Growing Out My Hair To Donate To Cancer Patients

In the last few years, I have learned about people growing their hair, and a lot of people have donated hair to causes such as the terrible disease called cancer and this year I decided to Grow out my hair and make it long to donate to those who are living with cancer. I want to make a difference in one persons life to have hair, as unfortunately cancer therapy takes away hair from patients. My hair grows quite quickly per month and this is something I want to do for society, to make a difference, to reach out to others who need something. Cancer is such a terrible disease, and my thoughts and prayers for those living with it, and I wish you all a speedy recovery and to get back to life and win the battle with this terrible disease, and my condolences to those who have lost people in their lives with this disease or any other one. It is not easy. I’ve lost a few people to cancer in my family, and some family friends and its something that I want to help people with, and donating my hair for Cancer is something I can give to someone who lost hair. I really feel the need to do this for someone. Like I said, its something very personal to me and even if it wasn’t so personal, I will help people no matter what.

I hope cancer cures can be found soon and people can be cured and go on with life, to grow back hair, to grow back into life, to do everything. So I made the decision and I will be helping people out. That is a goal of mine.

18 thoughts on “Growing Out My Hair To Donate To Cancer Patients

  1. Yes, I have given 17 inches of my hair away and will again this year or next year be ready to donate another 12 inches! It feels great to share my hair as it is virgin hair because I do not dye or bleach it. :~)

  2. I have done that myself. Felt good even though I cut my hair short and I look like a boy for a while. LOL It’s a good deed.

  3. I highly respect anyone who does this! It’s a very visable sacrifice!! Thank you for being awesome and helping others!!

    ❤ Jules

  4. Some of the cosmetology schools are licensed to accept the hair for donation! I know Milan Insititute does, that’s where I attend school. I’m so glad people like you can do that. My hair is so thin, fine and won’t grow long enough that I am unable to donate.

  5. now that is one splendid idea talin, me being a villager and staying in my village in india, would like to know more about this!! i am basically a nature-man, and love all creatures on this earth,and always wanted to spend my life with them (the reason of me staying far away from cities) but i am always ready to play my part to save someone`s life!

  6. My daughter did this when she was 9 years old. Virgin hair free of dyes and the like, the most coveted hair. It was down to her waist. I was so proud of her. The best part? Several of her classmates followed shortly afterwards:)
    Awesome of you!

  7. Hi Talin –
    What a coincidence reading this post! I was reading about a similar initiative today where a group of youngsters pledged to shave their heads. Takes a lot of courage to follow on something of this sort. Good for you!

  8. Way to go! What a fabulous, positive contribution 🙂
    Could you tell me what website you visited, or which charity you are donating to? This is something which has always interested me as well.

  9. It’s a great idea. I donated my hair last year. It took 3 years to grow. A brave young woman named Alice Pyne inspired me to do it. She just recently passed away. She was 17.

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