the difference. Only women are made to believe that they need to cover up their face. My question is, why do you feel you need to do it.

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