Being Assertive & Choosing Friends Wisely

You know its said that you shouldn’t make the same mistake twice and sometimes learning the hard way on certain situations is the only way to learn. For some people anyway. Learning how to be assertive, learning how to differentiate between fake and real people takes quite a bit of skill and it takes time to adapt in society and the type of people who are in this world now. Unfortunately sometimes we get caught in the midst between fake and real and sometimes its really hard to detect a phony with real person. Ladies and gentlemen we shouldn’t be so adamant and eager on making friends for the sake of making friends with just anybody. Friendships and relationships take time to build and time to progress. It is finding the right people and finding suitable people is the big thing. Nowadays it takes a long time to trust people, and life isn’t the way it used to be so many years ago where you would keep your doors open, where life wasn’t as difficult and where everyone helped each other and there was something so special between people and now its so rare. Don’t give in too quickly, and don’t assume everyone is your friend, because they aren’t.

Choose your friends wisely, and only have a few friends in your life that will brighten you up, that are honest with you, that don’t take advantage of you and your good heart and soul, who will be there in good times and bad times, and only have friends that you can count with your fingers, because that is all you need. It is not a popularity contest of how many people you know, its the quality of friends you have which should matter the most. Everything else should not matter. As long as you choose and as long as you take on building friendships and relationships, but don’t rush into anything. Not everyone will be on the same page as you and not everyone will give in. So be careful and choose wisely.

13 thoughts on “Being Assertive & Choosing Friends Wisely

  1. Social networks are the ones that are blurring the line between acquaintances and friends. Come to think about it, interacting with Facebook is a game of Snakes and Ladders. Some relationships will climb up while others will slide down.

  2. This reminds me of some of my friends, who I happen to know that simply adds people in their Facebook page up to the thousands and exposing their private lives online unnecessarily… positing pictures comments etc, which in the end will hurt themselves… I simply do not understand why they put up to all.,.

  3. Hello, friend!

    I think that you are pretty amazing at blogging…and supporting your fellow bloggers…and being inspirational. So I did something a little wacky and nominated you for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award. No worries if you’ve been given this honor before…but if not, visit my blog and you’ll get the whole scoop!
    Have a lovely day!

  4. While I agree with your thought about choosing wisely, I believe that making mistakes is the quickest way to learn to choose the right people. After all, human thought is nothing but a series of mistakes corrected !! How severe those mistakes are will at the end of the day decide if its worth making that mistake. Everyone has to make this trade off at some point. We all have done it 🙂

  5. I find one other important quality in finding friends is defining how to be one, and being one as well, and that must by necessity include being willing to risk the friendship for the sake of the friend when it is called for, otherwise we never were or had a friend to begin with.

  6. This is really true. I used to want to be liked by everyone and have everyone as a friend but now I realize that I should cherish the deep and lasting friendships I have with few people rather than shallow friendships with many. Great post!

  7. For the most part I agree with your article. I am a heterosexual male who befriended a homosexual man and reaped nothing but hatred. Eventually I discovered the guy liked me more than just a friend and told colleagues we were sexually involved. I generally keep to myself therefore I learned about his false accusations some time after the fact.

    There is a lot to my story however my point is the same: choose your friends wisely.

    I hope this helps.

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