Nothing Like Organization, Neatness, & Cleanliness

Since I was a child, I have always learned the importance of organization, neatness and cleanliness. I do not like things out of place, and I even fold my clothes, and hang my clothes according to colour and type of clothing it is. I make filing systems for all my things, I organize my things with the new modern looking storage boxes, dividers, drawer organizers, pen, staple, scissor holders, plastic drawers, I clean all the dust at least twice a week, regular washroom maintenance every other day. I really enjoy cleaning the house, and cleaning my own space and being neat, vacuuming, washing dishes, doing laundry, washing sheets and towels weekly, folding laundry, cooking, mopping and washing the floors. I really enjoy doing it. I know some people don’t, but it is fun when you make it fun. I listen to music, think of happy thoughts, and just going through a fun time. I just love being organized too so that I know where everything is in the house, so that if I am looking for something, I know exactly where to find it and I don’t have to spend hours just looking for something. I remember when I was in my teens, and a few people came over to my house, and I remember them saying, your home is spotless, and I said thank you so much. It felt good when others notice that instantly when they come over. When you least expect it, people can come over to my place, so I like to upkeep it all the time and even if people don’t come over, it will be a clean house to live in and being proud of it being clean and tidy. I usually use vinegar and water most of the time to mop the floors, clean surfaces, and then the whole places smells like a salad for a couple of hours and then it goes back to normal.  I don’t use harsh chemicals that are bad, I use natural cleaners like vinegar and water. It is the best form of cleaning ever. It is exciting to me and I find to be so awesome to clean and to know that my house is in tip top shape. I love it


21 thoughts on “Nothing Like Organization, Neatness, & Cleanliness

  1. I wish I were more organized…I try to make our place look tidy, but all my cupboards and closets are so messy. Don’t know how it happens;)

  2. See, I love HAVING my house be clean and all my things be in place and nicely organized. It’s making it happen that’s my problem, hehe. I should make more of an effort to keep my apartment clutter-free, though, because mess puts me in a bad mood.

  3. If you ever visit Scotland you’ll be made very welcome in my home lol. I’m not the best at house stuff but I do try. I envy people who were born with the clean gene. Sadly it missed me out xx

  4. When I was home full time I had a clean house too. It’s great exercise and yes it made me proud to have the place clean. Organized, well that was not as good, but it was clean.
    Now I have a husband who stays out of my way when I clean because it usually means I am mad or upset. Still love my house clean, but not enough hours in the day to do everything.

  5. I’s like to live in a house like this… but I don’t. I don’t like disorder and chaos, but I tolerate untidiness until it gets to a (not very bad) level and then I sort it. To maintain your high standards would take too much time and energy for me. But well done you.

  6. Thanks for coming by my blog. It brought me here and I read that you do not use harsh detergents to clean. We have a guest house in Bowness-on-Windermere in the Lake District, England, and I am always looking for ways of cleaning that do the trick but are not harsh on the environment and on materials that we have to clean. Do you have any tips?

    There was a cleaning programme in the UK that was very popular and two ladies would go to people’s houses and clean them up and also leave tips for the people to help them clean and tidy up. I think they used some homespun remedies too, but it got too complicated for me to follow, although they always worked. I’ve tried vinegar and water, but I cannot get it to work. Maybe I got the proportions wrong.

  7. I never heard anybody describe it this way. I personally do not enjoy cleaning or the outcome of neatness. If somebody made everything neat for me I’d be mad. I hate it when the cleaning lady at work puts things in neat piles on my desk. It makes me want to throw things.

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