What Being Armenian Means To Me & How It Defines My Life

From the beginning of civilization when all of us were born and who are being born, we all come to this world with different backgrounds, and nationalities, and we all have a place in this earth no matter what part of the world we are born in and no matter what culture and background we come from. I was born in Canada, but my race and culture is Armenian. I am a proud Canadian born Armenian and that means a lot to me. What being Armenian means to me is that I feel very strongly about my beliefs and the way of life. Armenians are very welcoming and warm people and our culture of people love cuisine, cooking and baking. We Armenians love to make a lot of food and to make sure our family and friends never leave our homes hungry, but besides that, being Armenian to me is something very important in my life. I have learned our history and culture from growing up from my Armenian Saturday School, From my parents, grandparents, teachers, attending church, Sunday School. We Armenians are over 10-12 million people around the world. Although we are very few in this world, but I am very proud and happy to be an Armenian. We have so many Armenian innovators around the world, and medical history was made by an innovator and inventor who created the MRI Machine for hospitals and clinics across the globe.

What being Armenian also means to me is that I like to reach out to other Armenians, be with the Armenian community, and I have volunteered around my Armenian Community of Canada. I have traveled for sports weekends across Canada from Vancouver, Montreal, Laval, Ottawa, but I have not been to Edmonton and Calgary locations yet, but I intend to travel there soon to visit my friends there. and In my hometown Toronto, and I have met some incredible Armenians along the way in the last 10-12 years. I have had the pleasure of visiting Armenia as well, and I have seen how beautiful my culture and my country really is. If you have travel plans and if you are thinking of visiting a place, Armenia is recommended. So many museums, churches, sight seeing, beauty, statues, Armenian Cross Rocks, sculptures, among so many things you will see. The first church ever built in the world is St Etchmiadzin (Etch-MIA-ZDEEN) – St is SOURP in Armenian. I am super happy and glad to have had the pleasure and I will be visiting again in the near future, but to those who want to see more of the world and travel to places you haven’t known, Armenia is the one.

Everyone in this world comes into this world with different cultures and backgrounds. It is important to keep your culture alive and to keep our language, to learn it and to speak it. I am happy and grateful to be An Armenian of this world. I am thankful to my loved ones, teachers, friends who have taught me so much about my culture. I appreciate and love my country very much and my people.


3 thoughts on “What Being Armenian Means To Me & How It Defines My Life

  1. we are so lucky to be in Canada who allows us to keep our heritage no matter what nationality we are and encourages us to save our culture and freedom of speech. like like like 🙂

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