Facebook is an awesome Social Network in Social Interface

I think people and media take Facebook way out of context. Facebook is a great communication tool with keeping in touch with family, friends, school friends, friends you meet on trips, and those who you bump into in groups on Facebook. Facebook is one of the most awesome sites on the internet to this day, but one must be careful too, but Facebook has brought me some of the most awesome people in my life who I have met, and have created awesome friendships with. Those people who get themselves into trouble, and into big problems from Facebook are those who do not have common sense about it. You do not post your address, phone numbers, and stuff in public. It is a no-no. Set your privacy settings, learn about Facebook, explore Facebook, and if you do not want people to see your things, then set your profile accordingly. It is that simple. I think a lot of the media and people misconstrued Facebook, they misunderstand the reason behind it. Don’t get yourself in trouble, don’t do crazy things. Have fun, but within limits, enjoy interacting with family, friends, and others. Just be cautious too! Don’t add people for the sake of adding people… be careful who you trust…

I myself appreciate Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook staff. If it wasn’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t have found my kindergarten best friend, I wouldn’t have found my friends I met in Florida years and years ago, I wouldn’t have found a lot of people, I wouldn’t have found the people who I call my sisters, I wouldn’t have been where I am today. this social networking site makes the world smaller, makes life great to share differences, to share with each other what goes on in our lives, but not too much of it. One thing, Facebook should not be your whole life. Make it part of your life, but not as a whole..

Keeping in touch with people is great, being updated on the lives around you is lovely,  but a life out there is worth living and do not leave them out for Facebook. If you have things to do, do it. Enjoy it, but limit it. Priorities come first in life… Everything else will come in place…

6 thoughts on “Facebook is an awesome Social Network in Social Interface

  1. Totally agree with you. I lived in the USA for 10 years, and came back home to Australia (Brisbane) in 2006. I made so many great friends there and the only way to keep up before Facebook was email or through a rudimentary blog I had started some years earlier. Facebook has enabled me to re-connect and also to learn so much about the world through them, as well as their friends.
    I am careful about what I put up…and you are again correct — those who have issues have put too much personal information up.
    Cheers from Brisbane, Australia.

  2. I moved to Australia in 2002 but was born in the states spent 33 years there. Facebook has really helped me stay in touch with family which has been a real blessing as well as make new friends!

  3. I totally agree with you…. I have a busy hectic life, and facebook really keeps me in touch with family and friends.
    Knowing your limit is the key.
    Thank you for this great post….

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