Never Keep Anything Bottled Up Inside Of You. Always Bring It Out.

In My life I have learned not to keep anything bottled up inside and always spill the beans no matter what. I actually feel so much better everytime I do because if I keep anything bottled up inside of me, that makes life a lot more stressful and a big burden on your heart and it may suffocate you in the long run. Blogging takes a lot out of me as I express my feelings with writing and I talk to close people and loved ones in my life who understand my situations. If your going through rough times, or if you feel like venting out, do it. It is very good for you and it takes a big load off your mind and heart. You may not be aware of it, but you actually do make it better by speaking out about it.

People get sick, stressed, over-analyze themselves, sells ones self short, and all these terrible things can happen if all of us don’t speak out. People always tell me to never keep things inside of me unless they are secrets and things that people do not want me to tell anyone, that will always stay with me forever and I will never tell a soul, but besides that among everything else it should be said out, and they told me to never hesitate and be afraid of expressing myself. Its part of Human nature. All of us have problems, all of us have our worries so on and so forth, but its always good to say it out loud, its always good to confide in someone, if we don’t those problems will escalate and escalate and to the point like its a temperature gauge and when the mercury will explode. You do not want to get yourself to that level.

When you have a problem with someone, when you have issues you would like to discuss to someone, you tell it to their face and come up with solutions to solve that problem, or talk it over with someone, without other people interfering, and just have an open communication with whatever bothers you inside and whatever you need to express. Its super important to realize that. You may strengthen bonds with others by just doing that. You need to talk pleasantly and start the conversation by, “we need to talk about something that has been bothering me” or something along the lines of just being sincere and respectful as you confront the person, because nobody wants anyone to hound them and give them grief. Its always good to be respectful about it, rather than being hateful and rude. It sets yourself up for more problems when you want to solve it with others. You will see problems diminish and you will see that your bonds with people will be more strong if your straight forward, if you apply yourself and just let it all out. You don’t want a two faced person in front of you and a person who laughs and smiles but really they cannot stand the fact that there are problems that have not been discussed.

Some people do not realize the wrong they do, so we must make people aware of it and tell them like it is. No one likes a fake person. Its important to be real, to be nice about it and you will see how things will get better.

Life can sometimes throw obstacles to your face, so we need to talk to prevent those obstacles from contacting you. There are so many personalities, so many characters in life, different people, different mentalities, but always remember, “An Ugly Personality, Can Ruin a Pretty face” – UNKNOWN ——– So do yourself a favour, set yourself free and do not let anything get bottled up inside. You wouldn’t want to risk having a serious nervous breakdown now would you? Think about it!

10 thoughts on “Never Keep Anything Bottled Up Inside Of You. Always Bring It Out.

  1. I totally agree here. One of the reasons that I started blogging in the first place, to kind of give me that extra outlet, ya know? Haha, well I hope you are doing well and keep on spillin them beans 😛

  2. Hi Talin, I couldn’t agree more with your post 🙂 I found that if I bottled up my annoyance/anger no one will know what is going on in my mind. On the outside it seemed like I am quiet and calm but on the inside there is war raging. Then when someone does something to tip me over the edge I explode, and I pity that unlucky person. Expressing what is going on in my mind, good or bad, is a great way to avoid that 🙂 Thanks for the post and also I’m honoured that you followed

  3. I have come to realize that my inability to de-stress and quit allowing all that I cannot control, control me keeps my body in knots. Headaches afflict me on a daily basis and I am not able to provide for my babies as I should. My patience lacks and my ability to smile is stifled. I do this without conscience realization, majority of the time. I lock up both emotionally and physically. As you said this creates health issues. My “New Years Resolution” per-say is to become more conscience of my natural reaction to STRESS and just relax. So much is beyond our control and most of that is a good thing. I just wish my logic understanding of this can communicate to my heart and soul better so my muscles would stop living in perpetual knots.

  4. Hello Talin, thanks for following my blog. I read your above post and you are so right. You just have to do it… I’m the living proof that bottling up can harm a person, big time! It got me a major burnout.
    I learned the hard way, and it takes a lot of courage to change, but I’m working hard on it. My blog helps venting out, it’s kind of therapeutic.
    See you.

  5. Thanks for this post. From my early childhood, I was trained to keep everything bottled up. It led to a lot of problems. I’m now learning to express myself. It’s a slow process, but worth it.

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