It’s Impossible To Satisfy Everyone, and I Suggest We Stop Trying

Today just a few hours ago, I saw this quote on Facebook about how impossible it is to satisfy everyone, and It just made me think a lot about how I should stop trying and focus on doing what is best for me and to stop trying to satisfy each person, because that will never happen and there will be people who agree and disagree about everything in life. In the end you to do what is right for you, you have to do things that are to your benefit because in the end were all individuals and we all have to learn how to stand on our own two feet and take control over our lives, Yes opinions, suggestions, and ideas is what makes the world go around and it is good to learn from one another about success and among other things in life, but the ball is in your court. Will you always listen to everyone? Or will you learn to listen to yourself and what is in your heart to do the right thing? Yes it is important to listen and to get advice from people and I am not up for debates on that. That is the way things are supposed to be, but there will come a time where you will need to make decisions all on your own without people always intervening with you.

There are so many things that is impossible to satisfy others such as, The type of wedding you have, the type of home, home decor, home colours, the car you have, the parties, functions, and everything people have, but one must know it is someone trying to stay in their budget, no matter how extravagant or how simple things can be, it is all in the terms of preference, and each person has their own taste and their own perspectives on how they want something to be. We cannot discriminate and complain about how another person chooses to do their parties, functions, and even to their style of furniture, colour and everything else, because it is their space and their home. Everyone is entitled to have a space of their own and create it the way they want to without be pestered all the time. There is a fine line to stop trying to impress people a lot and start focusing on what is important and what makes you happy to want to do what you want to do and it is important to have people’s support, and to be happy for you. You are not going to a wedding for the decorations, for the food, for the ambiance, your going to a wedding for the couple that just went into marriage hood, you go to rekindle with others and meet people, you go to events to socialize and be social, not for the material side of things. If that is the way they want to do it, then set them free and be satisfied, but then again someone people will not agree to what I am saying either and that is fine.

I have learned to take criticism and constructive criticism, and I value everyone’s opinions, good or bad, because that is a queue to make vast improvements, to better yourself in things, to improve on lifestyle, to improve on so many things in life. I believe that each and everyone of us needs criticism once in a while, but then again not everyone will agree with that, but that is how the world goes around. If everyone thought the same and if everyone had the same perspectives on life and the way things are supposed to be, then we would be living in a really boring world and there won’t be anything new. It will just be the same things over and over again and we won’t meet new people, all we would meet is the same type of personalities and the same type of opinionated people. Yes it is important to have good personality traits, it is important to make good choices in life, but in the end everything is up to you, but it won’t hurt if you listen to others once in a while. Enjoy your life and do things that will satisfy you, not others unless it is your immediate family. Be you and the rest will follow. All the best!

9 thoughts on “It’s Impossible To Satisfy Everyone, and I Suggest We Stop Trying

  1. Brilliant! Thank you for this post, I was just telling my assistant today that we have to stop trying to be everything to everyone and be the best US we can be.

  2. very nice post but sometime you have to keep in mind if it is your job and will try to impress others and make them happy so they would by or agree to the product or design, but all in all what you are saying is so true in majority cases . nice post

  3. I agree with you. Material things are unimportant,they may be here today and gone tomorrow. What is important is the people that you surround yourself with. Do they love you, do they want you to reach your goals, do they allow you to be you. Are they around when you need someone just to be there, no I told you so, just moral support. Another person to confirm that you are not alone in this unfriendly world; a sanctuary, a safe place where you can regroup.

  4. I am totally agree .
    Because of this matter I lost friends in the sense I am no longer as close as I was before , but I am happy of the way I am living and its quite personal and I don’t appriciate anyone commenting on that , the same I am not interfering in anyone’s life .
    As you said people’s tast and preferences are different and they are free to chose the way they want to live , and one should not interrupt unless one ask for .

  5. I agree. I stopped worrying about pleasing everybody a long time ago. One of the best decisions I ever made in my life. I suggest everybody do it in some measure.

  6. i totally agree! it’s kind of funny how we’re taught as children to be selfless but there’s a fine line with that because if you’re too selfless, people take advantage of you and boss you around and you lose yourself; if you’re too selfish well, that’s a whole other problem. what you speak of is the “okay” kind of selfishness; the kind that is designed to help you along your way without hurting others. p.s. – thank you for stopping by my humble lil’ blog and for choosing to follow. im so honored. 🙂

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