It’s Not About Who is Real To your Face, It’s about Who Stays Real Behind Your Back

In life do you ever wonder about who is real and fake in your life? Do you ever sit back and think about all the friends you have in life, thinking that they are real to you in your face and around you, but once your not in each others presence and go on with daily life, do you ever wonder if they are being real to you behind your back? I know it is against the friendship code when friends test each other to see how loyal and real they are to each other, but sometimes testing each others loyalty isn’t such a bad thing, because this day in age, you have no other options because trust and realness is very rare and there are so many things that can happen between friends and when we tell a secret or when we share with friends about personal stories or something, we trust them and expect them not to tell secrets or share with the world with the conversations held between friends and groups of friends. Remember, whatever gets spread around and whatever happens, it always comes back around and the truth always comes out, no matter what it is, then your friendship with a person with that certain someone will be on a thin thread and any second it might snap apart and never be the same again, even if you put it back together, the same trust and the same way you look at that friend will never be the same. I believe that true friends who are loyal to you, will never say anything terrible behind your back and who won’t spread secrets and rumours about you. I truly believe in integrity and respect, and I really do not like it when people spread secrets around with others when you have told them in confidence. Its a terrible way to discover that your friend betrayed your trust and that is one of the worst things ever to go through.

It has happened to me where I would share something with friends, and then all of a sudden the world knows about it. It is not a good thing to do at all. Yes Friends may seem real to you in front of you, but are they really real behind your back? Have you thought about what they really think of you when you are not together physically? It is something that makes people think isn’t it? I know this topic I am writing about today, may question and ponder about the friendships you have with people and how you look at social relationships with others, but it is a good thing to think about, and there are ways to discover without making it obvious to friends about truthfulness behind your back…… They are just simple steps to get to know each other more, to get to understand each others perspectives on life and what you expect from each other, how you bluntly ask questions about loyalty and backing each other up during some incidences that may occur between a group of friends, group of people that you are with, when agreeing and disagreeing about certain things, what you can do to make sure that person you are spending your time with and people your spending time with are and will always have your back without gossiping to others about conversations you have, because generally speaking, people who gossip so much and talk about other people are really doing the same thing about you when you are not around…. Remember it is very important to analyze, if someone is over-talking about others and running their mouth about another persons business and life, it is time to rethink your friendship with that person. Also, another trait to watch out for are those who walk all over you and tell you what you want to hear, but it is better to let them walk, then walk all over you because that is also not great. Those who laugh at you, than with you, let them go too.

I know it is difficult to find friendship that is loyal, real, and what we imagine it to be, and I know that it is very hard to do that, but we will automatically know and our gut instincts will tell each and everyone of us, to let go or to let the friendship build up and blossom for life, because you will feel it within you and you will see the difference. Things happen for a reason, and this is a way of protecting you and your life. God works in mysterious ways, and he protects us from people who are real and not real in the end. He will help you get on board and you will see the difference it actually makes in you and your life. Honesty, Trust, Respect, Integrity, Loyalty, Love, Appreciation, Kindness, Helping, Caring are the things that make friendship stay and to blossom like a field of flowers blooming with the sunlight, but Dishonesty, Disloyal, Unappreciative, Careless, Disrespect, Lying, Manipulation, and Spreading Secrets is like a burned field of trees that the roots have died and the field of black and gray ashes spread around that makes friendship so dull is not a great thing.

Friendships are a beautiful thing, and a gift from God, don’t abuse it and keep it precious and work at it together, and be fruitful and honest with each other and make it a special time in life to share with them as they become part of your life and part of your family. This applies to relationships and friendships. It takes work and effort, but it takes two to tango all the time and when in a group, it takes effort, but working at it and making it bloom is not such a bad thing. If you work at it, everything will be fine in the end. Just be real to each other and hang onto each other. Its beautiful!

Enjoy friendships, take responsibility and all the best to you.

5 thoughts on “It’s Not About Who is Real To your Face, It’s about Who Stays Real Behind Your Back

  1. I read somewhere that integrity can be defined as what you do when no one is looking. The title of your post reminded me of that,

  2. SO TRUE, I keep and have friends with the same rules as you have described.. in life you will realize that fewer true friends are far better than many and hard to have, so follow by your rules đŸ™‚

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