Blogging is Great – What Do You Use It For?

On the internet there are several hundreds of thousands of blogs that are written with many subjects, topics, issues, hobbies, interests, health, wealth, business, technology and so much more. Blogging is a great way to express ones thoughts, feelings, introduce a person, products, or other things, and share with the world the content we want to whether they are success stories, whether they talk about a persons personal health issues, or something along the lines of everything we want a blog to be. You don’t have to write a big story everyday, it can be anything you want it to be, but also keep in mind that to be careful what you post. As long as it is something that does not offend or target one person, and make the reader feel that you are generalizing, then that is the way to go. Blogging is something great and I congratulate those who have them. It is something so great to see and I love reading blogs, and I enjoy learning so much from so many people. It makes the world go around.

I am so glad to see people engaging into social media and blogging is one of them where you can actually read and feel a persons life and persons opinions, suggestions, and advice they give to people who are looking for the information they want to. What do you use blogging for? What are your thoughts on blogging? Why is it so important to you?  Blogging is a great way for communication and for people to take what they have off their chest and their backs to just go on and write about it and share it to the world. I do it all the time and it feels great to do it. What are you accomplishing by blogging everyday or whenever possible? I am sure all of us have our own reasons, personal reasons, to raise awareness on issues and things and whatever we want them to be right? I guess it depends on it person by person. I love it when I see so many people, meet so many people and just enjoy this world of social media we live in. I bet without social media and communications that are instant these days, we wouldn’t be communicating with people from all continents.

The internet and blogging has made the world smaller and made social media and communicating a whole lot easier. It is a great tool to work with and its a great world out there with so many different people with difference of opinions and suggestions and advice.  I wish you all the best and keep on blogging 🙂

20 thoughts on “Blogging is Great – What Do You Use It For?

  1. HI Talin! For me blogging means many things. It’s mainly because I suddenly needed to write. Maybe I don’t write my most profound thoughts on my (food!!) blog, but I do enjoy mixing my words there with my passions, such as classical piano that I play for example. It is also a means for me to force myself to become more creative in cooking, writing and slowly also with photography. I think my day to day life is richer, because I look at all the things around me more, taking more notice of different details, and allowing new things to inspire me. I also love it when I can inspire just somebody else, elsewhere in the world. And getting to write to people around the world through the sharing the same fascination in something is also wonderful. What do you most enjoy about blogging?

    • That is great. What I enjoy most about blogging is that I can reach out to other people and just enjoying the wonderful world of social media we have today and seeing and reading others opinions and making a difference in many peoples lives with my words.

  2. Hi Talin,
    I started to blog some years ago with little stories. Not to get published in some way, but to help my soul heal. Sometimes I’m still impressed what writing can do. Nowadays I write for fun, tho still stories, but I also started to write about my life as well and often add some fiction in it.
    If it comes to social media and to interacting with other people, it’s often so time consuming that you can forget your real life easily and that’s sad then. But still, in moderations it’s lots of fun 🙂

  3. i love your style and this is a great topic, thank you for sharing,
    why i started Blogging:

    in the past i was having alot of issue’s with the company not doing their best on dealing with developing health issues on the job floor , to most people, this is nothing to them, but for me it would of cost me money i dont have, there was this coworker, who had a catchy eye infection and would not use her meds on her eyes and to top it off, she had head lice for over a year, long story there. i started to get very angry with H.R. for not doing nothing, it had caused me to have heart problems, but the Dr.s did not want to give me any meds for it , so it was suggested that i start writing to get my anger out, and so i found this site “” , i figured there are other people who have anger and stress issues, so i thought i not only write , but share my stress and anger with every one. sooooo i started blogging here.

    but i knew that while i do a blog post, i had to keep the names, places, locations, and what i do for work , out , i had to keep that stuff out of the picture as best as i could, to protect the privacy of others…..after all , one could be sued or something….right ?.

    but ya , thats why i blog and now i dont have heart problems. plus i’m in the stages of pre/post menopause, and writing has help in this area too,

  4. I like to blog about pretty much anything and everything. Ideally, I’d like for it to replace Facebook for me.

    I love to write and share my thoughts on movies, music, video games, politics, and on poems or short stories I may write.

    I’m going to college for history and journalism and see great potential with WordPress.

  5. Hi Talin,
    I love blogging too. I have a personal blog and through years, it has taken many shapes. It started out as a personal blog where I would rant about silly little things in life, now I share a pursuit to living a better, uncomplicated life. Who knows where it will go tomorrow. But whatever happens, I am not planning on quitting it anytime soon.

  6. Reblogged this on ..:: El-Jay ::.. and commented:
    For me, blogging began as a base for my crafting, somewhere to share what I was doing but then my craft developed into our self employed business and now we use our blog as a way of sharing new products, events we are attending, reviews of events we have been to and to showcase some wonderful products and crafters who, through social media, we have come to know and love.

    Most recently our blog has developed a regular blog topic which is Hugs For Noah… as you will see from our blog, this is a charity very close to us as it is for our close friends baby boy who was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, we are proud to be supporting this wonderful cause and everything is represents and we hope that by sharing some of Noah’s journey it will not only gain his website supporters but also help other families.

  7. Hello Talin, I first started blogging to practice my writing and to find out if people like what I produce. It was supposed to be a platform for fiction writing, but quickly became an outlet for a variety of topics. The only drawback I find is that I have become addicted to blogging, and spend less time on my creative writing. Oh well. 🙂

  8. I have several blogs and in the past have had up to 5 going all at once on all different subjects. I found that a bit much so I scaled back. I use them for all sorts of things. One was a journal of the last year of my mother’s life. One was personal and still is. One is for family recipes, and two are for whatever I want..mostly keeping up with other bloggers in my blog family or friends, photos I share. I find it a great way to communicate with others and keep up to date with worldly events.I have a written journal for over 40 years. Do I use it YES..I look up important family events and such info all the time. Once a journalist..blogger… always a journalist blogger. 🙂

  9. I started TheNewHappyMe 2 and a half years ago. It was as mentioned above for healing, for keeping my sanity through difficult times by telling stories, by talking about what I was learning through my journey.. Now my blog has evolved because I realized that there was an audience for what I was writing about, and even beyond that, I started connecting with like-minded people, learning from the experts and growing into making my blog my online business. We blog writers have tremendous talent and power of influence if you think about it. Our words touch people. This is a gift that was given to us and we have the responsibility to share it. That’s what I am doing and I am highly encouraged by my team of friends, bloggers and online peeps.

  10. Hi Talin,
    I came across your blog when I visited ourlifein3d and I’m glad I did:-) I just started blogging this month and I am loving it! There is so much to learn- I will certainly keep checking in with you.

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  12. I hit and miss with my blog, tbh I have 3 blogs because I am greedy lol

    I haven’t blogged on my main one for a while, I seem to have a bit of bloggers block.

    I generally waffle about funny things my family get up to

  13. Hey Talin,
    Like your post. I started blogging in 2010, when I was working on a short film. Originally, I wrote on the production company’s website when I was assigned to help promote the film. But, at the time, the producers had too many things going on at once to constantly update the page with my articles, so I decided to create my blog page. At first, I was solely using my page to promote the film but I eventually began to expand it to mentioning every project that I worked on. As time went on, I had friends who were getting into music and were starting to get popular, so I expanded my page to showcasing them whenever something new came up in their careers.

    For me, it’s hard to blog on a consistent basis. Because my work schedule fluctuates, I sometimes can go weeks without posting anything. But it’s a fun challenge and having a blog page gives me something to do when I have free time.

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