The Black Friday Sales I Can Care Less About

North America today has gone crazy with all these black Friday sales and people going nuts and waiting for so many hours for stores to be open, and people spending money like it is going out of style just because of the sole purpose of Black Friday. It is a money grabbing day with so many consumers, and companies that really love this day because it is attracting more customers and getting people to shed out more money from their pockets. I mean that’s all these businesses are about right? Which is why I could care less about this day because I am not going to get myself hurt and get myself out there with so many people charging into the stores, toppling all over people and items just to get their hands on a good sale, But do we really think to ourselves? Is it necessary? Do we really need it because its on Sale? I highly doubt that 90% of the people actually really need what they buy. On the news earlier, I saw people getting into fights, and causing a ruckus in the store. People yelling hey that’s mine, or something like acting like children, it is not really yours until you purchase it. It is unbelievable. I do not support this black Friday and Boxing days. I do not like materialism and material growth. I am fine with what I have and do not need anything extra. I’d rather donate, rather than making the rich, richer.

10 thoughts on “The Black Friday Sales I Can Care Less About

  1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    I agree 100% Talin, I hate shopping as it is and to think that I would go shopping a day like this???? You have to catch me first LOOOOOL

  2. Sheila Morris says:

    I totally agree except that my partner works for a regional retailer here in South Carolina and we are thankful she has a job so let them shop on Black Friday and Blue Monday and Wacky Wednesday and any other day they feel inclined to bolster consumerism. I’m just sayin’. 🙂

  3. hithere298 says:

    I remember a year ago a poor old man got trampled by a horde of Black Friday shoppers that were apparently too excited to watch where they were stepping. It’s really sad how that happens just because people can’t wait ten seconds to get a good deal.

  4. Justin says:

    Haha, good catch, tbr. “I could (or can) care less!” is a pet peeve of mine. Saying it that way means nothing more than you care on some level but provides no other guidance on how much you actually care…

  5. foleyb76 says:

    Black Friday sales are a great opportunity to spend less on more stuff. Call it American consumerism, but not everyone on Black Friday are vicious with shopping like the stereotype is. My mom and I went out on Black Friday and we bought our stuff and went home to wrap. No drama or spending all of our money on things people don’t really need.

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