Apple’s Iphone Or Blackberry – Your Opinion

As a blackberry user for more than 2 and a half years now, I decided to make the switch to the Iphone world of Apple. I want to get an iPhone because it gives me more options and I am more organized when it comes to my work, my blogging, social media, and among other apps that I really like and seeing and playing with different apps that are neat from my friends phones and everything really puts a new perspective on things and really makes life so much easier in terms of communicating with others and plus having the face time, and among so many things. Now what is your opinion? What do you think I should stick with? I know blackberry 10 is coming up, and I don’t know with all the problems that blackberry phones have had with the battery dying quickly, the freezing of the phone and having to take the battery in and out again so it will function and when the blackberry phone starts it takes a while for the bar to fully be loaded and go into the homepage and home screen of the phone.

I think I will switch to the iPhone, I am thinking of starting with the iPhone 4S and work my way up to the 5. I think the 4S is great and all the features and everything is so awesome. What is your opinion? Are you an iPhone or Blackberry user? Have you had problems? What are your ratings on the functionality of the phones and what do you think and recommend for me? I don’t plan to go to android, or Samsung phones. It is either Apple or Blackberry. I cannot go to an HTC phone or whatever other phones there are out there. I am hoping that my switch will be great and I will be a happy camper. So far my friends, family are really happy with Apple’s iPhone. So lets see where it takes me.




22 thoughts on “Apple’s Iphone Or Blackberry – Your Opinion

  1. I’m a bit biased as my husband works at Apple. Also, I’ve never owned a Blackberry, so I can’t make a fair comparison. I have an iPhone 5 and I adore it! I’m especially in love with the camera – it’s phenomenal!

  2. iPhone 4s is a good and durable device. It has endured my crawling under a house for several hours in extremely dirty conditions, it has been accidentally dropped into a pit-toilet and buried, (located with the “Find My Phone” app), it went for a swim in the toilet when the case fell off my belt. In the last instance, I removed the SIM card, let it air-dry for a few hours, the left it overnight in the oven with the pilot light going. SO, it is durable. You never have to take the batteries out … in fact you can’t!
    Mine has been in use for a little over a year and I love it … with reservations. Check my Blog to read about an experiment I did to see if it could be protected from an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) attack. I discovered some very interesting and disturbing facts about my phone.

  3. Ok so I have been iPhone the whole time and I love it!
    My husband had blackberry and went to iPhone and loves it.
    I think it’s worth the risk if you aren’t loving the blackberry.
    I haven’t had any crazy things happen to mine- no water logged or broken screens… And I am pretty rough.
    It has been thrown, dropped in water…
    Still ticking.
    I don’t have an otter box and won’t get one.
    Love my iPhone !

  4. In my humble opinion, I can only relate that when I switched from my Blackberry to my iPhone, my entire life got a whole lot easier and a whole lot more organized. Looking back, I don’t see how I ever did without my iPhone! It’s a great product, and far more user friendly than the Blackberry.

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  6. If I didn’t use blackberry for office purpose I definitely will purchase myself an Iphone. One thing that people in my office use blackberry is because the BBM while sending message through it drives me crazy as it always pending. I used to be a Samsung fan but now I am not an Android person so Iphone is definitely on my top list of phone I’d like to have.

  7. iPhone. Definitely. I got the 4s when it first came out, and love it. It has so many cool options. I remember that in my free time I would play with my phone and always find out something extra I could do with it that I didn’t know.

  8. Doubt you’ll be disappointed with the iPhone. We use Blackberry when travelling due to the reduced costs of email but the drawbacks are too great for personal use. We’re very interested to see what comes with Blackberry 10 but the iPhone is staying!

  9. I use both an iPhone and a Blackberry.. I just like my iPhone4, its the best and have been using it for 2years now, so do not think you will be disappointed with making the switch to iPhone. It’s just brilliant.

  10. I had blackberry and hated it made the switch in the very early days when the 3G model was new and I’ve never looked back. I know some people have problems but I have been fortunate to never experience a single problem with the phones ever! The guys who work at apple are great at explaining how to get the best from the technology and I would definitely say bin the bb and open your “i’s” to the possibilities 🙂

  11. I had an iPhone 3G and recently upgraded to the 4S, after the 5 was released. Except for the screen size, the difference between 3G and 4S vs. 3G and 5 was not that much, and I did not care for the larger screen. That said, my decision was based on upgrading an existing iPhone; if it was my first one, I would tend to go for the 5 (unless you simply hate the larger size) since it will be “current” longer than the 4S.

    Either way you will love it, enjoy! –L

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