An Inspirational Writer —- TheNewHappyMe of Carmen Djemalian

Recently on this social networking site called facebook this wonderful lady and I decided to add each other and become instant friends so then a couple of weeks ago we officially met face to face in Montreal, It was a pleasure to meet this incredible and sweet woman named Carmen Djemalian. I found out her and I share an interest in writing, and expressing our feelings, and meeting people who freely express themselves without hesitation is a big thing in my books. Carmen and I share similarities, that I can never have the same similarities as other people. well, I cannot say never. It may happen someday in my life, but so far She is the first one whom I have met. in these past couple of weeks since, we’ve officially met face to face, It really was nice to see Carmen even if it was very short and sweet. I thank God everyday that facebook was created because you can surely find great people on there.

The reason why I am giving recognition and acknowledgement of this wonderful individual, is because she deserves recognition and acknowledgement for all the hard work she does and spends so much time writing and expressing herself. Carmen has a true gift and a talent in writing. I am so happy for her, and I am here to support her 100% in everything. It is difficult to express yourself in writing, and writing personal stories for all to see. I can relate to her. It is not an easy task to write, but if you have it in you, it will come naturally and you gather your mind and thoughts and just start to write, but she truly has a gift of which I truly appreciate and applaud her for it.

You see, Carmen and I do not live in the same city, but we try to communicate often and her writings really inspire me, and it touches my heart, and I take her writings and I try to make it part of my daily life as possible. Now, if you want to know and read her blogs yourself, simply click here and you will see all her writings. You can subscribe to her website, and you can receive updates right to your e-mail.

I wish My lovely friend Carmen continued success in her writing and everything else. God Bless you Carmen. We need more lovely and sweet people like you in our world. I hope to see you again soon in the near future. I am very proud of you Carmen.

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