The Armenian Genocide of April 24, 1915 – 98 Years Later

The Armenian Genocide has been a constant struggle in the Armenian Community around the world for the past 98 years. As the 98th Anniversary approaches in April, I feel the need to talk to you about it today. The Armenian Genocide happened on April 24, 1915 until about 1923. Crimes committed against humanity of Armenians by Ottoman Turkey. 1.5 Million Armenians were massacred, murdered, and taken out of their homes, deported, made people walk through the desert and when they get tired or fall, the Turkish Ottoman empire sees them and kicks them down, women were raped, slaughtered, decapitated, stabbed, shot and so much more. The Turkish Ottoman Empire tried to wipe all the Armenians off the globe, but could not succeed. 98 Years later the scar is still there and will never go away in the Armenian Community. They tried to wipe a Christian Nation, but they could not. This issue has been a constant struggle in the world in terms of recognition and acknowledgement that these criminal acts did happen and Turkey has yet to admit their crimes against humanity.

Many Turkish journalists, and ordinary people in Turkey are urging the government to finally recognize the Armenian Genocide and now there is a movie called Genex coming out on the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide on April 24, 2015. The movie will include Leonardo DiCaprio, Natalie Portman, Paul Giamati, Al Pacino, and so many more. Brought to you in part by Sevada the directors of the film.

Annually we take buses to go to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in Canada’s Capital to Thank Canada for continuously supporting and recognizing the Armenian Genocide and being by our side during this pain we have all felt. Even though we were not alive on those times, we all feel it and we are all affected by it as they are our ancestors and family members from that time. Every year we have dignitaries, politicians come and speak in front of the Parliament and every year we do our commemorations differently, Then we march to the Turkish Embassy to talk to the Turkish Ambassador to stop denying the Armenian genocide and come forth and admit their crimes. We will never stop until Justice has been served for our people. We hope that history will never repeat itself.

Last year Google had announced that the search term of the Armenian Genocide was on the top 10 search trending lists of the world and the Armenian Genocide raised awareness of so many people outside of Armenians in the world. A lot of people now know what happened to us and it is important to us to let as many people know about it as possible. Raising awareness not only About the Armenian Genocide, but all the other Genocides in history combined. The Genocide is something so horrible. It means to try to wipe a race out of the world which is not a great thing. Racism and hate does not get anybody anywhere in life. All it creates are problems and more hate. The world needs to learn to live and let live and to love one another and leave countries alone, and help each other out. God Rest all the victims souls who had to be subject of Hate crimes and Genocide. Lets all work together to stop hate crimes altogether and not repeat history ever again.

10 thoughts on “The Armenian Genocide of April 24, 1915 – 98 Years Later

  1. In eastern Asia we have the similar problem. Chinese and Korean people protest on genocides and many abuses by Japanese imperial army during the WWII. Japanese government only denies the fact, though it should search the fact honestly, together with both countries. It’s a shame.

  2. What about the Hocali, Garadaghly Malibeyli and Gushchular Massacres commited by Armenian forces? What about how 25% of Azeri population was forced out by Armenian forces agressively and are now internally displaced refugees? What about ASALA and JCAG terror? Can you touch up on this please.

  3. …Sure, recognition is great. It’s just that calling it ‘Armenian Genocide’ is a bit too much. It wasn’t a killing of only Armenians. You want acknowledgement, which is understandable, but don’t try to get it at the cost of everyone else. From a historical standpoint, too, even the term ‘genocide’ is highly suspect. Base line: groups of people, in order to ease the tensions around frontiers, were moved…They were moved with often complete disregard for their wellbeing. It didn’t much matter whether they lived or died, and in fact quite a few of those moving them wanted them to die and therefore moved them in the worst manner possible, if not in circles. End result: mass death as a result of highly discriminatory government policies. Don’t make it a social justice issue for Armenians…You will go too far in the other direction, as all ‘social justice’ does.

    It doesn’t matter whether the government of Turkey ever accepts what you want it to accept. Governments, along with all their actions, are superfluous. The only thing that does matter in this case is whether the people of Turkey will stop letting their nation’s policy drive their interpretation of history.

  4. I danced with a woman of Armenian origin and she is the daughter of a believer of the existence of an Armenian genocide. I met the father only once. She was very last dance partner before I quit competing the Special Olympics and I decided it was time to hang it up.

  5. To the European Commission :


    In order to create a Turkish nation from above, Turkish nationalists waged a bloody campaign against non-Turkish and non-Muslim elements of the empire.
    The First World War served as an excuse for the Young Turks, the then Turkish goverment, to exterminate Armenians. It was a deliberate and sustain war, in the course of which hundreds of thousands Armenians, Syrians and Greeks had been ruthlessly killed or forced into exile.
    The collapse of the Ottomans had left a power vacuum, filled by another section of the Turkish nationalists, called Kemalists at a later time.
    Mass extermination of the Ottoman times and also an extermination of an ethnically distinct and separate people from Turks.
    What happened back then has been handed down to the later generations by their parents and grand-parents, who witnessed the onslaught, and of whom some are still alive.
    Furthermore the sites of the mass graves all over West Armenia are well known and can easily be located if and when need be. The ruins of the country`s cultural heritage including churches belonged to the nations`s Christian section are still visible.
    The Turks are guilty of the genocide of millions. Muslims in general, are guilty of even more millions of non-muslim deaths.
    The Genocide of Armenians caused more severe damage to the Armenian nation than the Holocaust did to the Jews. While the number of Jews killed by the Germany was larger than the number of Armenians killed by Turkey, the Armenians lost most of their homeland of Cilicia and Western Armenia due to the genocide. The Holocaust also gave a huge international impetus to create Israel. the Holocaust helped create Israel; the Genocide help in the disappearance of the Armenian homeland.
    For even if the opening of Turkey’s archives conclusively show there was a deliberate policy and practice on the part of Turkish authorities in 1915-1923 to dispossess and eliminate Armenians (and Greeks) from their ancestral homeland by the use of mass murder, threats and intimidation–in short, that Turkey was guilty of genocide–what then? It is too late to put on trial any of the perpetrators of that genocide, since they have returned to the dust and mud whence they emerged.
    We think it is only fair to mention the Assyrians that were slaughtered as well with the Armenians and Greeks the total of the 3 ethnic groups were 2.8 million.
    People wish to see the justice served. A search for justice has already began. A legal action against Turkey will at long last be taken at some time in the future.

    We demand of the Turkish authorities firstly the recognition of our country, occupied west Armenia, which was autonomous under the Ottoman Empire and which lost its autonomy; secondly the recognition of the genocides or attempted genocides suffered by our people and which it witnessed in 1915.
    We demand the immediate end of the policy designated under the name ‘Plan D’ which forces the population into an exodus or forced assimilation.

    We demand demilitarisation and the banning of all the activities of military and paramilitary teams which have been exercising terror over the population since 1889.
    The language of the occupied west Armenia, is still banned today. We demand self-determination in the matter of communication, education and social organisation. The Turkish state must recognise the specific beliefs and traditions of the occupied west Armenia people. The policy of Islamisation and Turkishisation (exemplified by the precept: ‘one mosque per village, one Imam per village’) must cease.
    The military policy of the Turkish state has already destroyed a great part of our patrimony: setting fire to our forests, bombing our villages, systematic destruction of our historical monuments the sacred of our culture, and riches of humanity as well.

    We bring to your attention this dramatic reality in the context of the discussion of entering into negotiations with Turkey.

    May the threat to pour people end and may all the minorities of Anatolia live in peace.
    We, the signatures below, demand justice and support the initiatives aiming to bring Turkey to justice.

    Hakis Datvan, spokesman for the Collective Lake Van.

    Click here, if you want to sign


  6. R. T. ERDOGAN, Flag of the Ottoman Empire In his speech in Germany, he said:

    “Hang the Turkish flags on your houses … But better yet , I wish you the Ottoman flag in addition to your balcony hangs up, which has three crescents . We will welcome because we are proud of the Ottoman flag. ”

    Another extremely significant threat of Recep Erdogan this week to address the German Merkel government has done because of the criticism that Berlin had on Turkey. ” Germany should be careful. In Germany, 6.5 million Turks live . ” Now again Erdogan in Germany and that the Ankara government was planning to mobilize in order to ‘defend’ interests. Turkey and Islam the Turks living in Europe To this end, in 2010 even set up a special ministry . Ministry of Europe !

    Erdogan dreams of an Islamic world power . According to him , the region has the “ability to form the whole world. ” He regularly praises the close friendship between Turks and Arabs which he existed . Roughly 1,000 years That a large part of the Arab world was conquered by the Ottomans and even the Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina , not far . Extends the knowledge of Erdogan apparently And neither do the 400 years of occupation by the Turks in the Holy Land from 1517 to 1918.

    Special Ministry to mobilize Turks abroad..

    The warning from Turkey will likely be dismissed , giggly in Europe, but had better be taken very seriously. In 2010, the Erdogan government established the Ministry for Turks Abroad , that specifically addresses the foreign resident Turks, especially in Europe , to mobilize together to make a fist and ” the interests of Turkey and Islam defend .
    That might not be if it were not on the outside sounds so menacing that there is a special secret meeting in 7300 to live abroad Turkish politicians and businessmen was organized to put it. Extensive project on its feet in 2010 Also two major conferences were organized to establish how the influence of the Turks living in Europe can be increased. A strategy last year.

    Erdogan encourages Ottoman flag to.

    Together the AKP and Gulenleden to the re-establishment of the Turkish Ottoman Empire . “We will again reign from Sarajevo to Damascus , ” predicted the Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu earlier this year to his American colleague John Kerry . Tellingly Erdogan now encourages his followers to use . Flag of the Ottoman Empire In his speech in Germany, he said, ” Hang the Turkish flags on your houses … But better yet , I wish you the Ottoman flag in addition to your balcony hangs up, which has three crescents . We will welcome because we are proud of the Ottoman flag. ” Historically, this flag is the symbol of the Islamic theocratic system, where the Ottoman Empire was based on what the year 2014 will be pursued . By Erdogan and the AKP again

    The National Security Council of Turkey Armenians has been labeled as a major threat .

    Turks genocide on Armenians

    Regarding the genocide of the Turks in the Armenian Christians , is denying historical truth widely used. The slaughter of Armenian Christians took place at the time of the regime of the Young Turks in 1915 to 1918. According to an official document published in January 2009 by the former Ministry of the Interior of the Ottoman Empire , the predecessor of modern Turkey , there appear to be “disappeared” during these years as many as 1. 372,000 Armenians from the population registers . Particularly in the years 1909 , 1915 and 1920 are countless Armenians killed by the Turks in the name of their god Allah . Saving the lives of these ” Armenian infidel idolaters ” as they were called , was seen as contrary to the rules of jihad and therefore they were conscientiously killed in a barbaric way . In Western Armenia more than 1 500 000 Armenian victims fell.

    Estimates of the number of victims range from several hundred thousand to more than 2 million. Large numbers of children were beaten to death by Turks against walls, little girls raped and cut in two . Children were lifted by the hair and beaten half . Blow with a sword Infants were thrown into the air and caught on a banjonet and pregnant women were swords belly ripped open up throat. In addition, there are a huge number of public rapes took place on often very young girls , whether or not followed by murder.
    In 1893 and 1895 many thousands of Armenians were killed by the Ottomans .

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