Beyonce’s Lip Syncing During President Obama’s Inauguration – No Big Deal

A few days ago during President Barack Obama’s Inauguration celebrations that took place in Washington DC, There were several performers, floats, parades and honouring Martin Luther King on his day, President and First lady dance, among parties, gatherings, and everything else, and it was such a beautiful day honouring The presidents second term into Office. I wish him all the best and congratulations on being the USA President once again, However something has been in the media that I am not really thrilled about and that is poking fun at Beyonce and her Lip Syncing. I know that it is not right to Lip Sync, but that shouldn’t give the right for people to really concentrate on what she did during the ceremonies and the celebration. It doesn’t really matter if she lip synced or not.

Now this day in age the media is so revolved around really pointless things that happen and what celebrities do and how they do it and sometimes its just way too much to really concentrate on bogus and pointless things that cause drama, and that cause the public and media to go haywire and memes, postings, statuses, tweets and other things that are not good and its not cool. I think this world is facing a lot more challenges, problems and issues that media must take control on. Not some Lip syncing performance. Lets focus on getting guns out of our schools, streets, and out of peoples reach, as President Obama had stated and in our society, lets focus on putting 0 Tolerance on bullying, lets focus on stopping wars, lets focus on important things that our society is in dire need of a makeover with all these terrible issues going on, and pointless and terrible crimes committed against humanity. That is what we should focus on changing, fixing and raising awareness on. Not when a celebrity lip syncs. It is very ridiculous and absolutely absurd. The media is what makes celebrities on their flaws and on their highest and lowest moments and when the media gets too involved in their lives, that is what gets them their paycheck to cover news stories that are absolutely ridiculous no matter what it is, no matter how it sounds.

I think it is time to leave these things alone and do something about society, violence, and serious issues. It is very important. Beyonce, don’t worry you did an excellent job and you are an incredible, talented performer and I support you every step of the way. Job well done and congratulations. It was a lovely inauguration. All the best to the next 4 years in office and lets make these changes on society.


14 thoughts on “Beyonce’s Lip Syncing During President Obama’s Inauguration – No Big Deal

  1. I respectfully disagree with your assessment of the title that lip syncing at this event is no big deal. This is a historic and symbolic ceremony that is recorded in our history and legacy of this great Nation. This ceremony demonstrates the best of America in all aspects of the event including the carefully choreographed presenters. Beyonce’ was chosen by the Inaugural Committee with the honor of being one of only a few artists to share their talents with the world for the Inauguration 2013 ceremony. She mailed it in by lip syncing instead of rising to this special occasion with the challenge of performing live. This is why it is a big deal to many Americans. This is not a concert nor every day appearance – this ceremony demanded the respect of everyone’s best to be recorded in history. I am a big fan of Beyonce’ and her recorded version was beautiful but on this day she failed by not performing.

  2. The outrage over Beyonce’s performance strikes me as naive (at best) or completely manufactured and insincere (at worst). On the other hand, it’s easier for talk radio and TV to kill an hour talking about a pop star’s performance than it is talking about real issues such as gun control and the economy.

  3. I wanted to do a little research before posting anything, but I was thinking this wasn’t the first time. According to the Washington Post, “Miming along to a pre-recorded track isn’t unheard of at inaugural ceremonies. At President Obama’s 2009 inauguration, cold weather and wind meant that a live performance by cellist Yo-Yo Ma and violinist Itzhak Perlman had to be nixed in favor of a recording. But there are no previously known cases of a singer lip-syncing the national anthem during an inaugural performance.”

    Okay, so she recorded the anthem to ensure it was perfect, then she “sang” along with the recording (and the Marine Corps band wasn’t live, either). If she did it to make sure there wouldn’t be any flubs, bravo to her. If she did it because her vocal chords weren’t in the best shape and she didn’t want to risk having her voice crack at her President’s inauguration, bravo again. I really find no fault here.

    And kudos to my man, James Taylor, who sang live. Of course, “America” in one verse was a whole lot easier, but even JT wasn’t in his usual clear-as-a-bell voice.

  4. Hmmm…I appreciate the concerns of disappointed viewers who feel that Beyonce gave less than her best efforts on a day that has historic importance, but I wonder what will be remembered from the day’s events? An incrediblly moving Inaugural Address by a President who clearly loves all Americans and wants equal opportunities for all of us? Or perhaps the Prayer of the first woman to ever give an Invocation at an Inaugural Event? Or maybe even the Poem of a Poet who was the first Hispanic and first gay man to ever participate in an Inauguration? I’m not thinking the historians will record the Beyonce lip syncing incident when they have so many other wonderful happenings of the day to record. On the other hand, there was the gum chewing…:)

  5. As someone who has performed this song in public I can tell you it is one of the most difficult songs to get right – especially in a live environment, in the cold, to a band. She did it flawlessly in the studio and obviously doubted her ability to do it flawlessly live. People are unforgiving about messing up the National Anthem and to do it less than perfectly at the inauguration was an invitation for hatred – especially if you’re Beyonce! I believe her rendition was flawless and ended the ceremony on a high-note. However, if the news networks had been told ahead of time that she was not singing it live, but using a recorded track, they could have ran a blurb at the bottom of the bottom of the screen saying as much. I think people feel like she cheated or that they were lied to and that is what people are angry about. Many times before the artists have used their pre-recorded tracks, including the band, because it was just to wet or too cold. This is nothing new.

  6. I agree with you about there being many more important issues to talk about, but on the other hand I agree that if we were told about it ahead of time, it would have been easier to accept and digest. It also would have been better for her reputation.

  7. Next time, just get Pearl Jam. Eddie and the boys perform a different live set every night, every show – for over 20 years. Plus, they don’t howl like a cat that has had their tail stepped upon. They are also massively active in political and social issues facing this country and the world.

  8. You are spot on about there being more important things and etc., but there are also “news outlets” and critics and etc. who write about pop culture and music for a living, so why would they not write about this?

    I think lip syncing is lame for obvious reasons, but I also understand some performers put on a huge show with dancing/effects/costume changes and because of all this the quality of singing would be poor if they did not lip sync. I’m not into these kinds of performers but some people are and that’s cool.

    But the National Anthem? At a presidential event? Beyonce has a great voice and it’s just slightly embarrassing to do this. Is it an outrage? Of course not, that is over kill, but for a singer to not sing at one of the most important event’s she will ever be asked to sing at…disappointing.

  9. I’m not sure I agree with your assessment that it’s ‘wrong’ to lip-sync.

    This isn’t a situation where she doesn’t have the chops to sing the song well enough for the inauguration. As any singer can tell you, and ‘rhodalea’ does above, it’s a hard song to sing, especially in the cold. As noted above, YoYo Ma did the same thing in 2008 because the cold can really screw with the sound. It’s no different with the vocal cords. Beyonce performs live all the time. Her ability to perform this piece beautifully isn’t in question. Why does it matter? It doesn’t sound like her performance was altered all that much, and you’ll notice that she actually take out the ear-monitor and sings without the help. You’re not _just_ hearing the pre-recorded version of the song. You’re hearing her singing live on top of the backing track. If she had screwed up, you would have heard it, as you did back when Ashlee Simpson sang with a troubled track on SNL a few years ago.

    As for the media reaction, if they had paid a little more attention, they could have posted that blurb on the bottom. She posted pictures on her instagram account showing herself in a recording studio with the sheet music. You’re only as good as your research, and the media is passing on their flub to someone who didn’t hide the fact that she was doing her best to make sure that the inauguration music sounded perfect.

  10. I was going to mention it, but someone above did – that even the Marine Corp band isn’t live – it is, why the big deal? I agree – she wanted to be sure that, during the most important performance of her career, she did not falter. I am sure she was nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs…!

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