Never Apologize For Being Honest – Those Who Are Dishonest Should Apologize

In life we will encounter all kinds of people, and we will encounter honest people, dishonest people, and so much more. Now ladies and gentlemen, there is something that you should never do for being honest is to apologize for it. I know sometimes there will come a time where you say, sorry, May I be honest with you? Never be sorry, but say May I be honest with you? There is a big difference. It is always great to tell the truth and be honest with others because sooner or later that truth will always come out and there is no hiding lies because things always have a way of coming out. So just save the trouble and tell the truth. Nobody should have to apologize for being pure, real, and telling the truth right off the bat, rather than hiding it. Not saying anything and hiding something can be considered as a lie too. It should feel good to not keep things bottled up inside and it should feel good that something heavy has been unloaded. I’ve come to a realization that when you tell the truth from the beginning, when you are honest with yourself and with others, your relationships get stronger, bonds continue to grow fonder, that connection between you and others or an individual will be something that is so incredible.

For me I cannot stand lying, and I always have to be honest with others, and I do not like hiding anything from others, unless it’s a surprise party or something, but that is besides the point. I just do not like to keep things because if I do, then the truth will come out eventually and It will not be good. so be honest from now, so you save all the hassle, trouble later. Those who lie, cheat, and always con others are not good. We must teach children from an early age that lying, cheating, and being dishonest with others is not a good thing, and get them to understand how terrible it is to lie, because it can mean trouble in future or trouble in the near future. I know sometimes they say you need to lie, saying white lies, fibs, and everything and sometimes that is socially acceptable, but don’t let that be a habit, and don’t let that overpower a real lie, because, “real eyes realize real lies”. Have you heard and seen that quote online or have you seen it somewhere? Its something to really think about.

Have you been through this situation before where you had to apologize for being honest? Have you ever been in a predicament that you were caught in the crossfire? Just never apologize, just be honest and go forward in life. Your goodness, your good heart, your honesty is a powerful thing and its incredible, and it shows who you are, what your personality is, and what kind of person you are when you are always honest and forthright. It’s the best way to go in life and trouble, hassle free. The truth will always set you free. You may not realize it, but it will. All the best to you.

20 thoughts on “Never Apologize For Being Honest – Those Who Are Dishonest Should Apologize

  1. I agree with what you say. Honesty is good and sometimes it feels as though being honest is something I am cursed with. I say cursed because when you look around, more often that not it is the people who lie and con that are doing the best in this life. A sad statement but unfortunately. I think very honest.

  2. I agree with Qiquan – I don’t apologize for being honest. I apologize because I feel that it may hurt the other party

  3. Honesty has been on my mind lately. I saw a show on Anderson Cooper whereby they performed an experiment by planting a fake book with a fake author and had some pariticipants believe that the book and author were genuine. They were told they had been selected as part of a feedback group about her book. Each one of these very nice people lied and said they had read her book, and not only lied but really went into detail about what they liked about the book. I think telling lies is pretty complicated, eventhough the concept of telling the truth is simple. I think telling the truth is always a better outcome, but sometimes people are not ready to deal with or tell it. The Anderson Cooper show’s experiment was a great example of how easily people will lie just to be part of a conversation or group.

  4. Totally agree about honesty being the best path. And that we also need to constantly bear in mind that because others don’t always appreciate honesty we can’t be surprised when we occasionally receive negativity in response.
    I’m reminded of that lovely quote:
    “If you’re always honest you don’t need to have a good memory”.
    Honesty makes life far simpler.
    And it’s one of the reasons I love living in Japan. I’ve never known a more honest culture.

  5. I agree. Some people, though, use the pretext of honesty to be downright nasty.
    ‘White lies’ and the like can always be avoided. If one cannot get away with saying nothing, then the bare minimum of true comment – focussing on the positive – will usually do the trick.

  6. Honesty should always be tempered with love. Sometimes people use honesty to be needlessly cruel. Sometimes it’s better to keep one’s own counsel. I’m just saying.

  7. I read this article by Mayra Mejia…Interesting!! It’s been said that honesty is the best policy. It sounds like the simplest thing in the world, but being truly honest with others and with yourself can be a real challenge. Political correctness, being sensitive of other people’s feelings, and facing uncomfortable truths about yourself usually requires lots of patience, vigilance and hard work.

  8. During my childhood it wasn’t safe to tell the truth. Now truth is one of the most important qualities to me. I’m so grateful to continue meeting others who feel the same.

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