Distracted Drivers are Dangerous Drivers

These days and the past few years, we keep hearing about tragic fatalities that are caused by distracted drivers on our roads, senseless deaths and injuries that can be averted. Talking on your cell phone, texting people, checking Facebook and other social networks constantly is a no-no. You do not have to be in constant communication with the world 24/7 365. Everything has its limitations. It is dangerous. You are endangering others lives, passengers in your own vehicle, and yourself. Safety while driving should be the number one priority. Go from point A to B safely and when you are parked and vehicle is shut off, then you may resume to your communication to the world.


People do not understand the dangers associated with it. Dealing with the law is something people would not want to do. Driving is a serious thing. If you do not have your 100% concentration on the road, you can really do damage, damaging families forever, loss of life, and so much more. Unfortunately this society does not understand that. Also grooming yourself, reading a book while driving, playing with Ipods, playing with gadgets, having a coffee in one hand and food in the other while steering with your knee is a no-no. You can easily lose track and lose control. It is a very serious matter. Put distractions down and focus on driving.


It is that simple. Insurance premiums go up ridiculously high because of other people’s mistakes and those who have a good driving record have to pay for others mistakes. It is not fair. Insurance premiums go up due to these unfortunate matters. We can all do our part to drive safer, to focus, to take driving seriously, to better ourselves. Driving is not a joke. You are playing with your life and others lives. A vehicle is a weapon. It can do terrible damages to others. So think about it. Think about the next time you have your phone, or gadgets or something with you. Think before you act, think before you do something. It can save you all the hassle in future.

7 thoughts on “Distracted Drivers are Dangerous Drivers

  1. Absolutely right. I live in the UK and it is now illegal to use your phone in the car unless it is ‘handsfree’ but that isn’t stopping other silly things being done. Well said!!

  2. I agree with you. I’ve made the pledge to not text and drive. Too many fatalities are happening as a result of things like texting. As the motto goes: “It CAN Wait.”

  3. I agree 100% ! This needs to be said over and over again! I have also made a pledge to put the phone away while driving. I use Bluetooth…if there is a need I can use that. I admit that I have broken my rule a few times, while on country roads with no traffic coming, but it does not matter! A rule is a rule! I am recommitting myself to 100% NO touching while driving!
    While I am familiar with the phone distraction, I cant say that I am familiar with some of the other things you have mentioned! All I can say is…..you are right! People just do not take driving seriously! They are handling a massive piece of machinery which can change lives in an instant! Complete attention to detail is needed and often, more often than we realize, it is not happening!
    Thank you for this reminder!!
    Peace and Love~ Christine

  4. I am in total agreement! There is nothing happening online that is more important than my safety, the safety of the passengers in my vehicle, and the other motorists. Any phone calls or texts can surely wait until I reach my destination.

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