Anyone Remember Super Mario Bros. Nintendo Games?

Lately I have been having the urge to bring out my old Nintendo Game Console along with my Super Mario Bros’ Games and play them like old times. I remember when I used to know all the secrets to the game and I used to use the Game Genie to play Super Mario Bros’ 3, I knew all the tips and tricks on how to get through the levels all the way to world 8. I remember I used to play with my Brother. I rarely got the chance to be Mario because I am the younger sibling so I always was stuck with Luigi playing some of the games. Super Mario 1, I also played Duck Hunt too. It was such a fun game and I remember I was a pro at it. Probably now if I play it, I will be a little rusty and I won’t know what to do on some parts, but I used to play enough that I should still remember it. I liked the Mushroom and the 1ups the most. The stars were fun too, along with the leaf. The First 3 Mario Bros’ were the best. I didn’t like Mario on Nintendo 64 or any other gaming Console. The first Nintendo was the best. Then when the game didn’t work, we had to blow warm air into the game cartridge so it worked. I am a huge fan of that gaming console. I really don’t like the ones that are out now. I am not a huge fan of them.

Original Nintendo, nothing beats it. I remember I used to play that game with my cousins, friends and we used to have hours of fun with it. Our game was Mario Bros’ most of the time. Konami games too. What was your favourite Nintendo Game? Did you enjoy Super Mario Bros’ too? Did you own a Nintendo before? What are your favourite memories when you played it? I think people still play it to this day and I know a lot of people who have kept their Nintendo. It is a collectors item now and a classic. It would be crazy to give that away. I am having the urge to play it today. I maybe will later on. Hopefully if time permits me to do so. I remember I used to have so many whistles. I used them all up to go to the world 8 on Super Mario 3. I once played all the levels without using the whistle. It is more fun that way. I remember the ones with the aquarium and fish levels. That was so cute with the different types of fish in there, but you had to get away from them and head to the finish line before time was up.

I know Gaming Consoles have evolved so much since then, but nothing beats the Original Nintendo no matter what anybody says. Those were the days. I like Original things, and I appreciate the way things were made before. I felt the quality even though we had to blow into the game cartridge, but that was half the fun. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I would love to see the Original Nintendo come back as it was so popular before. Nothing beats the 80’s and 90’s of Gaming. Would love to hear about your memories.

12 thoughts on “Anyone Remember Super Mario Bros. Nintendo Games?

  1. Oooh everything you said rang true in my heart! I remember all that: the flying fish, the leaf powerups, the blowing on the game cartridge to make it work (did you know that on the backs of some games it actually tells you NOT to blow on the cartridge! haha). Ahhh yeah. The good old days. I loved Mario back then. But I gotta admit, I’m still a fan now. :3

  2. The 80’s and 90’s boast of the best in a whole lot of things. I especially remember the music of the 80’s. On the radio then it was refered to as the ‘sound of the 80’s’ by the popular DJ then back here in Nigeria, Patrick Oke. Sometimes the beats and his comments just come back to me and it always brings a smile to my lips. Thanks for taking me back memory lane.

  3. I was more of a Sega Genesis kid (Sonic & Knuckles ftw!) but my former roommate had a Nintendo console and I was addicted to Mario. What a great dose of nostalgia for the day!

  4. Great read, I had the Sega mega drive, those were my best video gaming times. From sonic to umk3, I loved my Sega. I do play the current-gen video games, but I must admit that with the advancement of graphics and rendering, the feel (fun vibe) from the 80’s/90’s has been lost. There is hope though, some gaming studios are persistent in creating good games that are not just graphically enhanced but fun and interesting as well.

  5. Oh I loved Super Mario Bros. Game systems have evolved but I don’t play my Xbox no where near as much as I played my Nintendo ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. This makes me want to purchase an NES. My younger brother erased my The Legend of Zelda game when we were kids, prompting my mother to inform me not to kill him. Good times.

  8. LOVE original Nintendo. I loved Mario Brothers too but was an even bigger Tetris fan. I could play that game for HOURS. I also had the Game Genie and used it with Mario Bros so I could always stay big and never die!

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