Cutting Corners is Not A Way To Succeed

In this life there are so many businesses and companies that have been lacking in some things and one of them are cutting corners meaning that they mostly care about making money and increasing their bank accounts rather than thinking about the client, buyer, customer, passenger. It is a terrible thing to cut corners, to make cuts here and there, the quality of material’s have significantly gone down, as well as other important things that keep a business afloat and they should think about quality before quantity. I know as life goes on products, materials and the way companies work is disintegrating and its hard to find reliability anymore and good honest workers.

There are great honest workers out there, but there are some who slack off, who do not want to do the work, who cut corners, and don’t take extra care in the work they do and it is alarming. Carnival Cruise Lines has had 4 ships in recent months that has had similar propulsion, electric engine problems on the ships and instead of cruise lines building bigger and gigantic ships to set a world record, they should concentrate more on the interior parts, such as the engine, propellers and things that keep ships going. Cruise lines should offer all-inclusive non-alcoholic beverages, they should give you photos on the cruise ship they take of you as complimentary as part of your cruise, lower cruise costs, and stop cutting corners. This goes for any company and business.

Its been alarming me these last few months hearing about these cruise lines, hearing about a few companies lacking and the material they make. the cans of coke have deteriorated, the boxed food has been lacking and so flimsy, and the bags with pasta, popcorn you get from the store are so fragile. you have to be so careful with the products and plastic bags have been lacking too. I know it’s all about environment to save, to cut back on certain costs, to save the worlds resources, and costs of living are going up higher and products have been going under. However, these big corporations need to come up with ways to have quality back into their products and not cut corners.

There are still people who work very hard, who are honest, and who work day in and day out who are bread winners of the family, who put sweat, time and tears into their work, there are still so many dedicated workers and some of those people do not even get acknowledged for the hard work they do and I can assure you, I appreciate each and everyone of you for sacrificing, working and doing so much for your life and for your loved ones. You all are great, and congratulations for a job well done.

There are people who lazy around, who go on breaks so much, who slack off and who don’t do much and yet a lot of them get praised for it and whilst people who do work hard get shafted and bosses, managers get them to work harder then the lazy people who should not even be employed.

I know it is easier said than done, but cutting corners just won’t have any business, company or corporation succeed, even in homes, buildings, building material and the construction that has been performed on homes, condominiums, industrial buildings to compromise and put people in danger. Honest work is the best work, and when you are honest with your clients, customers it is the best way to get through anything and everything will be great. Cutting corners just won’t do any justice, and sooner or later the truth will come out and a lot of people will not be very pleased. Be honest from the beginning, and everything else will fall into place later. Honesty is always the best policy in everything in life. No matter what it is.

What do you think should be done with all the cutting back and what do you think about cutting corners? what do you believe should be done?

14 thoughts on “Cutting Corners is Not A Way To Succeed

  1. hello. I’m Irina

    I completely understand you. When you are an honest, hard-working person, trying to do your best at workplace, it’s very hard to deal with surrounding issues that become larger and larger as they never get addressed. A company is not going to succeed if the workers don’t care, or do not do their best to continually increase the quality of their services. It’s ridiculous to hear about the ships that went wrong while on a cruise… you wonder if those people care at all about the fact that they transport hundreds of people… and by not caring and being greedy, they risk the life of those who trusted their services. Working is not just about money circulation and pure business, if we want to succeed… desire is number one factor!

  2. Brilliant post and I totally agree! The headline really caught my attention. There is a complete breakdown in belief of any kind of future right now and there is no way to save or invest money that one can reasonably expect a return, which started quietly around the year 2000 and accelerated from 2008. When interest rates for savers are at almost zero, the only thing that remains is to price gouge and cut quality, in the eyes of many. It is costing us infrastructure and creating a vicious cycle of a race to the bottom. Though we can’t live dishonesty, we have to create some feeling of exuberance grounded in fact to pull out and to consider “every dollar a soldier” to do something effective. Thank you! -‘tarotworldtour’

  3. Soooo, cruise lines should make smaller, “better” ships, offer free stuff, and lower prices? I feel like that’s not such a good business model.

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  5. I was really inspired and moved by some of the great points you made in this post. After reading this article, I contacted the distribution division of a large pasta company, that we have in this life, and suggested that they start packaging their pasta in steel boxes.

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