Clear The Incredible Shampoo — Heidi Klum’s Commercial

A few days ago I saw a commercial on TV with Heidi Klum advertising and promoting an all new shampoo, and Yesterday I had gone shopping, and I remembered this commercial and as I passed through the beauty, hair care aisle of the store, I took a look at the shampoo, and so I thought for a few moments of whether or not I should try this, but then I read the back label of the shampoo, and I decided okay, what the heck, I will give this a try, so I bought this shampoo, and came home and I didn’t use it until tonight, so as soon as I started to lather my hair and my scalp with the shampoo, I could automatically feel the difference when I was massaging it through my scalp and hair. It was so incredible and the best shampoo I have used so far. My hair feels so amazing now, and when I blow dried my hair, my hair looks so much healthier and it looks like Hollywood hair now. I love it a lot. Heidi Klum is a goddess. I recommend this shampoo to anyone who has real hair problems and psoriasis or other skin ailments of the scalp. It does wonders. I am going to try the 7 day challenge for my hair and see it because they said its a 7 day challenge, but so far the first day is amazing.

I am saying bye to all the other shampoos I used before. I will just use Dove and Clear for my shampooing, cleaning needs. My hair smells so great and I love the way I can manage it, the way it feels, It feels so healthy.

What shampoo do you use? Will you try the Clear Shampoo? The clear shampoo is a curvy style bottle, its like a lavender colour and its not a bad size for shampoo. Here is the link:

Enjoy and be amazed. Remember it depends on the persons hair and depends on it per person.


9 thoughts on “Clear The Incredible Shampoo — Heidi Klum’s Commercial

  1. It’s worth remembering that just changing shampoo can do wonders if you normally stick to the same brand a new one, any new one will wash away the few deposits the former left. It will in time of course leave its own. Also I personally find the ones that leave my hair all shiny and lovely also leave it needing a wash within 24 hours. It’s lovely fun finding a nice shampoo and having a good hair day but the above is worth keeping in mind πŸ™‚

    • A hairdresser once told me that any shampoo that gives hair an unnatural “shine” is either too strong for the hair or contains liquid plastic – which is why you need to wash your hair more often.

      As a result of learning this, I won’t use Pantene or any 2-in-1 shampoo now. I use a lovely shampoo from Lush, which is mostly chemical free, hasn’t been animal tested and makes my hair look and smell great πŸ™‚

  2. I only ever use products from Lush, because I refuse to use anything that’s blinded a rabbit. Lush products are completely natural and are never tested on animals. Also, the “I Love Juicy” shampoo (for oily, blonde hair) brings out my natural auburn highlights πŸ™‚

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  4. Haha since you gave it such a good review I’ll give it a try. I’ve had some kind of issue with my scalp since moving to an area with different water, but I think it may just be dryness. Anyway though, it does seem like it may be a little harsh in my opinion for a daily shampoo so let us know how it goes!
    I’ll second I love Lush’s shampoos but especially Karma and their Jungle conditioner. This is my go-to travel and campaign shampoo and keeps my hair fabulous through long hours of canvassing. (And it smells like patchouli what more can a lefty activist want?) Though this isn’t a shampoo, it’s a hair product – my scalp is always a little more oily than the ends of my long hair so while I only shampoo my hair three days a week, after shampooing I apply some of Organix’s Moroccan Argan Oil to the ends. This one is cheap, smells ice, and works well – plus one bottle lasts me all winter. There are many other pricer Argan oils but I can’t say I noticed a different in performance when I tried some of them. Oh and The Body Shop has their Monoi Miracle Oil as well which does much the same job – different scent (and is a multitasker.)

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