Social Media Awareness – T-H-I-N-K – The Acronym That Stood Out

In recent months I have been writing a lot about this subject about social media, and it is one of the biggest hot topics of this day in age and mostly everything is revolved around social media, promotions, advertising, and so much more that we make social media. Nowadays there are clever ways to advertise and get viewership rolling, making photo acronym’s and there are so many quotes out there that makes people think and social media is one of the biggest ones and all to do with success, business and so much more. Now, what stood out to me the most was this great acronym that says, THINK.

Now, before you Tweet, Facebook, Pin It, Tumblr It, text it, send photos, or do anything with Social Media think of this:

T – is it true?

H – is it helpful?
I – is it inspiring?
N – is it necessary?
K – is it kind?

We all want to protect our credibility, reputation and ourselves ultimately and this acronym is something that certain people should be reading and thinking about literally, and ultimately we are responsible for what we post because anybody on the internet can see it, and anybody who searches online for a certain word, phrase or something they can come to your site and you either gain fans or you do not. It all depends on how your portray yourself. It is important to think if it is kind and necessary to post. I feel that social media has gone way out of context of over sharing. How much is too much when it comes to sharing? I have seen twitter messages that people post when they have their bowel movements, they even post what they are doing 24 hours a day. I find that to be way too much information that does not need to be on the internet.

Now with our words are we really moving mountains? Are we inspiring people? Are we helping people in positive and great ways? Is something we post true? I think it is something that is up to us individually on what we want to post, but we should be cautious about what we post and the content. This acronym is something that really has been on my mind for quite some time now and it has put social media in my life into perspective, and it has given me so much inspiration and so much food for thought to share this acronym with those who may or may not have seen or heard about it before. Are we really hurting our future with the material and content we produce online? Remember what you post online is there forever and even if you delete and remove things, it will always be there on the internet database.

Are there things you have seen online that have been terrible and written, drawn, Photoshopped or created a terrible meme about other people? Have you seen blogs, comments, and websites that bully others? The internet can be a great place and sometimes the internet is not such a great place. Also not everything should be taken as a joke. There is a time and place for everything and there is a time for humour, a time for seriousness, but in the end everything has its limitations. It depends on individuals and how they utilize it. Being kind, helpful and inspiring is something that everyone should exercise in always doing. I know sometimes people may not be on the same page about a certain topic, people may not always agree on things, but there is always a pleasant way to handle it, and there are ways to approach things in a great and peaceful manner where then everything will be great in the end. Just simply say “I am going to have to disagree on that, this is how I think about something or this is my feeling or take on it”, or this is what I would have done differently or said something differently. There is no need to use vulgar, profane language to others, where it can be kind and dealt with in a civil manner.

This Acronym has put an everlasting thought in my mind and in my day-to-day blogging and social media life. Has it for you? What is your take on THINK? what is your opinion? I’d love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Social Media Awareness – T-H-I-N-K – The Acronym That Stood Out

  1. I agree, many posts just littler the page with “vague”-booking, or hateful comments, or posts that if the poster had just taken a minute to validate would be able to stop fanning the flame of false hoods.

  2. Fabulous and so true, I am a … Lets say ‘frequent updater’ on social media, but I do like to make my posts amusing, relative and pleasurable to view. I am going to share this blog 😉 in hope that I mothers will learn the same

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