People Who Try To Destroy Others Reputation – Watch Out!

Have you ever encountered someone in your life or someone who knows and who willingly destroys and tries to ruin someones reputation by spreading lies, rumours and things that are not true about someone? Have you ever been in a situation where your reputation was on the line because someone says something terrible which was completely false? There are a lot of people who will do that and sometimes you never find out until later on. Sometimes that person finds out instantly. It is terrible to know that people out there would spread lies and do anything to ruin someones rep because they are either jealous or just for the sake of doing something cruel to other people they will stoop to something so low like that. It is not a good feeling at all. I don’t know how some people learn to be so conniving and so horrid to others it is beyond me. Please be so careful. It is happening so much lately.

In the media now, there are always people that bring celebrities down and they get into every detail of their personal life and make it a big deal and then they get shafted by people. It is not fair, it is not fair for anybody to go through all these terrible things, even ordinary people in this life. Nobody should be subject to other peoples lies, nobody should destroy other peoples lives so that they get the satisfaction to see people fall. People really need to stop these things and let people live their lives. All these accusations, all these problems people start is not nice at all. I am disgusted by some people who lie about others, who destroys someone’s life by being so jealous and cruel. Jealousy is the mother of all problems mostly and when that happens people will do anything to ruin others and their expense, not the person who is causing all these problems. It is not good to do these things to others.

Be very careful everyone. People should not believe other people unless they hear it from the source and you know sometimes people confess to things when they have never even done anything, but they confess because the other person has persuaded others that, that is what really happened, but the person who has been said bad things about ends up confessing and it can intimidate them, it can leave a lifetime of that feeling they had. It is not good to do things like that to people and end up being praised. People like that need to be stopped. When people say bad things about others and when people gossip so much, they will do the same to you. So be careful. I care about all of you and I do not want this happening to anyone. Has it happened to you?

All the best!

55 thoughts on “People Who Try To Destroy Others Reputation – Watch Out!

  1. I’ve nominated you for several blog awards and yet I have heard nothing back from you about any of them. Are you getting the nominations? I would appreciate it if you would let me know something. Thank you.

  2. This has happened to me before and its not the best feeling. then you have to explain to people its not true. Some will believe you and some people will beleive the other person that is making up lies about you.
    Very good written post

  3. Good post..on a good topic. Sadly, this has happened to me.. about 4-5 months ago, and it almost turned my personal life upside down. I was advised by close family & `real’ friends that I should stay strong and not openly talk about it…lest it ruined the `professional credibility’ I was cultivating (writing esoteric books, running workshops etc). That was a double whammy – As Blogger I would love to have openly addressed the whole matter of how a select few people in a community colluded to destroy 15 years of my credibility and reputation.. I would love to have named and shamed them all..but thought there are better ways to have my justice! (I recently wrote about Justice in my blog). Gosh, I’ve even had anonymous comments in my blog from some of them.. really trying to attack and create humiliation and a lack of self-confidence in me. But the good news is…well, I can’t reveal too much…Wait and see how we writers CAN change the world.. slowly…but surely.. word by word..:-) As a fellow blogger and writer and one who changes the world…am sure you know. 🙂 Best wishes. -Mani

    • Just be really careful, Mani. The people who are willing to ruin someone’s reputation, based on lies, are a real ultra high-level evil type of folk who are willing to do FAR worse. These personalities are actually the worst singe thing in this world. If you fight this, there can’t be even a smoldering ember left of them. It has to be total annihilation, and, using only the pen, this is a tall order- or else, you’re toast, sooner or later.

      • Not a truer word spoken….this person totally destroyed me. Word collegue.. but because of what she dod to me at work it filtered into all areas of my life because of the psychological damage this person had done. For some reason zoned in on me… I thought I was strong enough .. I had no idea that a person was able to break me like this… even her energy was draining…I always knew when she was behind me. The straw that broke the camels back was when people who I had been working with for 6 years and had got along well with didnt question her lies… she was that convincing. And that betrayal was the end of me… but noone around me understands the damage these people can do…. they are what I would class as evil.

        • How did you overcome this? Any suggestions? Going through this at work, now people that use to talk to me now no longer try to talk to me.

  4. this happened to me recently when i quit my was really surprising as I had no direct interaction with the person who was doing this to me..but she was a weirdo so I let it go!

    • even something bad is happening with me for past few year…as i was in to acting…i made a portfolio & met few people & then from that few people…someone has made my life a worst…as they are pushing me to do the job…which i dont want to do now & when i started my acting job it didnt worked out…but then my dreams have changed…now i want to do something else…but they are pushing me to do this & for last few months my family is been played with lies & mindgames & i didnt even promised them about my acting job….i just went with my portfolio but i didnt knew that this would & they are all powerful people who are doing this….i just wanted to share my feeling for a long time so i thot this the place were i can share it….coz i cant tell my family about this coz it will hurt them alot….

    • This is happening to me too at the moment in my life… And is not good.. It was really surprising me about all of the lies stories about me.. I ignored her for a long long time to not to listen to all the lies stories from her. from people who trying to ruin my reputation.. People who is jealous.. I am thinking to go to lawyer to ask some advice if what the best thing to do to people who make lies and ruin to others life…

  5. Lies, jealousy, rumors, and deceit are all horrible things stemming from a lack of self confidence. I have not been a victim or a party to any of those things in my adult life thankfully.

  6. it happen to me and is still happening,what does united nations conventions say about character assasination and how will amnesty international help me cause im goin throug a hardtime now for not been a criminal that i was ask to be i am a young men from southern africa but not zimbabwe i am scared to pose my home country?

  7. How do you HandleThis situation when it goes on for over 30 years, and it’s within family. and they go as far as to destroy your Name, reputation, credit. What is it. that people gain. I’ve been living this situation for far to long,I’ve raised two boys that their father had passed away in in auto accident. since then my life has been Hell. I did the best i could as a single parent. But they are still to this day, Making life Hell. For me. I do not have money to pay off people in higher places, As they use this strategy, on Me and my Sons. Any Helpful ideas Please.

  8. My ex-husband uses facebook as a tool to get his lies out about me. I was totally humiliated at first, then I realized that the people that he so brutally talked about me to probably realized that men don’t usually bash a woman like that and he is probably the problem. I never mention him to these people nor do I say anything bad about him in response. I hope people see that he is the only one running his mouth and he looks like a damn fool.

  9. 3 years iv had to deal with this type of thing all because i was the only one not involved in a friends death but actually tried to help him. the people who where involved just went round to everyone and a lie turned into a full blown drama. I have lost every single one of my friends, my family cant handle my PTSD which was caused by all the bulling, harrassment and lies, lost my job, cant leave the house and all this because the guy involved is still married to my friends sister. when 14 people involved are spreading lies to anyone that speaks what chance dowe have. its a lonely place down at the bottom i tell you

  10. Actually this has happened to me before because of someone pretending to be my friend. 9 times out of 10, it’s due to jealousy and this is a losers way of getting back at you for being successful, smart, goodllooking talented and so fourth. The person that tried to do this to me would always try to make negative remarks, name calling, try to make me jealous but tried to deceive me about who he was by falsifying everything about him when questioned. Eventually I had enough of his negativity and mean spiritedness and told him to get out of my place. He then started playing all kind of games to make me angry and eventually sent a slanderous letter to my family. Lucky for me, it didn’t do too much harm but it makes you angry in a sense because for one, I did nothing but try to help this person on numerous occasions and I just didn’t want to believe that this person was morbidly jealous of me. Nevertheless, it is a very immature way of handling the fact that your own self image and self-esteem is shot so you think you have the right to destroy someone elses.

  11. What is worst is if your own relatives has done this to you because they are not satisfied for what you have given them and got jealous if they saw that you gave another relatives some help too. These kind of people could never be satisfied. You give them a piece of cake but they like the whole cake…I just hope and pray that God will let them understand the meaning of SHARE and not only MINE…..that sharing graces from God is happiness ……….

    • Thats where im at right now my family that i cut out of my life decided that they were going to start lieing and they wont stop and all of it is so easily to prove that its total BS. but most people just wont even talk to me about it. They believe this stuff from someone i havent even seen or talked to in over two years. My aunt was my landlord and she believed it and evicted me and we are living in a motel now. They called child services everything they said was proven wrong but theyre not out of our lives because our living situation is not stable. They took my home theyre take my kids and they’ve taken alot of family and laugh and joke about it on Facebook. They are truly proud and happy about this. They won this battle but they will not win the war. The people that stuck by us are truly friends and im better off without the rest. My family will not only survive this but we will come out stronger for it. But that does not stop me from daydreaming of felonies lol.

  12. Hi Talin, you are a good person that I would want to be friend with. The same things have happened to me, mostly people who are ignorant. I was called racist, labelled as a monster, serial rapist have a better reputations than I do. I was mad about that, but you know what. I believe what comes around will go around. And you know Karma is a bitch, these people will be pay back in 10 folds. I read an article today about BULLY BEHAVIORS, and that’s what these people are BULLIES. I think you should go out there and do things that are productive to your life, and pay no attentions to them. Pray for what they have done to you, may the lord returns to them in 10 folds. Due to all the rumors that were spreading about me, even among the smartest and the brightest including teachers with PHD degrees helped spreading the rumors more and bullying, harassment, intimidation, and public humiliation. I simply walked away, but I prayed for the good Lord to return the favor in 10 folds. These people are ugliest people from inside out, and it shows.

  13. Vilification campaigns are used by people who suffer from borderline personality disorders. Once you realize that the person is not normal, it will give you the strength to deal with this problem. Be very careful, some of these people are relentless, and will destroy your support systems, your family, your career etc. Once their plan to destroy your life is in motion, it is very hard to convince lawyers and police that what they are really doing is slander and stalking. Remember that you are a person who has the right to live your life the way you want and that your true family and friends will stick with you.

  14. Thank you for understanding how hurtful it is. My ex husband has been doing it to be for years while having me believe I am his best friend in the world. Others around me aren’t understanding, and think I am jealous, because I am angry, because he is trying to force me to let him keep my dog, to keep his lies about me he told everyone :-(. I feel very sad, disappointed, and frustrated, and misunderstood.

  15. I think my entire life has been ruined by other people’s jealousy, from parents (when I was a baby) through school, jobs and whatever life I have left. It has always apparently been “uncool” for people to like me, even if they really do. No one has ever helped me, ever, or given me any moral support. People have observed how I am always made the scapegoat for everything and how hostile and rude they are towards me, no matter how genuinely nice I am. They do however take satisfaction in the fact I have no support. I am 40 and about to be made homeless as I had a breakdown due to the lack of help a year ago and have been unable to find work or even get my own business off the ground since. People want me to do complex work for them but don’t want to pay me for it. Then they go and spend a king’s ransom on booze/ drugs or something else that is ephemeral and useless. I am through.

    • This sounds a bit like what happened to me. Because i am blonde thin and attractive and look rich and have a good future people have always been jealous and try to use me instead of help me.
      To the point that i became exhausted and everything for me went wrong. It is my father who instilled in me that i was a bad person and didn’t deserve anything good.
      So last 2 years everything crashed. I am now starting a new life near my father and brother and his bitchy wife..its about time they helped me. However i can see only i can do it and i need a good man and job to change everything. Money gives you choices freedom and options. So i am focusing on my goal of being rich.

  16. I met someone who started asking me questions about something and I thought “This is a bit invasive & wrong” A whole bunch of people had the wrong idea totally. Their boss said ” There is no smoke without fire.” I told him everything was totally false but something stopped him from saying sorry & admitting he was wrong…….

  17. This is happening to me! I hired a girl who needed a job! Then she persuaded others to think I was incapable of my job n took it! Then loses it, haha! Now we both work under another person n continues to play the nice person and manipulates them and tells lies about me simply because I work harder and all she wants to do is pretend to work! Oh and to add she worships the devil…

  18. JEALOUSY!!! Is the number 1 reason. But, leave it up to the gossiper it’s not. Yeah right. If everything that comes out of your mouth is about that specific person. You’re JEALOUS!!! of that person. DAM THAT’ S SAD

  19. Yes. My life was destroyed by someone creating a Facebook profile with my name and sending requests to people in the building where I work. I’m still in disbelief that working there for 19 years people will change towards in such a way. I’m waiting for divine justice one day. This really hunted me.

  20. You have to be very careful and not tell any personal information about yourself to anyone. This is where jealous people get their information, by you. Pretending to be your friend, then twisting it all up and spreading it around in secret behind your back. These people really dont stop there, they wont stop until you are dead or annihilated…they can’t stand the sight of you. It is one of the scariest things to go through, when an unhappy sociopath sets their sights on you…and you dont know why. They will have everyone believing you are doing these horrible things to them instead, and even use your words of innocence and trust as their defense. It is sick, I have gotten to the point that I do not believe any rumors about anyone…too much jealousy in the world.

  21. I think it has happened to me and happening now I just don’t know where to find the link. All I know is things I hear, people talking saying I post up nasty things. On Facebook I don’t have a fb, and haven’t the slightest clue what’s going on.

    • I’ve sort of figured it out. Just try to pinpoint who exactly is making your reputation look bad and try to find their weaknesses. For example, if he or she is easily embarrassed, try to embarrass her/him in front of her/his friends. But do it in a way so that they are not sure you are doing it on purpose, like telling him/her his/her pants are inside-out, and such. Another way is trying to figure out why he/she is tormenting you, like maybe because they want to look cool, or they are just jealous. If they just want to look cool, try to act like you are cool. They might even become friends with you. I have the same thing going on with a girl named Jenna in my school, who used to be my friend but tried to use me to become popular on her volleyball team. She turned out to be a total jerk who makes friends only to benefit herself. Well, otherwise, good luck with solving your problem!

  22. But what if the person who your trying to take down deserves it? What if they have done something so horrible to you that they had your reputation almost ruined? For example, this girl in my school, she only makes friends to make herself look popular. She is really nice to the popular kids but bullies the not-so-popular kids. She used to be my friend, but is now using me to become really cool on her volleyball team. Can someone help me out?

  23. Hello my name is Jasmine and a Ex co worke since 2011 has been following me spreading dangerous rumors and lies to my new coworkers she followed me from County to County she followed me and put anybody who will listen to her lies against me I’m just tired of it it’s been over 5 years now please help me

  24. It just blows me away to read all of theses posts. The same thing has happened to me. It’s amazing how many psychotic people there are out there. My life changed drastically when a certain person decided out of the blue that i was this bad evil person. Completely ungrounded. Still she did it. I finally had to go to the police and was able to file harassment charges on her. It’s amazing how if somebody is telling a lie over and over again how people begin to believe it. If it had not happened to me i would have thought that all of you actually did some of the things that we were accused of. I just don’t understand why someone would want to cause such horrible damage to a person. Why would someone want to invest so much time and energy in destroying someone that is trying to make life better for so many. I actually thought that I would bounce back but just not the case. I don’t like what society has become. It doesn’t take but one sick determined person to totally change a persons career, life and mental happiness. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I just don’t get the happiness that someone gets out of ruining someone’s life. It’s more than just sick.It should be criminal. And this person is in the upper management at the Johnson space Center and has a direct effect on the lives of the astronauts. Unbelieveable!!

  25. I have lived this for six years and my husbands daughter has continually destroyed her dads life because she has never liked me.I have never done anything but be good to her but Im through.Shes turned his whole family against me before they even got to know me.

  26. Very good post with alot of insight into human behavior. Yes, I have been a person who gives “the appearance of” being incompetent or suspect all of my life. Yet, often, I am the one behind the scenes doing the work. I am fed up with people, particularly in positions of power, who are not accountable for their behavior including teachers, supervisors, directors and the like. I recently called an ex-teacher out for her insulting behavior to my partner in front of a few people. As a result, she went to my long-time references and told them of the episode and has sought to impact my reputation with them. This person is in her sixties, yet she is still pulling the same kind of damaging, gossiping behavior that she did 20 years ago. I have seen her impune the reputation of people in front of an entire room full of people, and she is still doing it. You have to feel sorry for people like that. Sometimes, things that are true, but not understood in context, can also be used to destroy people’s reputations.

  27. Very good post with alot of insight into human behavior. Yes, I too have been a victim many times to viscious gossip. Sometimes things that are true, but are misrepresented and not understood in context, can also destroy people’s reputations. I recently called out an ex-teacher of mine on her behavior in front of a few people. I have not had a chance to speak to her about the why’s. Yet, as a result, she drove to my city, 40 miles away, and spread the episode to my long-time references. This person is in her sixties and has frequently impiuned the reputations of people in front of a few people to an entire roomful with no consequences. She even let a student lose an entire grade because she did not believe the student, nor me, who both reported that a class assistant was mistaking our answers for different ones. You have to feel sorry for people like that.

  28. After my best friend Daughter passed. A smear campaign began and a Facebook profile appeared and went on this plight to spread the truth in there eyes only. The stuff that is posted is outright discusting and all lies. And what they have heard threw gossip they have concocted a sick version of the truth. Since I did not agree to what was posted when The three behind it send me a message they started on me. This has been going on since the beging of march and now it is July. When I made up a big whopper on how I figured who was behind it and the police were just get paper together for arrests ect.They got paranoid and stop on the now 2 profiles. But when they go no more attention on the profile they reached out trough there real profiles. Well it is starting again and my best friend is so beside herself cries all the time. This is suppose to be her time to mourn and heal they are ruining the memories of her daughter and causing resentment. Her daughter was 23 and lost her battle to addiction. Jan 31 2016 RIP Mari-haa (marissa ) my pet name she was like a daughter to me as well. The one’s involved are lost in the world of hard core drugs.. I have reported it to Facebook as they have stolen picture of walls and turned them into slanderous meme’s and are cyber bullies

  29. Hi iv been going threw people doing this 2 me since I can remember its wrong and I suffer from alot of medical conditions now coz of everything that has happened and wat I go threw all the time my partner died last year in a car accident I was passenger in the car he was my life and once he died shit like I leaned over and accelerated while my partner was driving I was asleep when he collided with a 4wheel drive I don’t even know what exactly happened coz I woke up after the accident iv been accused of pushing a girl infront of a bus I was in high school in 2003 when i never even met this girl until 2012-2013 why do ppl say stuff that can cause ppl 2 be put away or turn everyone against one person iv hired a car for a friend for a day that iv been charged for thieft coz she didn’t return the car the next day instead I finally get the car after Months and get busted and charged with thief when all I done was tried to help out someone that I really thought was my mate everyday something gets said about me that is not true honestly why can’t. I be left alone why does everyone gotta make more drama and lie about me for no reason my life is hard enuff why do they make it harder

  30. if you want it to stop… you do exactly what they do to you back to them… in the same way they do it – i have actually copied and pasted the things said about me inserted their name and reposted it… if they can say it about me ill use their own words and insert their name… they dont like that at all.

  31. I would but, it is so messy, you may not believe me. But, know this…people better chill. No one likes to be bullied, harassed, slanders, etc.

  32. Hello everyone out there, it was good that I stumbled upon this site, interesting as life is forever surprising us with all the haters, narcissists. sociopaths, and psychopaths that we all must co habituate with in this life, some of them family members, some of them personal friends, former friends, some of them work acquaintances and some of them friends of the above who have been deceived by the con artists to participate in destroying you and other innocent people, my life experience has taught me some valuable lessons in being too much of a good Samaritan, as for me at least and I am sure for many others we are very easily discovered by these shrewd deceptive liars, they are all around you every day pretending to be decent people but are for ever on the watch for sheep and unsuspecting victims that they will exploit, scam, set up, frame, and ultimately destroy as their running away with your money, they have a very perfected game, prior to conning you they will slowly start to invent lies about you and tell others, tell your most trusted friends, tell anyone that can help to further secretly attack you behind the scenes people you might know but cannot fully prove that are attacking you, I see these people as vultures, crocodiles, and snakes I am a person who this has had this happen to so I am by far much wiser than i once was, luckily you can Like many good forums on Facebook now a days that can teach you all about these cleaver types as there is numerous people around the world who these very events have like me happened too.
    Learning how to be a boring grey rock is the trick, becoming less of a good Samaritan to just everyone is also something you must be aware of because these cunning deceptive people are everywhere they can appear like very honest people, very nice people very genuine people, some of them could even be friends you have had for years, beware, if they see something in you that they want they will take it from you and then bad mouth you far and wide as the bad person who did this or that, or they will stress you out so bad that you could ever flip out, or commit suicide these people are VERY VERY EVIL. These people lack any EMPATHY such people are known as Narcissists and sociopaths. for them they do not feel the same SHAME or FEAR that the average people whom has empathy has so its exquisitely easy cinch to take anyone for a ride to the bank, or have full with at work by that i mean if say for instance your boss is a serial bully be aware that this person also a Narcissist and a sociopath they will get you to do every thing over load you with tasks and then tell their superiors whom they have conned, that you are not performing or listening or doing the tasks they ask you to do. They will have some much full playing with your emotions because these people love to see you in fear of losing your job, these p[people are cleaver con artist serial bullies, narcissist and sociopaths all in one.

    They have a lifetime of experience destroying numerous peoples careers so best as you read this to start learning everything you can about such people, of course also i have learned that these people are very cleaver at verbally assaulting you and usually do it in a space where no one can hear, if you suspect you have such a superior best to buy a small voice activated tape recorder and wear it discreetly in your shirt, this way you will have complete evidence to defend your self from such cunning con artist because YOU are a THREAT and they want all the praise so illuminating YOU is what they will do, and by bad mouthing you or stressing you out to the point that you will complain before you know it you will be called into the office and given a lack of performance letter beware this person has years of experience destroying good honest hard working people and usually they win at this game 99% of the time so having voice activate tape recorder or two or three one you can hide someplace where they con artists boss is when you leave the area, are good and recording conversations that the liar doesn’t know you have.

    You might be a member of a religious organization be aware many wolves wearing sheep covering hang out at such places, they know that there is a good supply of good Samaritans there they can con and rob and destroy. Its been estimated that that Psychopaths personalities has been on the rise in the last twenty years. it might have something to do with the information age, the social media and easy chat lines where such people can learn the trade of supreme con artists. Be ware dating chat sites are also full of such con artists as they are always on the look out for the unsuspecting and un- wise person they can con and rip off and easily to just dump you and run away, looking for the next and next and next unsuspecting person. Some of these shrewd con artists look for friends then ask for personal money loans, or ask that you invest with them in some business or real estate beware they are con artists with full intentions of taking you to the financial cleaners, many folks would be ashamed to admit that they became victims of such creeps but beware the smooth talkers and poker faces are out there, there is also a lot of good videos on YOU TUBE videos, you could visit to learn all about these con artists. Anyhow enough said hope that this helps you to become more wiser of these types. Cheers

  33. It’s happening to me right now. My husband, his son and others have been spreading lies about me. Even when the one person who knew the truth told them they were wrong, that I wasn’t to blame, they still think I was responsible for something that happened, and I had nothing to do with it. Then his son comes out with another word of mouth lie about me that he heard from a guy, who knows a guy who says I’ve been cheating on my husband. I’ve stood my ground, tried to explain, spoke my innocence, and have done a lot of crying, it hurts to have this done to you by people who you truly love, and hurts even more when the o e person (my husband) who should stand up for you, joins the Lynch squad. I feel numb, I can hardly get out of bed, I have no fight left in me, they are relentless. My sister in law believes me and when my husband is around her with me, he acts like he’s on my side, he has my back but he’s just pretending for her. I’m to the point of feeling like if I would just die it would be the only way to escape their lies, if I packed up and left they would only take it as a admission of guilt. I feel completely alone, numb, broken.

  34. I have had this happen to me. My sister tried to destroy me through mind games and hate.
    I don’t why. I loved her. She called me fat, ugly
    Told me no one wanted me. She stole my life savings and threw me to the street, homeless.
    Stole my dogs and tried to control every aspect of my life. She hates her husband Also. I stilll wake up scared and depressed. I’m trying to get past her abuse but it still haunts me. I had to move far away where I hope she does not find me. She scares the hell out of me.

  35. Happening to me. I resigned from work in January this year my employer had convinced me to go back and promised pay rise though she had not paid me for two months before. is Nov-Dec incuding January. she hasn’t paid me to date last month I blocked her and asked for my pay but on realising nothing came forth. I left. She called the police but I had left home. Last week I met her walked to her car asked for my cash she swore never to pay and said she’s well connected I can’t get any cash. I yelled at her ” why are you so rude?” She took advantage video taped me when I tried reaching for her phone, but couldn’t she uttered ” why are you breaking my phone?” I walked away frustrated but she succeeded in black mailing me using that clip reported to police that I pulled her hair, broke the car’s head rest, broke her eye glasses and phone and even hurt her leg she went for a p3 has an x-ray showing injuries acquired. I will be going to court next week for what I never did. It’s heart breaking. She’s determined to ruin me.

  36. I recently at my work place tried to report an unsafe situation and due to the person involved was a friend of the manager they fired me so that I wasn’t able to report what happened and not only that they called the police and lied about me saying all kind of lies and the took their side came to my house intimidate me but in my 37 years old never had a single issue with the law enforcement so they just tried scare me with lies sadly all those statements keep spreading among other employees. I’ve never seen so much abuse of power to destroy my reputation, the sad part is that they know I’m unemployed unable hire a lawyer

  37. The problem is how to counter it? People can pretend to be us to do nasty things (hacking others, etc) so we look like a dangerous person that has to be monitored. Spreading false rumors in order to destroy our sources of income. It happens to me. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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