In General, Relying on People Are Hard to Find These days.

Trust has become minimal these days and relying on people is something so rare. The world is changing day by day, people are changing, the society is changing, peoples attitudes and the way life is now. It is sad to see how once people who promise to be by your side always, and promise that they will always be there for you and all of a sudden those people whom you thought you can rely on no longer live up to their promises. It is very hurtful to see people who make promises and cannot keep them. Especially when you think those people are close to you and who you thought would never abandon you.

It is especially hurtful sometimes when it comes from your own family or from best friends. I know that everyone has their lives to live and things come up, but people should not make promises that they cannot keep. I have learned the hard way. I have learned that when you want something done right, when you need to get somewhere, you do it yourself. It is very important to learn who true people are these days and its important to stand up for yourself no matter what the situation is.

It is especially hurtful to come to terms on how some people say that whatever you have on your mind, or you want to express your feelings, talk about problems and they say that they will be there to listen, give you advice, hug you and tell you its going to be ok, or they give you some words of wisdom, then they do not follow through. Its so extremely hurtful, and they are feeling you will never forget.

You must learn how to stand on your own two feet. I have learned that in the end the people whom you once thought that you can depend on, you cannot anymore. It is unfortunate but this is how reality is. Many times I have been let down and many people have put me down and its not a good feeling at all.

I hope that nobody has to go through these issues. I am glad I have people in the last few years that have really helped me through the worst times of my life, but then again those bad feelings come back to haunt you and its not a good feeling at all. I have experienced so much in my life, so much rejection, so much angst, anguish, everything. It was terrible once I stepped out of my home. I don’t know if it was written on my forehead or this vibe toward me was not right. To this very day, I still speculate, and wonder why I was bullied, why people treated me differently then everyone else. I have always been belittled and picked on and now trusting people is very difficult for me.

To those who are going through all this and people who have gone through it, your not alone. I am in the same boat.

9 thoughts on “In General, Relying on People Are Hard to Find These days.

  1. I am so sorry you have been through this. My being buddied days was in 5th grade and then ended luckily. I hope you will find some peace.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about you going through the bullying, etc. I grew up with that, so I know what it’s like. I’m glad to say that being older and more independent now has given me the opportunity to shun people who will hurt me – unless it’s at work where I can’t avoid them – and it has given me strength to put people in their place when they try to attack me. I never understood why people behave like this, but over time, one learns methods on how to deal with it.

  3. We must remember to never put all are trust and hope into a being that is flawed. Humans are not perfect and are unable to live up to the ideal expectation. We can only hope of effort, expect imperfection and be thankful for and give unconditional love. Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to illusion.

  4. Wow. You don’t usually post such dark and negative feelings. The more you dwell on bad things in your past, the more your life is defined by those events. Go back and read some of your blogs and enjoy your vacation!

  5. Talin, May I state, I emphasize the feeling of knowing your feelings, when a person begins to see the past hurt feelings as a place of choosing, either to remian carrying them as burdens weighing down their heart, or to lay them and walk upon them, seeing them as a place of birth, and begin to bloom a life much more loving. May you and others walk the plank to the other boat where Christ waits.

  6. awww… I really enjoyed this post, because it is something I can definitely relate to. I haven’t had a lot of trust in people these days, but I know there will always be one or two people I can rely on and those are the two that matters in my life. Thank you for posting this up^^ It was/is a great read.

  7. Have been in this situation most of my life. I still find it hard to understand why people choose to behave badly to one another when they have a choice to behave good. Why? at that moment of choice, do so many people choose to hurt rather than befriend. Theres nothing better than being with people who you can trust and laugh with. I had three years as a teenager where life was like this. Ever since, its been really hard. But at least I had those three years and know that I am capable of great laughter when with the right people. You know your happy, when your humour actually makes yourself laugh. Hopefully, one day I will experience it again. Best to all.

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