Thoughts & Prayers Go Out To The Victims Of The Newtown, Connecticut Shootings Mass Killings

In this day in age, no where is safe anymore. Unfortunately this society and this world is being filled with hate, violence, and easy access to weapons. It tore my heart when I heard about this travesty and this terrible news. I just couldn’t believe how someone would go to a school, kill his own innocent mother, then take the lives of innocent children and adults who go to that school at Sunny Hook. I just can’t believe the nerve of some people. They are saying he has a mental disorder, but don’t you think that is a trend? People who murder and do terrible things to others, and then they say, they are not sane, and they didn’t know what they were doing? I know this 24 year old was very aware of what he did and how he got a gun and shot over 50 rounds is beyond me. There is something that doesn’t meet the eye here. How can people be so horrid? How can people be so violent? This society needs a big time make over. Families are ripped apart now, and especially just before Christmas too. It is a crazy world we live in. Crime can happen in our own backyards. It can happen anywhere where you least expect it. This is Columbine all over again. Not enough is being done to prevent shootings, killings and committing crimes. I know this will always happen unfortunately, but it shouldn’t. Time to crack down on severe punishment and enforce the death penalty to idiots like this who go shooting kids and teachers and a principal.

It is beyond disgusting and inhumane. There was this really clever and moving t-shirt I read online yesterday saying “Dear God, Why do you allow so much violence in our schools? A Concerned Student — Dear Concerned Student, I am not allowed in Schools, GOD – “. Now this is such a powerful thing. My mouth was wide open when I read this quote. It is so right and it applies to everything. People of any age are being influenced by violence, all these video games, and these violent shows, movies, and knowing how easy it is to obtain a weapon is something so ridiculous and things need to change. Society needs to change. The way the government handles punishment should change big time. You do the crime, you do the time. it is that simple. How can some people sleep at night? How can people be so cruel? It is something that I cannot put to words. These inexcusable acts, its such a disgrace to humanity. I have officially lost faith in humanity. I end up regaining my faith in humanity and then again I lose it. Its been happening frequently in the last few months, but since learning about the Newtown, Connecticut killings, is something I cannot stomach. These lives have been lost by senseless and idiotic person who found the thrill of killing other people.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and victims families during this horrific, difficult times in their lives losing loved ones, and children. It makes me sick to my stomach. I cried so much the other day and inside me just ached with pain and I just can’t imagine what the families and friends of those killed are going through right now. I am on your side and you all are on my mind and in my heart. I just cannot bare it. It is terrible. My condolences. Lets work together to stop hating, and start loving and appreciating each other without the act of violence and terror. God rest the souls of those who died.

20 thoughts on “Thoughts & Prayers Go Out To The Victims Of The Newtown, Connecticut Shootings Mass Killings

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  2. He definitely knew what he was doing; something on this scale would surely have had to be planned in advance.

    People are saying he was autistic (which isn’t a mental disorder). I’ve written my own piece on that theory. Perhaps he *was* autistic, but there were deeper, far more dangerous things going on in his mind.

  3. I would like to see the public conversation turning away from the details of that horrible event and towards what we, as a society can do in response to those in society who may turn their hands to do it again. As I see it, it’s not about assigning blame but rather to trying to prevent this. Responding appropriately to those with mental illness; those cast out, for whatever reason, is the best we can do.

  4. I’ve thought a lot about the term “faith in humanity” and realized that when I remember to place my faith in the only one worthy of it, or capable of carrying the weight of my faith, I have more peace. I do not in any way understand how people can hurt other people in this gross, incomprehensible way. Why strangers? Why children? It doesn’t make sense. At times like these I feel like running back to God’s side and hiding behind him, peeking out to see if the craziness is over. The thing is, I never really need to leave his side.People do heroic things, and they do horrific things. I just need to keep God as my equilibrium.

    Thank you for coming by my blog and liking “A Christmas Question.” I’ll be checking out more of your blog as well!

  5. I have a son with Severe Autism who would not have the cognitive ability to shoot a gun. He acts like he can not even open a can of soda. He brings it to me to help him. However he is 20 years old and is very strong. He just does not realize it. However no disrespect to Missus Tribble- Autism is a neurlogical disorder which is defined with very defined details in the DSM ( bible for psychiatrists). Having said that I do treat my son as normal as I can. I also have another normal developing son so I know the difference. Here is a blog post I wrote recently.

    thank you for sharing your wonderful post. Alesia

  6. I do understand the emotion attached to this story, Talin, and you’re not the only to pour out your heart online. But there are a lot of factual errors and misconceptions in your post, and no easy answers.
    We all have experienced pain and sorrow in the past few days; however, drawing conclusions in advance of the facts is dangerous.

  7. Talin
    We all have ready access to weapons in the US. The bar to buy weapons is very low. Even as we struggle with another disaster, it is clear that we will never get back a fraction of the weapons that are already in the hands of so many people. Laws can be made, but the underlying culture has gotten to this. While I support gun control, it is unlikely to be successfully implemented when there are so many guns already circulating. Florida just issued its 1 millionth permit to carry a concealed handgun. Is that a conceivable number?

  8. I wonder what is it that makes someone snap just like that and turn into a mass murderer, of course, this is no excuse for what he did, it’s just that the brain is so complex, we don’t know what exact button lights up in there and says: “I have to go and kill people and then myself.” It is so sad and terrifying.

  9. It is strange, isn’t it. We automatically gravitate to the ‘madness’ or sick excuse, but he knew how to by-pass the security system ,and did so in a cool unflappable manner, as well as having forethought, and knowing what and how to carry that what. He knew he was dead as soon as he killed his Mother, and he comitted suisicde by going down in a blaze of glory, like so many more do – taking as many civilian lives with him as possible that wouldn’t shoot back.

  10. Talin: the school is called Sandy Hook. Thanks for following my blog.

    Anna: re autism being a mental disorder: no it’s not. Apparently the NIMH doesn’t know what the hell it’s talking about re autism. So many professionals have no clue it’s unbelievable. I am autistic. It is not a mental disorder TYVM. To say so trivializes it and mental disorders as well.

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