Never Apologize For Being Honest – Those Who Are Dishonest Should Apologize

In life we will encounter all kinds of people, and we will encounter honest people, dishonest people, and so much more. Now ladies and gentlemen, there is something that you should never do for being honest is to apologize for it. I know sometimes there will come a time where you say, sorry, May I be honest with you? Never be sorry, but say May I be honest with you? There is a big difference. It is always great to tell the truth and be honest with others because sooner or later that truth will always come out and there is no hiding lies because things always have a way of coming out. So just save the trouble and tell the truth. Nobody should have to apologize for being pure, real, and telling the truth right off the bat, rather than hiding it. Not saying anything and hiding something can be considered as a lie too. It should feel good to not keep things bottled up inside and it should feel good that something heavy has been unloaded. I’ve come to a realization that when you tell the truth from the beginning, when you are honest with yourself and with others, your relationships get stronger, bonds continue to grow fonder, that connection between you and others or an individual will be something that is so incredible.

For me I cannot stand lying, and I always have to be honest with others, and I do not like hiding anything from others, unless its a surprise party or something, but that is besides the point. I just do not like to keep things because if I do, then the truth will come out eventually and It will not be good. so be honest from now, so you save all the hassle, trouble later. Those who lie, cheat, and always con others are not good. We must teach children from an early age that lying, cheating, and being dishonest with others is not a good thing, and get them to understand how terrible it is to lie, because it can mean trouble in future or trouble in the near future. I know sometimes they say you need to lie, saying white lies, fibs, and everything and sometimes that is socially acceptable, but don’t let that be a habit, and don’t let that overpower a real lie, because, “real eyes realize real lies”. Have you heard and seen that quote online or have you seen it somewhere? Its something to really think about.

Have you been through this situation before where you had to apologize for being honest? Have you ever been in a predicament that you were caught in the crossfire? Just never apologize, just be honest and go forward in life. Your goodness, your good heart, your honesty is a powerful thing and its incredible, and it shows who you are, what your personality is, and what kind of person you are when you are always honest and forthright. Its the best way to go in life and trouble, hassle free. The truth will always set you free. You may not realize it, but it will. All the best to you.

16 thoughts on “Never Apologize For Being Honest – Those Who Are Dishonest Should Apologize

  1. As you know, my blog is about Bipolar Disorder. It has taken me several years to work up to the point where I no longer feel ashamed to tell the truth about who I am and the health issues I have. I am completely honest about it, my medications, the “med go round” I endured in initial treatment. I find that being honest with people about my various mental health problems either causes them to run screaming, or to ask questions which I am more than happy to answer in the name of educating people about the disorder. It is not who I am, it is a part of me that can be a daily challenge, or it can be in remission for months. However, i have found that there is no point in keeping it from people. if they run screaming, i probably didn’t want to know you anyway 🙂 Good post! Honesty is always the best policy because as you said the truth will always come out.

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    Today I am grateful to my family, teachers and friends who have contributed to my physical, psychological and spiritual development to the point that I almost understand, from my own experience, some of this saying by Deepak Chopra

  3. Thank you for saving my day! Having a good read will always make a person’s day turn around! People go through different things and making a change by telling them to stand for the better option is a very brave thing to do. Inspire more people! 🙂

  4. Wise words. So hard to follow in life, though. So many consequences–most likely intended consequences that are better than those of being dishonest–but a tough pill to swallow, sometimes.

  5. Love the post, and your writing has heart. I appreciate you checking out my blog. My wife inspired me to write, because it helps me fight my Parkinson’s disease. I can’t wait to read more.

  6. I read this yesterday and felt so supported. For most of my life, I’ve felt like I have had to lie about who I was (and nothing as tough or life-threatening as many people in the world face on a daily basis). I’ve been conciously trying to be honest since lying (ie: Figure out what they want you to say and say it) has been so exahusting and depleting. But even being truthful is taking a lot out of me! Still I’d rather be my true self and deal with what that gives me than being a shell of a person.

  7. Bull’s eye! I’m having friendship problems because of this. I gave my honest opinion on why I didn’t agree on my friends’ decision and part of our group is mad at me and been backstabbing me ever since. They never heard anything back from me. It’s just sad how people treat you when you’re being truthful.

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