I Love Organization and Neatness – It Makes Life A lot Easier

For several years now, I have learned to become more neat and organized when it comes to my room and my own washroom. My mom always taught me the importance of being neat and organized so that I can find things a lot quicker and when I can get things done quicker when I need it. I am such a Neat and Organization freak as well as being super clean. I love to get those Plastic Drawers, and all those organizational boxes, drawer organizers for everything. All this comes natural for me everyday. I am so happy when My room is nice, neat and tidy. I never leave home without my bed being done, without my room being in tip top shape. It gives me a piece of mind when I am out, because you never know when a spontaneous visit comes up and you never know who sleeps over at your place. It is very important to maintain your home no matter what.

I love to colour coordinate my clothes in my closets and in my wardrobe. I always love to maintain them and use same hangers for each outfits and things I hang up. I love White hangers and white plastic drawers. My colour’s in my room are Greens, Pinks, Beige, Neutral colours. Whenever I come home, I don’t like to leave clothes lying around, and I either put it in the wash or if its clean I hang it up, along with my shoes and accessories. Everything has a place. I have learned to declutter, while keeping my things in order. I have a place for all my handbags, accessories, and so much more.  I have all my things stocked up and I do not like to get so many things when I have it.

I don’t buy so many shampoo bottles, and so many things. I like to get one or two of them at a time sometimes 3, but I do not buy anything until they are finished. It takes space and also I don’t like things like that to sit for long periods of time. especially shampoos, deodorants, lotions, cleansers, and toothpaste. I really don’t like to waste it.

I sometimes never leave my room because I enjoy it so much and I am super happy with all the work put into it because I live in it and I live in My home and my home must be clean all the time. Its very important. All in all to me Organization is incredible. In future when I have my own home, its gonna be one, that when people come over, they wouldn’t want to leave 🙂

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