Feeling A Little Under The Weather – The Joys of What Winter Brings

This weekend, I have been feeling a little under the weather. It’s been over 2 and a half years I haven’t got sick with sore throat, sniffles, sneezing and everything to do with a cold. I guess its back with a vengeance. I am feeling so awful. I need some good honey lemon tea, lots of fluids, and Buckley’s that will help me and my cold. I can’t believe I got sick like this before New Years Eve. Well, this year I am staying home anyway, but it is taking a toll on me. for 2 and a half years not being sick. I am going crazy. What are some cures for a cold to go away quickly? The joys of winter huh? I don’t know how some people like this crazy. It is crazy. I mean I bundle up, Wash my hands a lot per day, and make sure that I protect myself, but I guess its come to a point where it needs to fight me back. This cold is so brutal. It is definitely in the air somewhere. I just want this winter to be over with. I am already so tired of it. I need to relax today and take it easy and get better quick. I cannot be sick. I have deadlines to meet and can hardly concentrate, but I think its a way for my body to tell me to get some rest and just take care of myself. I know the common cold can strike at anytime, but mostly winter and notice how on tv during winter they have cold medicine commercials? Hardly in the summertime. Anyway, I am going to keep this short today and focus on getting better so that I can function for later. Have a great happy new year everyone and enjoy your festivities for ringing in 2013. All the best to everyone!

8 thoughts on “Feeling A Little Under The Weather – The Joys of What Winter Brings

  1. As a veteran of 66 winters with an assortment of colds varying from mild to miserable, my best advice is to take it easy and get plenty of sleep. My old country doctor in East Texas used to offer this advice for everything. Soups, broths, jellies and jello. I assume he meant that was to be our only intake, but my memory is elusive so I may be making this up. Feel better.

  2. There has been a lot of cold and flu going around in my area. So far so good for me (knock on wood). This is the worse part of winter, everybody needs out of their house and all the big crowds keep the diseases thriving.

  3. Colds don’t go away quickly, Talin! Relax and do all the things you wrote. Colds are more prevalent in winter because everything is all closed up. Sometimes it’s inevitable, so nap, drink your tea, feet up and feel better soon!

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