I Have Never Liked Snow, and Never Will

This morning, I woke up to the sight of snow all over the place and it was our very first snowfall and snow storm that already blanketed everywhere. I really do not like winter at all. I really did not miss snow at all. Some people have asked me and said, but Talin you live in Canada your from Canada, how can you not like snow? I said not everyone who lives in Canada like it. Some do, but I really don’t. It makes the roads messy, makes driving unsafe, and among so many things that snow can do. I have never liked it. Even when I was a little kid. I was never a fan of snow. In the Winter time I like to get away from all this cold and snow. We usually travel to sun and tropical destinations during the winter months. It really doesn’t make sense to go to a sun destination in the summer time or in the spring. So that way you can get away from the winter for a week or 2. It really sucks having a big driveway during times like this, or your going to have to buy a snow blower or get someone to shovel it. I cannot shovel snow. I have a bad back, and I do not want to injure myself with shoveling that stuff. It looks like it is quite a bit on there. Plus you have to clean off your car, make sure you have snow tires, and everything. Its all a big huge mess. Plus everywhere is slushy, wet, and all that salt they put and then all this white stuff get on your car. No thank you. This is not my season. I can’t wait until March. One snow storm is enough. I cannot take anymore of it. LOL I really detest snow as you can tell.

If you live in an area where snow comes and when in winter, take it easy on the roads, give yourself more time and make wise decisions before stepping out of your home. Is it necessary? Do I really have to go out? Is it very important? Unless your going to work, school or something really important, then that is fine, but if your going to go out for the sake of going out, do yourself a favour, don’t risk it. I know winter just started and it will get worse and it will be colder, and freeze, but I do not want to risk it. Who else doesn’t like snow?

18 thoughts on “I Have Never Liked Snow, and Never Will

  1. I LOVE snow! But I live in Seattle where we get snow for a day or two, and then it is gone. When we have it, the city, with all its hills, shuts down and we have official Snow Days. That’s the way I like it.

  2. Unused to live in central New York in the “sweet spot” for lake effect where we would get lake effect off of Lake Eerie an then the wind would shift and we would get it of Lake Ontario.

    I love a dusting of snow even now and then but after living in California for a year and having no snow, just fog and bad traffic, we had an 8 foot snow!!! All at once!!!!!!! It was crazy we literally could not stop shoveling or we would have been stuck for a long time.

    Soon as the runways were clear, despite bein terrified of planes, I arranged an interview and beat feet back to California.

    I live a dusting of snow once or twice a year that we occasionally see. Everything stops and no one goes anywhere. Definitely a refreshing change since the snow melts the day it falls!

    Stay warm and safe! Spring will be here soon!

    Kitty G

  3. I don’t like it either..haha But my kids and husband do so I am “stuck” going with them to the mountains at times. I just read in the hotel and they go to the slopes..We do get snow in Seattle every other year or so but mostly about an hour away in the mountains. Great Post! Alesia

  4. I rarely see it where I live. If we have a few flakes…enough to cover the ground.. I run out and act silly. Come back in with wet feet and damp stringy hair and hope it melts soon.
    I’m with you!

  5. Hi Talin – we got caught up in the snow yesterday when we were driving from Brooklyn to Massachusettes. It was horrible and I wish we had known how severe the weather was going to be because I hated driving in the storm. I hope everyone else out last night in the New England area affected by snow (& sleet) is safe – I always try not to travel when the roads are bad but we are here on holiday break and had people to see. You are so right – stay inside if you can during bad weather.

  6. From the moment the hint of snow shows up in the area the corresponding increase of mindless cackling about the coming snowpocalypse, runs on milk and bread, followed by people who must travel with a combination of inexperience and an inane desire to pick up that thing that could wait until the roads clear pours out like the snow on the ground… I’ll just wait it out thanks.

  7. My kind of girl LOL I hate snow with a passion also and love to travel, sort of follow the sun and hot weather and the beach and swimming, not a bad choice, I guess there are people who like the snow to ski or have winter games, mind you it is nice to look minus slush and -weathers. soon summer will come.

  8. It’s summer here in Australia. It can get very hot here, way too hot, but not nearly as hot as some places can, thank goodness. I’m lucky to live in a place where the weather is (usually) not extreme. I’ve actually never seen snow, and I want to at least once. Actually I think snow would be better than extreme sunlight, because sunlight can give you cancer and I’ve already had melanoma cut out recently 😦 But whatever weather we have, taking precautions is essential, I agree with you.

    I can not help but be so thankful for the fact that I have a home that keeps the elements off me, keeps me dry, protects me from the sun. I don’t have a car, but I’m so thankful there are buses and trains that will take me where I need to go, and that I can actually walk to places that are in walking distance. I’m thankful that I’m physically a bit better than a few years ago when extremes in temperature whether hot or cold made me a lot sicker and miserable. I’m grateful for my fan in this hot weather 🙂

    It would be so hard to be homeless or not have the means to have good shelter 😦

  9. Maybe because I’m from the Southeast, but I LOVE snow! I’m looking forward to going to Colorado this week for a heavy dose of skiing and lots of fresh fallen powder!

  10. I can relate as I do not like shovelling snow either, but snow can also be beautiful, and it can be peaceful and quiet to walk in, especially at night when it is clear and there is a full moon. Messy, dangerous, and uncomfortable – true, true, true but it is also beautiful and magical. I hope you have experienced being outside when it is really cold, and dry and the snowflakes shapes don’t melt right away when they land on your clothes. The flakes are striking with their beauty! Thank heaven for diversity in nature in all its variety.

  11. I’m another one who doesn’t like snow. It’s nice to look at but that’s really the only good thing I have to say about it.

    In Ireland we don’t get any really heavy snow as they do on the Continent or in Scandinavia. We usually get two or three inches of it. Then just as soon as it’s settled the temperature rises and within a few hours all the virgin snow turns to slush, or it hardens into ice. And as people walk over it and cars, lorries and buses drive over it then it all turns to crud.

    We in Downpatrick were very lucky last year in that we got no snow at all. We just might get away snow-free this year too.

  12. I really understand you! I don’t like snow either, it has to make everything soooo complicated! I fall all the time and my bus is always late which makes me late for school. Ugh. I only like it when I can look at it from inside my house or when we’re out skiing.. But it ends there 🙂

    We have been spared from the snow so far in Belgium! It has been snowing but it didn’t stay 😀 Lucky me! I hope it stays that way 😉

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