People’s True Colours Always Come Out, No Matter How or What Happens

In life, nothing is better than being honest with yourself and honest with other people who have trust in you and who have always believed in you. I truly believe that no matter how much you hide behind a curtain and no matter how it happens, people’s true colours always come out. No matter how it happens, it happens. I truly believe in that analogy. People can go years with hiding things from people, but no matter the outcome, it always comes out. So start being honest with yourself, start being honest with other people, and don’t try to hide who you really are. It is not good. I mean why hide yourself? Why hide your talents? I know some people can be shy and some people don’t want to share their true selves, but its something that gives us a sense of individuality, it gives us a time to shine with other people too. Why do this to yourself? Why prolong hiding, lying to others? Some people lie about their age, some people life about where they are from, some people lie about other things they do. Eventually it will come out. When people get suspicious of others, now there is the world of Google searching, there is the world of the internet. People are easily searched, and you’d be surprised on what you would find, and you would be shocked. I believe honesty goes a long way and that will build trust and that will be good for you and it will benefit you in the long run. So in the future if you think about hiding yourself from others, and who you really are, the colours come out, your lies come out, and so on and so forth.

I know some people feel the need to be in their own bubble, and not think about the consequences it may lead to, and people lose friends, people lose companionship, people won’t know what hit them. Actions speak louder than words in almost everything and people must take accountability, and responsibility for their own actions, but it depends on the situation you are in, but that should not matter. People always have a way of finding out and eventually play at their game. So be careful, be cautious, and live life without hiding. Show yourself, be honest, and you will see how people will appreciate you more and you will see how much it will change your life. It all starts with you and it all starts with how your portray yourself. All the best to you.

10 thoughts on “People’s True Colours Always Come Out, No Matter How or What Happens

  1. People lie because of how they believe they will be perceived by others if they told the truth. And there is a lot of truth to that (for lack of a better word). There also is no easy answer. You could look at it this way. Would a porn star rather be a porn star and get all the baggage that comes along from that, or keep that part of their lives to themselves so that no one knows they are a porn star? Obviously, most people would choose the latter, because they do not want to deal with all the grief that is going to come along with being labeled a porn star. Some people wouldn’t even look at them, or interact with them, or want to talk to them. Etc. And while those people probably don’t matter or shouldn’t matter, that’s also oversimplifying it. I don’t think there is an easy answer or a true black or white, because people and human emotions are more complex than that. People hide or lie about things because they don’t want those things known by others.

    I know many people who would rather NOT tell others if they were say, in the hospital, than let others know. Simply because they don’t want others to know about what happened. I’m the opposite, I would want people to know because if something horrible happened and you DIDN’T TELL THEM, those people would be hurt beyond belief. However it seems that most people do not think about things the way I do, and would rather everyone NOT know about their health problems or issues.

    So while “honesty is the best policy”, and that often still applies, I think the actual issue is very complex. Kind of like how some people are introverts and some are extroverts. You cannot take an extrovert and make them an introvert; the shoe doesn’t fit. Everyone is different. And that’s just the way it is. Having said that, I think people should always strive to be honest, and even more than that, to be THEMSELVES. But that comes with it’s own caveats and pitfalls, and one has to be willing to accept that if they are going to be 100% honest, and often it isn’t pretty. If all the people you knew abandoned you over an issue, would it be worth it just because you were being honest with them and honest with yourselve? I think most people would not know how to answer that, and in a real-life situation, would choose to hide or lie instead. Even if that meant that the people they knew were not “true” friends. Some people would say having them there at all, is better than not having them there at all.

    Either way this is an interesting issue to think about. Thanks for the blog!

    • I agree this is a “sticky” topic. I usually find that when I tell people why I wasn’t available when they wanted me to be I get told I always have excuses. Is there a happy ground? I find that if I just say that I forgot (which usually is a lie) I am received better than being under the weather (which I am frequently). I have a chronic illness but it seems I should not be subject to my physical self. I really hate the situation that causes me to betray myself with a lie that calms others.
      Ta Ta for now, Cathy the Bagg Lady

  2. I learned something in my adult life that I wish I knew in my teen years, people don’t think about you as much as you think they do. Most people are dealing with other things in their life and you are just on the outskirts of it. If people would stop devoting hours of their time wondering what others are thinking about them and just start living, you life would be fuller and less stressful. My parents used to tell me all the time, “what will other people think” and it became inbedded in my brain to the point I was constantly worried about my “reputation”. Now as an adult I realize that what other people think of me does not create who I am and what people thought of my in high school has very little to do with what I am doing now. I can only be true to myself and the only power other people have over me is the power I give them. I tell my daughter every time she worries about what other are thinking, that it does not matter, the only thing that matters is how you feel about yourself and whether you know what you are doing is right. In the long run if all you have done your whole life is worried about what is going on in other people’s minds, your life has been wasted. If you spend your life living it to the fullest, being kind to others, staying true to yourself and if you have children giving them a sense of self, you have lived, what more could you want.

  3. I recently went through a set of interviews…and interviewing is the ultimate make pretend set up. This year I decided to be exactly the person I am, it’s amazing when differen some interviews turned out when you just say what you think instead of what they want to hear

  4. Agreed. we hardly find genuine people around. there r people with fake personalities, boasting around. hypocrites. We have to be more beautiful from within from inside that no matter what kind of people r beside.

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