Kindness Always Matters In This World All The Time

Today, when I was out, I saw a quote that really hit me close to my heart and there are a few things I always believe in and to me they are the most important, but what strikes out is the one about kindness, and today’s quote I saw was “Kindness Matters”. It always does and its something I have always been taught since I was a child to always be kind to others, and always do great things and not expect anything in return. I truly believe that when you do kind things and be kind to others, it is something that God will see and you will be rewarded with great things in life and you will go places. I know sometimes that is hard to believe when you do good things for others, and sometimes they don’t appreciate it and you keep getting used and used like crazy, but always know that whatever you do, its something great that you have accomplished. In this world were only here for a limited time and the time spent on this earth is short-lived, so live life wonderfully with being kind and fruitful. It is important to reach out without asking anything in return. All good deeds do not go unnoticed. You may feel it at times, but to be honest, it does not. God sees it, the Angels in heaven see it and you see it.

In the last couple of weeks, Bible Study started again at my Armenian Church and I am ever so grateful it started. It gives me an opportunity to go out and reflect amongst other people who attend the bible studies, and it gives me time to listen and interact with the priest and others about kindness, about the importance of being fruitful, and someone who reaches out to others. Bible studies teaches me a lot of things about life, the spiritual life, and about the modern society we all live in now, the priests tells us so many stories of his life, and what he’s encountered recently and he tells us things that empower me and probably to others as well. Kindness is something that I have always been fond of, and it is something that has embedded into my life and without the proper upbringing of my immediate family and relatives, and the community I live in, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I want to thank so many people in my life for giving me that poise and that life to get out there and do great things, attend bible studies, and attend important events and retreats that are educational to the mind, body, soul, spirit and the heart. It is important to cleanse our souls, to be kind, to be respectful to others.

No matter who anyone is, colour, race, ethnicity, orientation, big, small, tall, short, blonde hair, brown hair, black hair. I doesn’t matter. Were all one body and were all on this earth to serve a purpose in this life. We were all chosen and it doesn’t matter what you do, the ultimate thing that does matter in this world is kindness. Do it and you will be amazed on how it changes your life for the better. When you wake up every morning, Kindness should be on your agenda everyday. Use it and share it around. You will be surprised on how great your day will be. Have a wonderful day.

10 thoughts on “Kindness Always Matters In This World All The Time

  1. First I read the Bible alone in my room and then started to go to church. I strongly feel learning with people is much more fruitful than alone. May God be always with you in your Bible class.

  2. Very lovely post and it’s so true that kind people exist in every shape and form. I just wrote one on Triond about Mean people. Complete opposite of kind, decent people. It’s too bad the world is filled with mean people.

  3. Great post, I believe that kindness is it’s own reward as well. Living as a kind and decent person is fulfilling and virtuous 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Thanks so much for following my blog – much appreciated 🙂
    I think kindness is one of the most under-rated traits a human being can have.

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