My Blog Site Is About To Get A Makeover – New Changes To Come

Hello everyone,

Hope all is going well. I am here to announce to you changes coming to my blog in terms of colours, layout and incorporating more pictures in some of the blog articles I write, and among so many other surprises. I will be working on it in the month of May and it should be up within the month. I really enjoy searching on google, tumblr and other sites for positive, inspirational quotes, and I post them up to my Facebook Fanpage for people to see. the following link will have all those and that is mainly where I will be posting positive, happy, clever, cute photos and quotes as well.

If you have Facebook, click on the link, like and join my fanpage so you can get my updates right into your news feed.

I am very excited about all these changes to come your way and I decided it is time to give up the blue Blog I have had for quite some time now and just give it a little boost. It will not change completely, but the changes will be visible and if your are just joining in on my blog and its one of your first times engaging into my blog, I thank you all very much and I thank all of my readers, viewers, fans and those who have searched on Google or anywhere else for me and my blog. It is much appreciated. I love you all very much and you all are very dear and in my heart. Any reader, supporter that comes here is automatically part of my life and part of my family.

Thanks again and I look forward to these changes.

Love Always,

Talin Orfali


6 thoughts on “My Blog Site Is About To Get A Makeover – New Changes To Come

  1. How to Give Your Blog a Makeover

    Look at other blogs
    Come up with a writing plan
    Play. Yes, play around with the tools, functions, gadgets, and extras. Which will be most useful to your blog type?
    Accept and ask for feedback like comments. Blogger has a “Reactions” feature that you can customize to get quick and easy reader feedback so you can figure out what your writing style will be like.
    Get a cool background. A great website for free blog backgrounds is The Cutest Blog on the Block. This website has many, many backgrounds for your blog, plus instructions on how to add it in.
    Experiment with font colors, sizes, and fonts. Make sure the words are not hard to read. Choosing a tiny font will not entice viewers to read your blog.
    Tell people about your blog. Now that you have a blog makeover, get people to come see it!

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