Materialism and I do not Mix Well Together

Since I was a child, I was always brought up to appreciate the people around me and always saying thank you. I have learned a lot of great qualities growing up. My parents and other and many of my relatives always taught me the importance of the joy of being with people instead of the material growth out of it. Yes I did receive gifts when I was a child, and that was about it. Now that I have been an adult for so many years now, Materialism and I do not mix. When I eventually get together with a man and find the right person in my life to marry and settle down with, him buying me expensive jewelery and an expensive engagement ring means nothing to me really, and buying me expensive clothes, bags and stuff. I can care less about it. The union and the way he treats me. As long as I am with a person who respects me, who takes care of me, who is a down to earth and honest person who understands me, and a person I am comfortable and can have fun with. Material growth is something on the last resort, but I never want to expect it. It’s like when I meet friends from Online or wherever, materialism is nothing to me again like I said. Being with people physically and sharing memories is far more precious to me, then some material goods. We don’t mix well and I tell you, I get really worked up when people bring me stuff, but then I say thank you I appreciate it. It’s like Drinking and Driving do not mix, well, its kind of like the same thing for me with materialism.

I know that a lot of people in this world have nothing in third world countries and I have traveled to a few places such as Cuba, Dominican Republic and other countries in this world and I see how they live, but they are so happy with what they have and appreciate it because they have seen life, and they have seen things other people have not, and I respect them so much. When I travel, I learn so much about how people live, their lifestyle, and day-to-day life. I have spent time in villages before and I have seen it all. I have learned to never take anybody for granted since I was a mere of 3 years old. I started learning these things at a very young age.

I am so fortunate with what I have now and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2 thoughts on “Materialism and I do not Mix Well Together

  1. listen this is one of the best materials i have read online from anyones
    blogg…………not becuase i haven’t heard something like this before but its
    cos i can tell its coming from you and not something read in a book,
    copied and pasted……… i admire u alot

  2. My mother was a travel agent, and my teens were spent cruising thru interesting ports like Costa Rica and Columbia in the same trip. Great article, and very nice blog.

    sincerely, Jim

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