What is Your Coffee Taste? Starbucks, McDonald’s, Tim Horton’s or Other

In the past few years there has been a debate going on with what coffee taste people go for and what they think is a better choice to drink coffee. I am sure those who drink coffee or other beverages at these places such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, Tim Horton’s know what I am talking about when it comes to taste and when it comes to good quality coffee. Someone from the states spent so much money for a cup of coffee from Starbucks, adding so many shots of espresso and so many flavours put into it. I don’t know about you, buck I wouldn’t spend so much money on a cup of coffee. I’d rather go to McDonald’s where you spend way less and you get free refills too. Starbucks is often pricey, and the coffee’s in my opinion are not that spectacular in my opinion. In the end it is all about a person’s preference right? I am not trying to put Starbucks down or anything, but it depends on a persons taste. It takes an acquired taste to differentiate right?

Tim Horton’s coffee and other hot beverages were my favourite, but the cups are not well insulated and I end up burning my hand holding it, McDonald’s cups however have well insulation and the cover cap is also great quality too and you get more at McDonald’s then you do at Tim Horton’s, plus way less and sometimes McDonald’s offers promotions of Free Coffee or Latte’s the small size but then again it is free refill only on the coffee’s though and it tastes so much better then the other ones. Now I don’t know what taste you have when it comes to coffee. I am sure a lot of people have Tassimo, Keurig, and some sort of specialty coffee maker at home.

Now for me, McDonald’s coffee has this incredible and great taste to it and I have never been disappointed with my coffee. At Tim Horton’s sometimes it comes out to be too strong, sometimes just right, sometimes not that great tasting, and they don’t even mix the ingredients properly in the coffee or other flavoured coffees that they make like the French Vanilla, White Hot Chocolate, Cafe Mocha’s, and other beverages, sometimes they get it right, and a lot of times they don’t get it right. I have never had problems with McDonald’s coffee. I don’t know what you like and what your taste is for certain brands of coffee. Do you like making your own coffee at home or do you like to grab a quick coffee from your local coffee shop? Each Coffee shop is different and they all have something good for everybody, but it all comes down to your taste and your preference. Tim Horton’s has this Roll up the rim to win deal where you win a Toyota Rav 4, Barbecue, Food and beverage prizes and other things, but you have a 1 in 6 chances to win, and a lot of them say please play again or all you win is a coffee or donut. It is not fair. Each one should be a winner.

Are there any other coffee shops or cafes around you that you like their coffee? If so, what do you think of it? What is your taste? What is your opinion on a great cup of coffee or other hot beverages served by your favourite brands? It can be a brand where you take home and make it yourself. Not necessarily a coffee shop or cafe. It is all to your liking and your opinion. I’d like to hear from you.

Enjoy your coffee! ๐Ÿ™‚

33 thoughts on “What is Your Coffee Taste? Starbucks, McDonald’s, Tim Horton’s or Other

  1. Oddly enough, the best coffee I ever had was from a convenience store. The sad part was the coffee company was bought out by Hills Brothers, and it wasn’t the same. Now I prefer fresh brewed at home from a regular coffee making machine. I can make the coffee as strong as I like.

  2. I am a Starbuck Junkie ๐Ÿ™‚ but for me its a treat ones in awhile. I have a Tassimo at home and I love it. Its like coffee on the go. And so far I enjoy a regular cup of coffee with a regular coffee machine ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I definitely prefer to make my coffee at home, but sometimes, I indulge. When I do, it’s all about Caribou! We didn’t have many of those where I used to live, but they’re more common here in the Chicago area and they have some truly decadent specialty drinks. I’ve never tried just their plain old coffee, though…

  4. My best coffee is the one I make in my French press at home. Not because of the cost, but I like my coffee at a certain temp and specific aroma! I’ve had good coffee from Dante Cafe in Greenwich village, NYC. I must say though.

  5. If I buy coffee while I’m out, I also prefer McDonald’s. I don’t buy fancy coffees and can’t see paying crazy prices for a plain old cup. I think McDonald’s has the best tasting, and can’t beat their price/convenience!

  6. I actually think that coffee from Burger King is really nice. Starbucks is OK but often not strong enough. We have some good small independent coffee chains here in the UK – eg Grounded and Boston Tea Party.

  7. Coffee…. My favorite …. I agree with Star bucks not favorite sometimes to strong and pricy also, so far my Favorite is Tim Horton coffee but McDonald’s is getting up there fast, although that is the only thing they do as far as hot drinks in oppose to Tim’s while they offer many drinks and sometimes you will find some differences in drinks but all in all I like them both, I do like Tim’s donuts biscuits and so many other things they offer, can’t say the same for the Hamburger which is Calorie galore and fail in many other tests…. but i have to say they are tasty LOL. now come to coffee cups I agree Talin, I love McDonald’s cups, can’t ask them to double cup like I do at Tim’s, if they can only improve on their cups instead of wasting them two each time specially when you order Black. they also have promotions roll up the Rim to win prizes…BY THE WAY STARTING TODAY FOR ONE WEEK COFFEE IS FREE AT McDonald’s…. enjoy the brew

  8. I make my own coffee at home 95% of the time. For years it was strictly 8 o’clock whole bean (usually their Columbian roast) that I ground myself, though lately I’ve been using pre-ground Folger’s (Black Silk is my favorite) because I was able to get it cheap.

    The other 5% of the time, when I get my coffee somewhere else, it’s sometimes McDonald’s (I like their ‘new’ coffee better than what they used to serve years ago) but usually I go to a local (Michigan) chain called Biggby’s. They have an interesting variety of coffees, teas and even hot chocolate – all of which you can get hot, over ice, or frozen. Their coffee is never bitter or overly-strong (something I dislike about Starbuck’s*) and the staff is always friendly.

    (*I have a theory that Starbuck’s makes their coffees so strong to cut through all the stuff most people put in their coffee – milk/cream, sugar, flavorings, etc. – but if you drink it black, like I do, it’s just too much. I also suspect there’s a bit more caffeine than usual, but maybe that’s just me)

  9. I love Second Cup’s coffee..they have a wide selection of flavors to choose from and I also like their lattes and other beverages. It’s a very classy place and yet it is extremely pricey!!
    As for starbucks, i do enjoy their coffee but think it is wayyyy overrated! and extremely expensive!!
    Oddly enough, when i am near Michel’s Baguette, I do have their coffee once in a while as it is good as well. I usually drink the “Milano” which is a mild coffee they offer.
    You should really try Baguette Tal, it’s actually pretty good!
    Quite honestly, I go to different coffee shops depending on what type of mood i’m in lol….so it really depends what I want on that particular day.

    Great post!

    Keep it up Tal

    Mirna ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. recently visited North America for the first time (well, mostly Canada and just Portland and Seattle) and was sad to discover that all of the above was mediocre coffee (at best) and also more expensive that what we are used to! I live in New Zealand normally, Auckland specifically… and we have such a coffee culture here, but none of it is big chains like you guys have there (Coras? I thought it was a cute cafe, till I discovered there were literally hundreds more!) and each little cafe is actually run by little families or couples and the coffee is sometimes great, and sometimes mediocre, but you get such a unique experience…

    it’s such a shame that just because you guys are so much bigger (populations etc) that you’ve lost that niche cafe!

  11. You know the funny thing is, I never had Starbucks coffee until I went to New Zealand. It is ok but they are pretty much dying in Australia. There is an Australian owned company called, Gloria Jeans which I do enjoy. Also there is a cafe iat the Park Beach Plaza in Coffs Harbour, NSW called JBN that does a specialty coffee called Banoffi Cappucino. Whenever I go to Coffs Harbour and want I coffee I go to JBN and order the Banoffi in a mug. YUMMO! The Mc Donald’s coffees are great too. When I am on a long road trip, I will go through the drive through at the Mc Cafe to get a coffee so I can keep motoring!

  12. It’s funny though they all sell coffee, they cater to different tastes. I mean, you wouldn’t ask for a double double in Starbucks the same way you wouldn’t order a soy mocha latte at Timmy’s. Then again I don’t drink caffeine, yet, so who knows.

  13. There’s a small coffee shop in my town that serves fresh ground coffee and also free refills. I love their coffee with a little cream and a little sweetner. At home I like plain old Maxwell House. Not much for fancy espresso. My friend gave me some bags of fresh ground Starbucks once. I wasn’t impressed. But lots of others I know loves it. Just a matter of taste, I guess.

  14. I never got the whole starbucks thing. I have gotten it before and it is nothing special. Tim Hortons, on the other hand is my favorite place! I always get the butter caramel iced cappy there. Not often, since it has like 700 calories. But I do like them the best. I get coffee at mcdonalds too. I am at the age where when I say “senior Coffee” I can get a cup of joe for 25 cents. Bargain!!

  15. I love traveling and finding hometown coffee shops or cafes. I drink a certain coffee at each place that is a chain. In the summer, at McD’s it is the caramel frappe. It does have coffee in it, but tastes like a caramel milk shake. At McD’s winter, it is caramel mocha coffee or a regular coffee with a shot of caramel. I like the English Toffee cappuccino at Tim H’s and at Starbucks, the Toffee coffee latte (or something like that with little chips of toffee sprinkles on the whipped cream.) And last, like anyone still is reading (sorry you got me on a roll and you seemed to be taking a poll) I do like Panera’s hazelnut coffee with half and half plus sugar. I do like Dunkin Donuts, too, and BK iced vanilla coffee.

  16. I drink the coffee available to me and since I am rarely at McD’s it is rare that I will consume a McD’s coffee. I wouldn’t say my favorite is Timmy’s but since they are everywhere, it is the most convenient coffee to drink – having said that after not having it for a long time, I wonder why I ever drank it. Hmmm, Starbucks, that’s a lotta $$ for a coffee, although the one time I went, I bought a latte and was crazy craving it the next day, like INSANELY craving it so much so I had to say “No” aloud to prevent myself from dropping everything to make the drive there.
    Mostly I drink decaf/half caf home brewed coffee, but unless it’s done truly horribly, I will drink the coffee in front of me.

  17. I love iced coffee. When I was in Arizona, my first choice is the McDonald’s iced coffee. And now, I am in the Philippines, there was a huge difference with the taste and so now I prefer Starbucks. Though it costs too much but sometimes we need to treat ourselves with a good coffee, right?

  18. I don’t drink coffee at all, I like the smell but am not keen on the taste and too much caffeine doesn’t agree with me lol But my son and I like Starbucks as it is the only place we can get a dairy free hot chocolate ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. i like coffee very much, i feel the smell of coffee before drinking. I prefer fresh brewed at home from a regular coffee machine. i am also like Starbucks coffee snob.

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