The Microsoft Windows 8 – I am Actually Enjoying It

I know it has been some time and fallen a bit behind in newer technology and I know that Windows 8 has been out and I finally got into it after using windows 7, but I enjoy using both still, and I think Windows Vista was the worst one Microsoft came out with but this newest one put a whole new perspective with things. This past week I begun to use Windows 8 for the first time ever on my  brand new laptop and I am actually enjoying the experience. You can still use windows 7 as you can view as desktop or you can go back into windows 8. I really like that you can go instantly into your e-mail and check it out right from your desktop without having to go to the website itself, log in and check it out. This way you are right into it, it saves a lot of time and you can view weather, stocks, finance, travel, trending news, and download so many apps.

I downloaded Shazam and when I am somewhere with my laptop and listen to a song I like, I can shazam it and get the song I want. I really like all the new features it has. I am quite impressed. I always said I am not going to get Windows 8 as it looks messy and disorganized, but once I got into it and I started getting used to it, I am really enjoying the experience. In the store when I was checking it out, I never really got the feeling of it and I could not concentrate on it as much because of all the surrounding distractions and the sales person around me, but I learned windows 8 now in under half an hour. It doesn’t take me much to learn about things and I am a fast learner. It is such a great software and there are so many things I am liking about it, how you can personalize it to your  favourite colour and them, how it is secure, password protected when you start your computer and everything, and I like the photo files, the new snipping tool.

Do you use windows 8? or do you use another version of windows? or do you use a Mac? I find that a Mac is a lot harder to operate and when it comes to a MAC I am not much into that. I like the iPad, iPhone, iPod and stuff those are good, but when it comes to computers, I prefer a PC Windows. It makes it a whole lot easier to operate and better in organization. What is your opinion on it? What is your preference?

8 thoughts on “The Microsoft Windows 8 – I am Actually Enjoying It

  1. LOOOL I am still using window XP and I like it, if I update to my old laptop I know it will slow down considerably so I will wait until I get a new one then see.

  2. I still use Windows 7 but my hubby has 8 on his pc. Just looking at it I don’t like it. But I guess I better learn it anyhow. I am one of those old dog/ new tricks kind of girl. Joanne

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  3. Since you asked, I agree with your assessment of VIsta. It was a piece of junk. I will stick with my Windows 7, which was very difficult to do when I had to buy a new laptop in January. Microsoft has prohibited many resellers from selling new machines with anything other than Windows 8.

    Due to a series of medical difficulties which began with the implosion of a benign brain tumor, I find both Apple and Windows 8 platforms impossible to use. As a result of the traumatic brain incident, I have unpredictable and sometime close to uncontrollable tremors. These have made touch screen platforms impossible for me to control. I end up sending the screen and files to who knows where. I have found with a mouse and a button I have some control. Although even then, I have lost files while trying to save them. I have tried voice recognition software and because of a unpredictable stammer or stutter, this software doesn’t work either. Trying to communicate my concerns with Microsoft has been very frustrating.

  4. I currently don’t use W8 but I have always been a computer geek. I always think that when setup right, Windows will work as smooth as any other OS. In fact, I use Mac OSX and Windows 7 on a daily basis and I love both. Good article!

  5. I have Windows 7 on my main computer and Windows 8 on my new Laptop. I have been working with computers since before windows with the original DOS, so I’ve been around the block a bit.
    Windows 8 is driving me mad! It is difficult to maneuver to say the least – impossible to use with a mouse and keyboard and extremely difficult to find programs and settings one needs.
    Search does not function properly, as it shows what it thinks you need and not what you actually need. I am not crazy that Microsoft is forcing you into their bucket of sign ins also – try skype from the app store.
    Finally, Windows 8 brought the return of the BSOD – blue screen of death – now it may be a bit prettier than the original one from days past, but it is back and 8 crashes more than Windows ME on it’s best day.
    So – not a fan. 🙂

  6. I’m still on Windows 7, but I really appreciate your comments about Win8, very useful. I feel like you alleviated some of my greatest Windows 8 fears.Thanks for writing. (Has Microsoft cut you a check yet? lol, we wish huh?)

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