Don’t Be Discouraged – Always Look Forward

In life when were going through life, a lot of people if not all people want to be a number of things when they grow up, they have ambitions, dreams, and talents. Everyone has different skills, needs, qualities, potential, and personal goals to attain and fulfill in life. Unfortunately some do not get to enjoy, fulfill and succeed in life because their lives were cut short and its a terrible thing.ย  Everyone has great qualities about themselves, and sometimes some peoples progress, and going to the next step takes a lot longer than others, but never be and let others discourage on how slow a progress you are making. At least you have continual progress that is not stopping and you are trying your best and doing your best. Always look forward in life. I know things in life happen without you least expecting it, traumatic and tragic things can happen in ones life, but never let that be a discouragement . The sign of failure means that you are trying. Nobody is a failure. You might fail at doing somethings, but never make that into a weakness. Make it something that you can work on more harder and if at first you do not succeed, try it again and again. Never stop. Failure means success in the long run. Just remember that.

Remember if people are trying to bring you down, that only means you are above them and if people are spending so much time talking about you, talking to you, talking about your weaknesses, putting you lower, and not trying anything to put your spirits up, and not encouraging you that means that they are not true friends at all, that means that they are only trying to hide their failures and flaws about them and not sharing it. In the end everyone has their own pace, their own time to learn, to grow, to experiment, to experience and to succeed. You can do anything you put your mind to, and never be discouraged. Things always happen and come up in life, but never lose sight of your dreams and all the plans you look forward to in the future. It is always great to make plans while you are living day to day.

Never lose yourself, don’t listen to negative people, don’t ever let anybody always try to find faults and things wrong about you, do not give anybody the satisfaction of pessimism. Be optimistic, be ambitious, keep dreaming, keep working on attaining your goals. It might take longer than others but hey at least you are getting there, at least your not stopping for anybody or anything. It is the worst thing you can do for yourself is to let others walk all over you and to mess with you. Never do that. Before others judge, and say things to you out of turn or give you advice, but the wrong type, let them look at themselves in the mirror, let them focus on themselves before pointing fingers, and being judgmental. In my previous blog, I was talking about being strong, and surround yourself with positive and great people who will encourage you, who will lift you up.

encouraging, confidence boosters, kind, nice, sweet, positivity, optimism these are the things you should surround yourself with, and never let anyone tell you, you cannot do it, because you can do it. Everything is possible in life, but unfortunately satisfying everyone is just the only impossible thing in the world. In the end you know who you are, you know what you are capable of, you know your limitations, you know yourself the best, you are your individual person. Keep your head up high, lift yourself up, and never sell yourself short and put yourself down. Keep smiling, and all the very best to you. Lastly, Do not ever be discouraged!

12 thoughts on “Don’t Be Discouraged – Always Look Forward

  1. Thank you again Talin for a wonderful posting. Its been one of those days when nothing seems to change that horizon, so i called in sick today. I am home and nursing this depression. It isn’t something that overpowers me, i chose to stay home to take care of business i have been putting off- but today hasn’t been the best of days. Reading your blog helps ease the tension of my worries-
    Til next time ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love your posts! This one especially because it resonates perfectly with what I am going through in life. Getting discouraged is easy and it definitely takes work to not allow yourself to fall into that way of thinking.

  3. Nelson Mandela said something on these lines. To paraphrase he said, “Don’t judge me on the number of my successes but on the number of times that I have failed and got up again.”

  4. These is so true – I think cultivating a positive mindset is the first most important thing. It’s what gives you hope and the ability to dream.

    Great post!

  5. You as an individual are a collection of actions, verdicts, decisions, skills, knowledge and feelings. These are what are important. You should be spending as much of your life as possible honing these skills and basic functions, and using them. You are not a Superhero trapped in his everyday life, you are the superhero. Find out who you are…and exploit that.

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