You Are Beautiful, It is The Society That Is Ugly

I do not even know where to begin with this. This is something that makes my blood boil and which gets me so angry. The society is an evil one with media and everything else that make-up makes girls and women beautiful and the society defines that, they are not good enough the way they are. It really gets on my nerves. These cosmetic companies are there to make money and they keep telling girls to keep wearing make-up, to keep up with the new trends of foundation, lipsticks, and everything and they get something embedded in girls, and women’s minds that they have to keep going to the local store to buy make-up and people dish out hundreds of dollars for these things. The society is what is making girls and women ugly and the society is ugly, the media is ugly, not women and girls. Everyone is beautiful and make-up should never define real beauty.

Yes I wear make-up but not everyday. Once in a while when I am at a party or something, but Make-up is something that I don’t really use. Real beauty comes from ourselves, our inner spirit, our inner selves. Women and girls are so beautiful and never forget that. All those chemicals, all those things you put on your face is something that is a concern. yes Make-up is fun, its fun to put on, and its one of the girly woman thing to do when with girlfriends, but don’t ever let that define who you are, don’t ever convince yourself of these make-up ads, that you’re not good enough and you have to look like those models who wear it. Photoshop, Airbrushed ad’s are so ridiculous. Everyone has a unique look to them, everyone is beautiful in their own ways. The society is making us believe that were not and that we have to keep putting this stuff on. All they care about is money and money unfortunately speaks louder, and they do not care about real beauty. No matter what they think and try to cover up (literally) their tracks and saying no it’s not true, were not trying to take away real women and girls beauty, but on the contrary, they are.

This is a really big issue and a lot of women and girls are faced with this challenge everyday and it makes me sad to see them not feeling good about themselves, not feeling like they are worth it, not feeling like they are not good enough. It pains me to see it and hear it happen, it really upsets me so much. I start to cry when people put themselves down, and calls oneself ugly, and hideous, and all these negative thoughts that render into their minds. It is all in their minds, but they should get rid of all those thoughts and feelings, your great just the way you are. YOU ARE!!! Cosmetics are evil. I am telling you. I have always encountered people especially teenagers that think make up is the best, but it is not to be honest with you. Make up should be worn on special occasions, and Halloween.

I am not trying to put these companies down, but it’s about time, that girls and women look in the mirror without make-up and look at themselves really closely and say in the mirror, I am beautiful. I do not need these chemicals on my face. A little lip gloss or lip balm and to keep the face clean and moisturizer is the way to go. Do me a favor ladies. Do not let the society, media, commercials, ads, magazine ads, define you and don’t let them control your feelings, don’t let them walk all over you, don’t let them tell you otherwise. Your beautiful and that is final!

16 thoughts on “You Are Beautiful, It is The Society That Is Ugly

  1. Just like it says in the Bible about the principalities and powers that control the world (government and corporate) that seek to control people. The only way to be free is to think for ourselves and not be afraid to challenge authority. #Proverbs 28:1

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  3. I’m a guy. Females I find most alluring are those without make-up!
    Indecently, is high-impact mascara used so that it won’t come off if you have a car accident that way you’ll still look pretty around the eyes?

  4. It is a sad trend. When I heard of the baby tiara reality show I thought it must be a joke. Why on earth would a mother put her toddler in a beauty pageant? It’s completely out of control.
    Thank you for addressing this topic.

  5. I have a 13 year-old daughter and I tell her all the time that it’s what’s INSIDE that counts. Society wouldn’t beauty if they couldn’t make a buck off of it. Such a horrible message it sends for young girls (and boys too), but mostly girls. My daughter wears no make up (yet) and I hope that continues. She is a wonderful daughter with her head on squarely. 🙂

  6. Good points made by you. It does seem that make up wear goes further back than our modern times and further than what we have now the pressure to look beautiful. A scripture in the bible, said in part that beauty has to go beyond the external braiding of the hair, but real beauty comes from the secret person of the heart. I might not have quoted exactly right, but the point is apparently there was pressures thousands of years ago for women to wow men even then and didn’t have the same means as today. Yet your point rings true. Nice and thought provoking post!

  7. Totally agree with you, the Society is really something.
    To be beautiful there are some pains too. It’s uncomfortable to wear make up all day long, very tiring to wears solflens all day, it’s a pain to wear high heels all day, you might ended up bleeding somewhere.
    But in return you get more respect from peoples (the society) for being well-dressed-up. I experienced it almost everyday. I usually appear casually and wears glasses to work. People don’t even give any shit to me, mostly ignored me, glasses girl with oily face maybe. But once I’m getting dressed up at weekend, wear soft lens and put some powder on my face. People (the society) treat me different, all people come across me smiling at me, and talking to me in respect, someone even offer me a seat on the crowded bus (I’m not even old), the other one open the door for you. It’s a pleasant to be treated like that.
    And I was like “Oh, this is why every woman trying to look good even it’s very uncomfortable”
    The society torture us this way…

  8. I rarely use make-up. I worked in the cosmetic industry all through college and I think it jaded me on multiple levels. My job was to give make-overs to women in an effort to sell make-up. I was and still am stunned by the lack of self-esteem among women of all ages. Worse still, instead of overcoming that issue, they cover it up with make-up. I didn’t want that to happen to me, so I decided to embrace my face they way it is. Instead of wearing a “mask” I take good care of my skin and I let that be my show of beauty. Aside from the esteem issue, once I learned exactly what ingredients are used in make-up, I realized I didn’t want that stuff on my face. Even the so-called “natural” stuff is full of things that are not skin friendly.

  9. Hello – I have just been having a great read of your blogs here… Very impressive work! I thought I’d leave a comment; this particular blog – very inspiring = thank you for sharing as this kind of recognition on life is so valuable; sharing with others: important! Regards (Natasha)

  10. Amen! I have gone through times in my life when I have decided to turn off the television for months and even years. It has been when I have gone back and watched television that I have become so aware of how superficial society is. It might be time for another TV sabattical.

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