Never Put Yourself Down – No Matter What Life Throws At You

Well hello February! I want to start off the month with something that has been a course of concern for me and I have been witnessing and experiencing this from other people and I am not liking it at all. It is really bothering me of how some people can say bad things and put themselves down and that is something that I am not happy with. I’ve heard people put themselves down because they failed in something in life, they feel like they look a certain way that makes people not like them, how people insult themselves and their ability to do something. Its not a good thing to do. No matter what life throws at you, you shouldn’t put yourself down. Life is unpredictable, anything can happen, but never lose your self worth, never lose your sense and always know that we are all able to do something in our lives. One may be great at doing something and one may be good at doing another thing. It is the way our life cycle works. We all have a purpose in life, and it just hurts me to see people selling themselves short.

Life can be such a battle, life can be difficult, Yes we all go through problems, issues and personal things that sometimes puts us in a predicament, life can change at any moment, things can happen that are unexpected, but never lose yourself and make fun of yourself because something is not going the way you planned it to be at that moment in time. Things always have a way of working out and everything happens for a reason. You just have to trust yourself, put yourself up, always think with positivity, optimism and always know that life will get better. Sometimes life gets tricky, sometimes we end up doing things were not proud of, we make mistakes, were human after all right? So lighten up a little, don’t insult yourself and tell yourself you are not good enough, that you are not all that, because you are all that. You don’t need to try so hard to impress others. Just be yourself, and don’t ever succumb into negative feelings. I know sometimes you cannot help being sad and sad is a part of life, but don’t let it overpower you.

You are special in your own way, you have your talents, skills, abilities and so much potential that you can share with the world. Just because something doesn’t happen for you right now, doesn’t mean it never will. Just give yourself some time, just stop and breath and just relax. Everything will happen when you least expect it No matter what life throws. We do have somethings to offer to the world, but sometimes were afraid to express it, some people are really self conscious about things and do not want to perform and do not want to get out there. Everyone has an ability. Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning how to dance in the rain. I have learned that in my life. Just take it easy and learn. It is never late to learn new things, you learn new things about the world, you learn new things about you, you are always learning, even though you do not realize it. It always comes out to be in the end.

Just learn to trust yourself, give yourself that push, the poise, confidence, optimistic and happy approach to everything or else if you keep putting yourself down, you will not get anywhere in life. So keep going, pick yourself up, smile and face the world and what it throws at you. Life is beautiful. It is up to you to make it beautiful. Enjoy life, Live a little, let loose, and take sometime to take care of you and to do things for you.

All the best to you all.

25 thoughts on “Never Put Yourself Down – No Matter What Life Throws At You

  1. This is beautifully written. Thank you! I will be printing it out and adding it to the Notes section of my day planner to be read as needed.

    “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning how to dance in the rain.”

    So inspiring, and so poetic.

  2. That was very nice and I wish everyone could think and feel like that. Unfortunately a lot of people have been put down by others their whole lives. It’s very hard to like yourself when all you have been taught is you are not good enough. Here’s to a brand new month where someone new can look in the mirror and say. “Self; I am good enough, I am smart enough, and I can do this. “

  3. January has been harsh on me. Though optimistic, sometimes when there are too much to juggle, I tend to lost in my way. It’d be so great if everybody can keep a positive mind, about life and most importantly about themselves!

    Thanks for this little reminder. &:’)

  4. This was exactly what I needed to hear! Even though I know you should never put yourself down, it’s so easy to get caught up in your efforts and plans and forget we don’t need to impress anyone! It’s wonderful that the pain of others has inspired you to write such helpful words! Thanks a lot!

  5. Dance in the rain – a beautiful attitude towards life. It’s miracle, I’m just going to take a trip and it’s going to be rainy and windy. I’ll wipe my worry away and go enjoy the rain. Thanks to give me your power!

  6. I really needed to read your post Talin, I’ve always been a harsh critic when it came to myself yet so forgiving when it came to others. Why is it ok for others to make mistakes but not ok for me?

  7. It is so easy to slip into negative frames of mind almost without realizing. Until I saw a counsellor about some problems from childhood, I was completely unaware of how much of a negative view I had of myself. I am now getting on a better path, but it really does take the support and help of others I think, for many of us at least. Nice post, enjoyed reading that.

  8. I think you’ve oversimplified that one can ‘just learn to trust yourself.’ I used to be all the poise and confidence in the world and even after setbacks was able to pick myself up and start all over again optimistically, a number of times. There may come a time though that the psyche is so stressed out by denial of what is really going on, that part of a person goes on strike. You end up in an emotional trauma. You don’t know anymore how to function, as a trauma may cause mental paralysis. Now that is scary – and self doubt creeps in before you know it, but you don’t actually see it as such right away.

    ‘Just learning to trust yourself’ again is like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Slowly, very slowly does it, or else the mountain sickness will get you. For a go-getting, ambitious person who has always loved to live intensely, this is actually like climbing Mt. Everest. 😉 It is very tiring and perilous. Some don’t make it…

    As identified by a therapist, the real cause of my trauma is the doubt with which I have been raised. If things get really tough in one’s life, there is no foundation to fall back on. It’s amazing how complex we can be, psychologically speaking.

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