What to Write About – Suggestions Needed From My Readers

Hello everyone, Hope all is going well in your neck of the woods. I am going to keep this short and sweet today as I have been trying to compile a list of topics, issues and subjects to write about and I want to ask my readers what they think I should talk about, what I can contribute to the internet, what I can discuss with my readers, fans, family and everyone.  something that would be interesting and something that needs to be talked about, written about and to share with everyone. Your opinions, suggestions matter to me a lot, and I value it very much. Now if you like to privately e-mail me about something you want to talk about, click on my contact me link on top and you can find my e-mail there. Your suggestions will be kept completely anonymous. I am not sure when I will be writing all the topics suggested to me but very soon after You will see your suggestion topics written about.

I am open to discuss whatever and all topics and suggestions are important to me.

Thank you all and all the best to everyone.

15 thoughts on “What to Write About – Suggestions Needed From My Readers

  1. If you’re having to reach out to the bloggers that you never respond to, then you really ought to, instead, be asking yourself what purpose your blog has/if it has a purpose. When you start a blog you should have a set formula in mind, which you can occasionally deviate from without anybody minding.

    Following blogs is not friendship; none of us ever hear from you. I think that you would be taken more seriously and gain some inspiration if you bothered to read and interact with fellow bloggers.

    Blogging every day about nothing in particular is not the way. Many of us blog only when we have inspiration from somewhere/someone. Nobody wishes to know what another blogger had for breakfast unless they are following a food blog.

    Your friend Tamar (who is also a friend of mine) doesn’t post often, but when she does it’s about the Armenian culture and the history and customs – with pictures. She is always fresh and interesting and often uses humour. Alongside that, she interacts with and is genuinely interested in her fellow bloggers.

    I love history; I love learning about other cultures and learning new languages (I’m currently learning Japanese). I love learning new recipes from different cultures, but I can’t properly learn if a photo of the end result of an unfamiliar dish is not included.

    In short: interact with your followers/those you follow and teach us about your culture and history please 🙂

    • I hate bloggers block. It doesn’t help that I actually have 3 blogs on the go.
      1 is my personal family life one, 2 is my photography blog, and my 3rd is my work blog (2nd hand books)

      I hope you find some inspiration soon

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have a general theme of posting hymns from my hymnal collection, but I throw in other things that seem interesting to me. I am trying to get the hang of this (I started January 1st) just as you are. I am sure we will both improve.

  3. Write what’s on your mind. The latest thing that happened that spurred an emotion. You seem interested in heartfelt issues, most of us learn from each other through those. No matter what you write, if you love it then it is right. You have great stuff. Enjoy it.

  4. I feel that Missus Tribble hit the nail on the head when she suggested evaluating a purpose for your blog. For example, the purpose of my blog is to share mindfulness, motivation, and share my journey of personal development because that is something we are always experiencing.

    Something else she said hit home pretty hard to me, and that’s the interaction factor. I am working on a few business ventures and haven’t made time to involve myself in the WordPress community, but I am slowly transitioning mindset from a “one way feed” of communication, to a more communal way of interacting.

    Try asking yourself “what do I love to do?”, “what am I passionate about?”, or “what knowledge do I have that I can share with others?” And write about that.

    – cheers. 🙂

  5. All writers occasionally find themselves wanting to write but unable to come up with a topic that stirs those creative juices. Sometimes something happens from outside that sparks a thought. That’s what happened for me today. Other times it is something that comes from within. In my opinion blogging doesn’t have to have narrow focus/purpose. But finding a theme which often runs through your post helps. Some of the best blogs I’ve followed are rather random in topic but often have a common thread. For me it is about what I’m learning about life/living/me/the world around me through different things I see/hear/experience – because that is something that sparks passion in me. So pick something that you are passionate about and write. Create a monthly theme if you find lots of things you are passionate about.
    A list could be a good thing, but I’ll bet that that you may end up with items on that list that never spark that passion. I often find things that spark my interest and I open up a new post and copy a link to the website or type a line or two then save the draft. I might go back and write them up and post them, or like recently I went back and deleted a bunch of drafts. Either the topic was no longer of interest to me, or I’d lost the gist of what I was thinking of focusing on when I created the draft. You have tons of followers – so I’m sure you will get lots of suggestions for that list.

  6. I’ve been participating in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. Normally, I don’t blog each day, but for this month, I chose as my theme “Oh! The Places I’ve Been.” no posts on Sunday, tomorrow I’m at “S.”
    Check it out. Perhaps using a theme, and the alphabet, may help.

  7. Hi Talin,
    I think you can ask people to ask you a question and then you can spend time answering, that is if you want your readers to get to know you better

  8. Keep Them Short. Under700 Words. I Do Not Have The Attention Span For Longer. I Started Blogging On Business Suggestion, BUild Credibly As A Person, PeopleKnew Me Professionally. I Do Friday Only Posts. I Follow CowboysAndCrossbones. She Does Teddy, Her Cat, On Wednesday. MondayIs A Weekend Review AndSheDoesA Fun Topic One Other Day. (I Am Having Keyboard Issues W My Phone). Try A Pattern Of Fun, Relevant, You Are A Specialist Topics.

  9. Talin, I have been following you for a while, and enjoy your blog. I have tried to look for the common theme: You sy that your words can help people. That is what you should concentrate on. How can you help? An anecdote from your life or a major, international news story are perfect places to start, but how can your words help? I also agree with the short, 700-800 word posts comemnted above. It’s good writing practice to have to self edit.

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