Two Faced People – A Lot Are Around These Days

It seems to me that two-faced people have been surfacing around a lot lately. I do not get how people can be so great with you to your face and be nice and forthright, but behind your back, they say some of the most nastiest and terrible things about you and then you find out about it later. It is not a pleasant thing to hear. You how they say, what goes around comes around. It is definitely true. These days finding nice, kind and a straight shooter is hard to find. You just have to be lucky to encounter that special individual who promises to be honest and real with you. This goes hand in hand with a previous blog I wrote about Fake VS. Real. It is not fair to the person who has put his/her trust into someone and who has expressed, givenย all the feelings to that person about a serious situation or crisis a friend is going through whether it’s for a relationship, family issues, friend issues, work issues, and very personal things that person has talked about and some people who are two face spread it and behind your back, they do not even care about you. Backstabbing someone is not a good trait to develop. It leads to lifelong struggles and it leads to a person not to trust anyone anymore about problems.

I do not understand why people do these things to others, why two-faced people always seem to concur, and people are with them, more than the person who has become victimized due to that fact. My advice to you readers out there is to stand tall and firm and do not take any of this anguish people have caused you and do not let these things hover you. I cannot stress how important it is to be yourself and to re-evaluate all the people in your life and stick with the ones whom always have your back in situations like this. Be who you are. There are people out there who appreciate you and they will not backstab you and be two-faced with other people. These certain issues of the world can cause tension and stress, but do not let is stress you out. One day someone will teach two-faced people a lesson, but of course not with violence and threats, but a civilized conversation with that person to tell them, that what they are doing is wrong and if the scenario and roles were reversed and if the two-faced person was the person who is expressing themselves and sharing personal and sensitive information, then I am sure they would stop it. Always play reverse psychology. See where you end up, but I am almost certain that those words will change that person’s attitude and the way to live honestly and real. Try it out for yourself.

11 thoughts on “Two Faced People – A Lot Are Around These Days

  1. I don’t really believe God or anyone changes. There are just more people in the world so it’s more noticeable. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we don’t have to work as hard as we used to.

    • This article is pretty acurate but misses some points. Two faced people by their own nature are vengeful people. By the nature of being two faced, they are moody. I have a relative that when
      he’s acts empathetic, like when I’ve worked too many hours. He fakes being sympathy But very soon, his diabolical side appears. He has no real sympapthy. In fact he starts attacking me, and becomes outragoues. One minute he fakes empathy. The next he’s a slave driver. You cannot confide in sociopaths. They fake their kindness and are falsely glib. Later they are vindictive. When you catch them being cold blooded. You have to tell them off. When they’re stunned by it. They apologize but only briefly. Until the demon in them returns. By demon I don’t mean a real demon, but the demon in many people which lurks. ready to make you suffer.

      Beware of that person. They are not kind. And are in waiting to pounce on you and attack.

      Do not befriend that person. Usually you can sense the devil in the them plotting their next attack.

  2. The traps of back stabbing occur a lot, particularly at the work place It’s an awful feeling to work with people I know are talking about me behind my back, and are judging me all the time. It’s particularly hurtful when I find out a friend who I trusted was doing this. Situations like these in the past have made me feel alienated and that perhaps I might have been at fault, and it does take time to get over it. Sometimes it can become bullying. Thank goodness we have some kind-hearted people in this world. I tend to try and move on and this helps me identify true and meaningful friendships. I love this topic on relationships- thank you for your post!

  3. two faced people are really around these days, to a point where u just dont know who to trust. I especially hate rumor makers, those people who just make and spread lies about others.

  4. Last November a co-worker of mine and me were both interviewed for a free-lance translation job elsewhere. I never got called and in January I ask this co-worker if he got called to do the job. He said no. Well, last week I got a call from the free-lancers and they offered me a job, when they handed me the previous translation, I saw my co-worker’s name on the cover. Of course, I walked over to his cubicle and showed him the evidence. He said he did not remember when was that, that he mixed the time periods in his head… nice one. I mean, I’m not upset that he got the gig instead of me, what bothers me are all the lies involved, particularly coming from someone I regarded as a ‘friend’. You don’t know whom to trust these days.

  5. the ultimate in passive-aggressiveness. I’m pretty sure these people don’t like themselves much – living with a big disconnect between the face they show and what they really are inside. I mean its fine for public and private faces not to “match” but there’s got to be some continuity.

  6. I feel every word youre saying. In fact, i just met this kind recently. I hope youll develop a forum for this. Itd be a good tool of awareness for some ๐Ÿ˜‰ More Power

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