What Makes You A Stronger Person? How Do You Handle Life?

In my life, I have been through a huge list of unfortunate things that have happened to me where people would be bully me emotionally and mentally, putting me to the curb when not needed anymore, people who have used me for material gain, people who only come to me if they need something from me,Β  the feeling of being isolated, and being an option to people and not a priority in their lives. I remember all those times and still comes back to haunt me to this day, but things have changed so much for me and for the better. Because of all the anguish and pain I had to endure personally, emotionally and mentally, now I have become a stronger person, I have a whole new pizazz on life, a whole new approach to trusting very few people, choosing my friends wisely, opening up my eyes more and making sure I make the right decisions about hanging out with the right people. Everything in my past that I went through, has shaped who I am today and its made me better in making judgements on who should be in my circle and who should not. I think and I know that I have handled my life wonderfully and I learned a lot from myself and have spent so much time with myself just thinking about life, about what the next step is to further myself in a social aspect of life.

What made me a stronger person is that I look things into a positive perspective, I look at things as a cup that is half full, and no matter what life throws at me, I am always positive in the end. I know it is easier said than done, but being positive is easy, all you have to do is be strong, be who you are, always be yourself, make sure that you surround yourself with positive and great energy throughout your day everyday. When I was heavily bullied as I was in school back in the day, I put into thought that this is just temporary and things will get better and it did get better for me. I am so strong now that nothing or no one can break me. I have learned to stand on my own two feet, I’ve learned and I am still learning to this day. Life is a never ending learning journey. Sometimes things come in our way, but in the end the ball is in your court, but make sure you hit a slam dunk and be strong.

Everything happens for a reason, and people come into your life as a blessing or a lesson and that will determine your strength to move on to bigger and better people and things in life. What shaped me to be stronger is that I cut out negativity, and I always instill in others that they too can do the same, all they have to do is try their best, and do it. I know sometimes it easier said than done as I said, but it will workout in the long run. I know that life is not perfect as we want it to be, and sometimes we get lucky and sometimes we do not get so lucky with how our lives are and have turned out to be and what we went through in the past, but take a look around, be blessed with what you have and who you have become. What have you learned from your past? Have you been a victim of bullying? What did you do to make yourself stronger?

What steps did you take to conquer and defy all the odds? Did you seek for help from others? did you dust yourself off and pick yourself up on your own? Did you tell someone about how you were feeling or are feeling? Always know you are worth it, you are important, you are a unique, special, confident, strong and beautiful person. As long as you know that for yourself, you do not need others to tell you all that. When you know yourself that you are enough and that you are all those great things, that is the greatest thing you can do for yourself. You have those gifts that are so precious. You are a precious human being who came to this earth for a reason, each one of us serves a purpose in our world and we can all make a positive influence, difference and change the world into a stronger and happier place only if we try and do our best no matter what life throws at us. Kindness, Respect and doing great things is the way to go.

Now tell me what has made you stronger? Life is a beautiful gift from God, and its such a lovely thing.Β  always be strong. Remember what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, and somehow struggles become success, and success becomes everything you want your life to be emotionally and mentally. Be positive, be strong, be you, and everything in life will come to place. Just believe in yourself, believe that you can conquer anything and throw negativity away and do not think about what might have been, or what could have happened differently. Keep going. Do not stop. All the best to you, keep smiling, be happy!

28 thoughts on “What Makes You A Stronger Person? How Do You Handle Life?

  1. I agree that we all need to keep negativity at bay because it feeds on itself. I limit my exposure to news and sadly have to limit my exposure to some of my family members for the same reason. Thank you for spreading your sunshine! All the best to you today too!

  2. I basically had to learn to survive at an early age. My life was very difficult. As I became older, I isolated myself more as well. I get told “you cannot live in fear”. I don’t. I live in wisdom. I too was bullied, but I was also abused at home. Now I work passionately to stop bullying–especially in schools. If you ever would like to write a guest post on my blog, just let me know. You are more than welcome.

  3. I got a bit joked up when I was reading your blog this evening, Its like I am reading me. I went true similar thing in my life. It was like I was accepting my faith that was my life and I just take it. But everything changed. i learned to say it is enough I don’t have to accept it. I deserve better. And I deserve a better me. Not who just take it and not say one word. My life pretty changed 9 months ago. My best Friend we like Sisters by heart, she open up my eyes. it been a very tough road for me. It was like a roller coaster. I had my good days and bad. But now I am stronger. now I see more the positive things. And I changed my thinking. don’t matter how tough it can be, and I am still learning. There is a lesson to be learned . And my life lesson made me also a stronger women. thank you for this post πŸ™‚ its good to know I am not alone and I can relate. Now I am more happy with my self. πŸ˜€ I even rediscovery my love for poetry …. I know to have a open mind Doors will open….

  4. Excellent post! I think everyone has had a run of bad and negative thoughts brought on by others and sometimes by themselves. I’m know as a sarcastic realist, but I firmly believe that you have to have a positive attitude and keep moving forward.

  5. Each of us have a unique mission in life that we discover through our pilgrimage. It is hard to accept your self worth when others feel challenged or even intimidated by seeing your unique talents as a rebuke of their closed minds. It is often the most brilliant and talented that are treated as outcasts throughout history.

  6. What makes me stronger? Forgiving and forgetting and moving on. These occur in various stages and may take more or less time but holding on saps my energy, leaves me weak emotionally. I am stronger today not by my own strength but through God’s grace. He has taught me patience through my relationships, he has taught me to rely on him when all else fails. He constantly reminds me that if I just trust him then I will be alright and want for nothing. My biggest struggle- fitting in. My decision- fitting in is not so important after all. What matters is to acknowledge that you are a unique person, blessed with may gifts that can be used to touch others. I am stronger because I rely on God’s strength and not my own.
    Thank you for this post. I am happy that you have found your Strength and peace as well πŸ™‚

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  9. What a beautiful Blog, I know you are stronger and smarter by now and trying to help others, Good work Talin and gad Bless you.

  10. When I find my mind starts to wander into the shoulda, coulda, woulda, self destruction path… I have these words hanging on my wall to put me back on the right path.
    Speak no more of what happened yesterday.
    Don’t worry about what happens tomorrow.
    Do not rely on the future or the past.
    Seize the moment, do not waste time.

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  12. Nursing my mother through her last illness–breast cancer that spread to her brain and lungs–was something I would never have asked for, but it has made me stronger, and also more compassionate. When I see people on the street who are rude, or not particularly friendly, I think to myself that they might have cancer, their mother might be dying, their spouse just left them and they can’t pay the bills. I try not to let disappointment in previous relationships taint what might happen in a new one, even though I am probably more protective of my feelings than I have been in the past.

    Best of luck to you, Talin!

    • Words of the wise. It’s a pleasure reading your comment & a lesson to learn from. I too encounter such grouchy people everyday. There are times i would wonder, what of this person takes the place of thos other person; would he be thankful then?

  13. I couldn’t agree with you more. I have endured a series of traumatic situations from a very young age until I reached adulthood.

    I believe it is what makes me who I am. Sometimes, you have to deal with the “bad” to receive the “good”….I take my past experiences as a lesson. I learn from them and I refuse to let them controls my life or me.

    Be proud of who you are and every little emotional scar that you bear for it allows you to be you. πŸ™‚

  14. Thank you Talin for posting this. There are days i sit in my lounge chair & ponder on each circumstances my life has gone through. I have journaled my life so much thst when i’m bored, i would read my misfortunes- then it helps me realize what i’ve overcome, how i got better at things and all my accomplishments are failures are simply lessons to endure the chaos of life. With gratitude, its always a pleasure reading your bloggery.
    Have a wonderful day!

  15. You should be a motivational speaker. You really commit to your post and there’s a beautiful vulnerability in what you write. Thank you for following my blog.

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  17. I can definitely relate to the despair that comes with being used by parasitic people or those whose intentions were to string you along for advancement and sex only.

    I hate my heart being played with.. I hate falling victim to those who’d take advantage of my generosity. I want someone to genuinely and mutually love me and support me πŸ’― as I would them. It’s fair and it fosters greater happiness. If someone exists out there who loves me as much as I love would them, please all that is attract me to him! I’m dying inside this is worse than a withdrawal, it eats at my soul, causes me to lose sleep and hope in a genuine guy. At the same time I have a problem trusting people after being done wrong and too trusting in the beginning. However, I don’t want to be jaded.

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