It Is Not About The Quantity Of Friends, Its About The Quality

In life we will come across so many people in our lives, and some think that the more friends you have the more popular you will be and the more better you will be, and that is wrong. You can have so many friends, you can hundreds of people being your friend and some people will be more concerned about having quantity instead of quality, well, that should not be. I’d rather have a few friends who will be by my side, to back me up, and to support, love and appreciate me for who I am. Everything should be mutual when it comes to friends. It takes two to tango and it takes both to be the backbone that keeps the friendships up. Also, don’t trust people so quickly, don’t give in so easily. Ask yourself a few questions, will they be loyal to you? will they back you up? How will they treat you? Will they use you? Unfortunately in society these days, you need to double triple check before you make friends with people and this day in age, trust has become so rare and there are people of all walks of life. Do you really want to put yourself in a predicament of hanging out with someone who will back stab, betray and use you?

In this life we live in now, we need to analyze people very well before we give our all, before we share our most personal stories and our life’s journey with them. It does take time to get to know someone, and friendships and good friendships take time to build. So you build your trust in accordance to how someone is, their actions, words, kindness, their honesty, their loyalty and the way they are to you and how they treat you. When you are out with friends at a restaurant, take a good look and observe, if they are rude to the waiter or waitress, or if they are rude to any other person, it makes you think and question, will they be like that toward me? Will they burst at me like that someday? Actions do speak a lot louder than words and then words and action play hand in hand with each other.

We must open up our eyes a bit more, be more observant, and not to trust people so easily. Take your time to get to know someone before you give it your all. You will know the quality and the friends you have, by just the way they are, you will know what to do whether to pursue the friendship or not. Disrespectful people who do not know how good they have it and take advantage of ones goodness, good heart, and those who do not care, and those who use you, those who spread rumours and share whatever happens to the world, is not a true friend. Some people do not even know the definition of a friend and that is so unfortunate. Take your time, don’t rush into friendships so quickly because you will be burned if you don’t choose your friends wisely and you can be hurt. I do not want anybody hurt.

My family, friends, fans, readers and all my other supporters, I want the best for everyone, and I am speaking through experience. I’ve been burned so many times from fake people, I’ve been hurt so many times, but all it takes is opening up your eyes, being more assertive, being more aware, being more observant of peoples actions, eye language, facial reactions, body language and more. It is so important to take a look at all of that. It will save the hassle in the long run and it will make you decide if they are the right friends for you and if you should continue it or not. It all depends on a persons personality and the type of friends to choose, but in the end look out for you. Don’t put everyone in one basket, balance it and don’t give in too quickly.

Just take your time. There is no rush to friendships. You will find the suitable people for you. It will take time and effort, but never ever think friendship will never happen for you. Just be patient and go with the flow.  You would not want to go through havoc and trouble. Just believe in yourself and know that there are types of people for you that are suitable. Just relax and take it easy. I’d rather have only a few friends I can trust, depend on and share stories and things with, rather than having hundreds, that will only be there part time and not full time. So just go with your gut instinct and I wish you all the best.

21 thoughts on “It Is Not About The Quantity Of Friends, Its About The Quality

  1. I do just have one thing to add about this. i love everything you said and being in a normal situation it is so true and inspiring. but i am a military wife and if we are out of country we take what we can me i have been in south korea one year now with another to go with one some what friend. its hard and not easy.

  2. Friendship is a full-time job. I think part of the problem is that we meet people that only want the job part-time; when it is convenient, when they don’t have to invest soft resources (time, effort, patience, etc.). It is tough but purging yourself of the wrong people in your life is an invaluable activity. It opens up your time and your heart to people that deserve you. Very well written post. Thank you for the great content with my coffee.

  3. Hi Talin,
    Its funny to me that you wrote about that subject this morning, because it also crossed my mind this morning. I myself do my best to not analyze people, but listen to what they say, actions also as you say speak loud. From people we chose our path, our direction in life, to love, or not love. I hope to get to know you better as you write. I also hope you visit me too, in the days that come. I too love to write. I accquired this love around 2005, just shortly before my life took a drastic turn, and God came into my life, not that He wasn’t already there. I just wasn’t awake yet. Much love I send your way.

  4. Good subject… beautifully said and is very true… I am a person with less number of friends, but what have would be with me , at any point of time in my life. I agree with you completely. True friends are angels sent from above. Treasure them…..

  5. I wholeheartedly agree with this post. I used to think I needed everyone to like me and be my friend but now I am more focused on appreciating the close circle of friends. Building stronger relationships is a lot more valuable than only focusing on acquiring new shallow relationships that don’t go anywhere.

  6. wow, I wish I’d read this years ago! I used to be too trusting and nice, and have gotten burned like you have. There is nothing wrong with being nice, but clearly keeping your wits about you and making sure you are alert when something is suspicious.

  7. ♥ Thanks for being awesome, I have included you in my nominees for the versatile blog award!! Thanks for the love, just my way of giving it back!! No need to do anything further, unless you want to!! Hope you have an amazing weekend & upcoming week!!! ♥

  8. This is why in real life, I observe other people in my surroundings for several days to weeks before I approach them. I’ve been emotionally hurt by the people who claimed to be my “friends” back in high school when in fact, what they did in the past was the opposite of what I expected them to do for me because I was too nice. Nowadays, I try to be as much cautious as possible when it comes to choosing the people that I trust.

  9. This is so true. I have lost friends whom I thought will be friends for life simply because of expectations and because of familiarity. There is that point in a relationship when the loss of inhibition also means the loss of respect. It is sad but such is life and we learn from that.

  10. I’ve been in this kind of situation recently and I can truly relate to this blog of yours. Kudos! Inspirational & magnificent! ♥

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