A Well Traveled Me – Airlines, Airplanes, Airports

Today, I was on the highway passing by the Airport and all of a sudden this amazing and wonderful feeling came to me, and as I saw planes landing, taking off and seeing the beautiful Lester B Pearson Airport of Toronto the Greater Toronto Airports Authority Airport code YYZ, I automatically came into my travel mode, and I wish I had my passport with me, and I had this sudden urge to go to the airport and pick any flight, get a quick ticket and fly somewhere. I am so in love with that Airport and every time I pass by it, when I drop people off, when I pick people up, when I am inside of it ready to travel somewhere, is something so different, and I love it so much. Airlines and Airplanes are something that I love. I even like to watch planes land and take off nearby the Airport. I have gone there a few times and I just love the sound, the enormous planes landing, the speed, the beauty of these planes. It makes me realize how lucky and fortunate I have been to have traveled on airplanes and all sizes, and different destinations of the world. I feel so incredible when I get on a plane, when I get to a place and especially when the Airplane has left the gate, and reversing back and gaining momentum and ready to head to the tarmac runway, and the captain pilots navigate the plane to the right tarmac, and when the flight attendant and when they should the emergency drill is also something I look cautiously on all the time, and then as soon as that is complete the plane then starts up more, the wings begin to flap.

Then when the plane starts to accelerate, it gets more exciting to me and I could see all of the Pearson Airport and I could see the highway nearby getting faster and faster and then as we take off, the streets, the town, the cars, the buildings, places, all get tinier and tinier, and as the plane goes up in the clouds, its such a great feeling, and when the pilot announces that were over 35,000 feet in the air, it feels amazing. I never get scared or frightened. I’ve been on so many planes, I’ve lost count. I just love it so much. Its something that I have grown to love, appreciate and feel it. I thank my family for providing me the chance to travel, and experience all this. I will never forget my experiences, I just love it. A lot of my friends, a lot of people always ask me questions on airlines, airport, traveling and everything. I have seriously lost count on how many people have asked me about them and what I would recommend they fly with, what airline companies are the best to fly with, what service is like, how the flight attendants handle situations, how professional, courteous and friendly they are toward passengers, so on and so forth. It all counts. Some have asked me questions on baggage requirements, as well as what to pack in carry on baggage, what is expected, getting through airport security faster and more efficient ways of packing, how to pin point where you have to go to your flight gate. People have also asked me what to do at the airport.

It is always a good idea to do your research, and do research well. When you are the traveler and traveling, it is your responsibility to get the required documents, to research on your airline, destination, airport, the airport map, and also being prepared with the right measurements, weight, and so much more to prevent more spending and to be stress and hassle free when you arrive at the airport, and always research on terminal, what airline your traveling with, where it is located in the airport and everything. Super important to know before you go. You can still ask me questions if you are unsure of something. I will be more than happy to help, assist you with anything, but its also good to do research on your own and find the information from great, reputable websites for information and you can ask your travel consultant, agent, tour operate for any concerns that may arise. Being prepared is very good to do. It saves hassle in the long run.

Safe and happy travels to you! Airlines, Airplanes, Airports are my passion, and its coming from a well traveled me. 🙂 All the best!

7 thoughts on “A Well Traveled Me – Airlines, Airplanes, Airports

  1. I’m glad you enjoy flying, Talin! And I’m glad you acknowledged that without the generosity of your parents, it wouldn’t be possible. You sound very grateful, and that’s good. Some people work all their lives and never have such opportunity.
    But I have to say that flying is nothing like what it used to be. Twenty-five years ago, when I traveled to Europe extensively, there were always empty seats on the flight – enough so that sleeping was an option. We live in dangerous times, so we have more restrictions, but I just don’t enjoy it anymore. To me, it’s a necessary evil in order to get to where you might want to be.

  2. I know the feeling you’re describing all too well – I was in the parking lot this afternoon, stalling before going out into the cold, when a Southwest Airlines jet flew over – really low. Low enough that I wished I could lasso it and climb aboard – I started imagining where it might be heading and, of course, how warm it would be there. Thanks for the great read. 🙂

  3. I love travelling, but I’m scared of flying! But one day I’m sure I’ll learn to love it. It’s more a means to an end for me, but I always do get excited in the airport. And so far my favourite airline is British Airways, but unfortunately usually I can only afford to travel with easyjet or even worse – ryanair. If you’re ever travelling around Europe, those are usually the cheapest options…but they’re cheap for a reason!

  4. You expressed all my thoughts and feeling that I have towards traveling and airplanes and sites, although I too know quite a bit will come to you for details and ideas when I travel, it never hurts to know more and avoid overlooked surprises, good work …..TALIN THE TRAVELLER….

  5. I share your admiration. It truly is a magical moment when you’re on a plane that is taking of. I also like the atmosphere of airports and I wanted to become a flight attendant.

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