Introducing Adiss Harmandian – An Extraordinary Incredible Talent

Hello, I am here today to introduce to you an Armenian Legendary Singer and performer an extraordinary talent and incredible voice, a dedicated and devoted Armenian who shines to the world and the Armenian community. Mr. Adiss Harmandian was born in Beirut Lebanon on January 14, 1945. Adiss Has been awarded many prestigious awards for his efforts, excellency and dedication to the Armenians and the communities across the world.

Adiss Harmandian has been awarded by His Holiness Catholicos Aram I of the Catholicos of Armenian Cilicia the highest Armenian Diaspora religious award, the “Mesrob Mashdots Medallion” (with the degree of Prince) title for his 40 years of work

  • In 2005 he also received lifetime achievement award by the Armenian Music Awards and a certificate from the Los Angeles Council members for lifetime achievement.
  • Upon the proposal of France’s Armenian community, then mayor of Paris Jacques Chirac honored the popular Armenian singer with a medal for recognition of his contributions.

You can listen to his music here even if you do not understand Armenian you can hear his voice, and the way his voice ignites and touches your heart and among everything else.

Adiss still continues to this day to sing, and grace the large crowds. He has his own restaurant in Lebanon called Adiss Signature. He owns a baklava shop in Encino in California. God bless Our Lovely Adiss Harmandian and may God continue to give him strength, energy and the power to do what he loves is to sing and to perform for everyone. May God bless him always.

3 thoughts on “Introducing Adiss Harmandian – An Extraordinary Incredible Talent

  1. I’m listening to “tou heratsar” kez moranal che lini….He sang this and other “Kloukh kordzots” songs for him and for us,since each of us have gone through black days such as nowadays.He took simple unknown songs and turned them into a glorious success full of emotions, nostalgia and. e regrets had this God given beautiful tenor voice which he embellished with so many subtle grace notes. All one has to do is listen again to “El kez chem siroum” to confirm what I/m trying to transfer. My biggest consolation is that I told him this during any of our conversations. I’m glad I did, I wanted him to know that he was special and extraordinary.. No one even can come even closer to him. because its not only the sweat voice, he also had powerful lungs for long breath syllables sometimes lasting 18 seconds (see “Kna kna” ),in addition to a perfect diction and choice of lyrics..

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