It is Important to Stand For What Is Right, & Take The Side That is Right

In My life, I have always learned about doing the right thing, and stand for what is right in the world, whether its a personal issue, being in society, in my community or whatever the case maybe. Before I jump in any opportunity or or situation, I always think twice. Is it right? Is it not right? In the end the decision is in my court, but I always try to see things to be right. In a lot of cases, when people ask me for advice, and when people come to me to ask me is this the right way to do something? or is it right to be around people like this or that? 99.9% of the time, people come back to me and tell me, Talin you are so right about it, or Talin thank you for your advice, it worked really well. The other .01% that I did leave out was due to the other persons actions and words that I gave advice to. will that person listen and carry out the advice I gave him or her? It is always a wonder, but usually I get feedback all the time.

I strongly believe in standing for what is right, even if it means standing alone. I really like this quote a lot. You will know instantly. It is your gut instinct. If your gut instinct tells you to do it, do it, but if it is wrong, you always have to think with your mind before you can even think about something with your heart. These days the mind comes before the heart. When people think with their heart, sometimes it comes out to be the total opposite of what they were imagining a situation to be whether its something to do with a relationship, or anything else of that sort. I truly believe that when people think with their minds, the outcome is always better. The society has become such a thing that you have to be very careful of who you trust and you have to over-analyze and observe people before jumping into a friendship, relationship and companionship. It is very important not to jump into those ships too quickly because in the end it can make you or break you. I cannot stress how important it is to protect yourself at all times. Your emotional, mental and physical safety is very important. Yes although thinking with your heart is really an awesome thing to do, but these days you must think with your mind. I cannot put it any more clearer than that. You have to make wise decisions about any situation you are in.

If people do not understand why you always want to do the right thing and when people leave you standing alone, it means that those people who leave you standing alone aren’t who they say they are, and they are not the true people you once thought you can trust and be around with. When you do something right and stand by the right side of things and when people stay with you, they are definitely keepers and then you will know exactly who is true and who is not. I know sometimes doing the right thing can be a wrong approach, but you did what you had to do, but always remember there are two sides to every story, but you have to be the one to judge if it is wrong or right. Keep an open mind, but close your heart unless its for the right person, people. Keep analyzing, keep on observing, keep on questioning. There is nothing wrong with that. Just protect yourself and life will go right.

5 thoughts on “It is Important to Stand For What Is Right, & Take The Side That is Right

  1. Great advice Talin and a very nice blog, everything you write is so true and I am glad that you live by those rules…friendship in life is a special thing and to find the right friends will be judgement call and in time you will learn to take the right decisions. Happy New Year and may the 2013 be that year to give Happiness great health and prosperity.

  2. I’ve learned this over time. Integrity builds your character and your reputation. Doing what is right, even when people are not watching is a testimony of who you are. Even when you have to walk it alone, you know you are doing the right thing. Heart and mind work hand in hand.

  3. An interesting perspective and one I would love to debate. Protectionist ideology creates a false sense of security, it entraps the mind and blinds our senses to life. Lets us not delve too deeply into the multitude of examples but look simply at the home security industry. A multi billion $ industry in Canada, based on a property crime rate that at the end of last census 2010, was sitting at 40 year lows with 2000 per 100,000 residents. A marketing factor, playing with your mind not your heart leads you into fear and you now subject yourself to mental imprisonment and subsequently physical imprisonment.
    Once again, an interesting perspective and one to be debated from all angles.

  4. You need to stand for something no doubt about it. But in my life sometimes we will pass people by we may not agree with…but certain feelings on certain subjects will never change for me. Nice post. 🙂

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