Get Me On The Ellen Show — Ellen Degeneres – Raising awareness about Bullying

In My life one of the most important things to me is raising awareness about Bullying and being Bullied. Nobody should be subject to bullies and the torture people go through because of it. It is so important to me to raise this important subject as it is not said enough. I know a lot of people have been bullied and a lot of innocent children are effected by it daily. I know that Ellen Degeneres on The Ellen Show always brings up this subject on bullying and I want to get on her show one day and discuss this with her because I have been through terrible bullying scenerios that has effected me and It will mean the world to me if I can have the opportunity to speak about it and my feelings on public television on her show. I want to make this big difference in the world. I care about people and our world so much and I want to protect people of our world as much as I can and I want to spread out positivity to our children, to the adults and everyone who has been effected by this terrible thing.

I want to do this for the humanity of our world, I want to better our society where people won’t be afraid to go to school, where people won’t be afraid to leave their homes to go to a certain function or join after school activities. I hope Ellen Degeneres and her team at the ELLEN SHOW read this. I want to express my thoughts, not only with words and blogs, but speaking about it on television, I want to travel not only to California on her show, but I want to travel and go to schools, and motivation speaking seminars. I LOVE HUMANITY, We are all one body, and were all one big family of the world and we should treat each other as one.

I have written about bullying before, but I cannot stress how important it is to really speak about it. It sickens me to see bullies get away with it and it even sickens me more when people who have been bullied take their own life because of all the pain and anguish. Like the saying goes, What goes around comes around. It will come back to haunt people who are bullies and that bully who took that certain persons life will have a lifetime full of haunts and nightmares I guarantee it. I want to do this not only for me, but for everyone in our world. I want to take a stand against bullying, I WANT TO PUT AN END TO IT AND PUT AN END TO IT NOW!

Time is of the essence. ITS TIME NOW!

15 thoughts on “Get Me On The Ellen Show — Ellen Degeneres – Raising awareness about Bullying

  1. We’ve read this post many, many times in the past months. It’s very clear that you want to be on television, Talin! Here is a link that you should review – It lists EXPERTS on bullying and WHY they are experts. While your heart is in the right place by wanting to speak about bullying, honestly, I don’t know one single person who wasn’t bullied as a child; it’s what kids do, unfortunately. And I heard you speak on a radio program once where you said you were not physically bullied (thank God), but you were made fun of because you were different from your classmates.
    I was made fun of because I had a lisp when I was younger. I overcame it. I was made fun of because I wore glasses. There was nothing I could do about that. I was made fun of because I was fat, so I learned to turn it into something comical, at my own expense. I guess what I’m saying is that we all deal with our own “traumas” growing up. But before you ask your blog readers to get you on TV (because they can’t do that for you), find out what constitutes an expert on the subject.
    Perhaps the next time you’re in California, you could get tickets to The Ellen Show and see your idol up close!

    • Martha the statement that “it’s what kids do” is what has gotten us into so much trouble with bullying in the first place. It is unacceptable period! We can not excuse it or accept it to any degree. As parents we need to set the example and make sure we are not bullies, not allow our children to bully each other in our home and never accept it if we see our children bully others. We need to teach our children to speak up for themselves and not allow others to bully them and advocate for our children when they are bullied. Please don’t brush it off as something everyone does because it isn’t.
      My child has been returned to me with bruised ribs once, a large lump on his head another time from bullying. The school thought this was okay. What do you think would happen to me if I sent him to school with bruises on his body from my hand…I dare say I would be in jail. It isn’t okay, never will be!

  2. I know a lot about bullying myself, both of my Daughter’s where bullied and we still dealing with the aftermath of it. My 11 year old is dealing now with a very deep depression and she is now getting help for it. Its very stress full . It would be great when you could go on her show 😀 we need more awareness about bullying. We still have our eyes closed about it …

    • I had a lot of bullies after me when I was a kid…then when I got married my husband was a bully…and then I see bullies in different forms all around….so I decided to write a book, so here is my 1st illustrated children’s book that has recently been released by P.A. called ‘Monsters, Monsters, Monsters!’ about bullying….please get ahold of me at to get it.

      Here is an excerpt:

      Mom also said to remember, I didn‘t do anything wrong.
      When a monster tries to hurt me, it is their fault all along!

      Can a monster be transformed, and grow a caring heart?
      Well, I figure telling them no, is the very best way to start!

      So if I ever see a bully, scaring someone on my street,
      I’ll hurry and tell someone, and I’ll be quick on my feet!

      I really like the word no, it’s an awesome word to say,
      No keeps the bad things out – and my yes’s mean more each day!

      So, I’ll keep saying no to the monsters and tell the people I trust!
      Then the monsters will shrink down, to be as teeny- t iny – as dust!

  3. I know quite a bit about bullying, as well. I was bullied in junior high school, and now as an English teacher in Japan, I see it sometimes with my students. My daughter isn’t old enough yet for anyone to bully her. It’s actually a terrible situation here in Japan. Last year, a boy killed himself after his bullies made him practice suicide every week. Bullying needs to be talked about by everyone. I wish you luck.

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  5. I remember bullying so much as a child, you can get involved right now by contacting local schools and anti bullying projects and make that difference today, I did it for 2yrs and it was an eye opener on both the bully’s and the bullied mindset. With ur writing and passion on this subject, writing a book/column may be an opportunity for in depth and lasting discussion. Hope u do make a difference!

  6. Talin I admire you post as this is an issue I too am trying to make public awareness of. I have actually contacted a few members of Australian Parliament. I was bullied and it sometimes still haunts me today. So much needs to be addressed,I really do believe so!

  7. Keep going Talin don’t let anyone “Bully” you out of your dreams and your passion. If everyone who was bullied or was a bully had the courage to stand up and become a voice against bullying we may actually get somewhere.

  8. Im with Martha on this. Talin, i admire you for your desire to do good but i have to ask: do you TRULY want to help others or do you just want to be famous? I ask because youre constantly talking about how many views and followers you have, how you literally dream of being on tv, radio, andbillboards, and how you love seeing celebrities. You do talk about bullying but usually you just talk about how you were bullied, how much we need to stop bullying, and how much you want to talk about it on talkshows.

    But you rarely say anything of substance. What measures are being taken to curb bullying? What strategies work? Which dont? What are experts saying? Most importantly: what ate YOU doing about it?

    I ask because I would imagine that talkshows will want you only if you have something to bring to the table…something that is unique and will make people stop and think.

    We all generally agree that bullying is bad. What do you bring to the table, Talin?

  9. I re-read my comment and realize that it came off a bit harsh. That was not my intention. I’m merely trying to suggest, Talin, that you discuss the issue you claim is so important to you in a more substantial matter before you try to get onto talk shoes.

    1000s of people feel the same way you do about bullying. As yourself why talk shows should choose you…

  10. Talin, many thanks for coming to my blog. I am SO on board with your anti-bullying stance, and I’m glad you are willing to take action. I was on a cane in high school, and the “crip” and “gimp” comments were there… my daughter was one of two students at her school with Jewish last names (Riley’s dad is Jewish, and she self-identifies as a cultural Jew), and the Catholic kids made them bad guys because ‘The Jews killed Jesus.’ MAn, did I straighten their parents out.

    Now she came out of the closet in high school and, instead of bullying, received huge support from her class, as well as from her forever-gay-friendly mom, stepdad, and father. And she’s like me: She sees someone getting bullied, she steps in an says something. That takes guts… but Riley would say “balls” ha ha ha ha.

    YOU GO GIRL!! Love and peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore
    My take on bullying:

  11. Hello my name is Hassanea Dillon of Champaign IL and I’m here to write about bullying I’m 13 years old and I have a singing group called young melody and Our real names a Chevon Tristan And me but we been friends since the 6 and 1 grade but we will be putting a video on your wall but the thing I really won’t to talk about bullying I’ve been bullied since the 3 grade and they been calling me fat and ugly and it drove me to the though of killing myself and it hurts me to do that it felt like it was right they call me so much names it was horrible my group pick me off the ground and so supportive to me and Mindless behavior songs and my mom I love her so much and she helps me wid things but I really won’t you to write call or read my story Love Hassanea(Ha-Anea

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