Getting to Know Me More – If You Have Questions About Me & My Blogging – I Could Write About It

Dear Readers,

Several of my readers and followers want to know more about me and more of my interests and everything in my life in general and what I do. If you have questions, or topics you’d think I should write about whether its about my interests, topics or generally about my blog or anything around the world excluding politics, Feel free to ask questions and I could write about it. I want to reach out to people on a more personal and be more open to my readers about various topics and I want to give back to the community of readers, followers, fellow bloggers, my supporters everywhere, your thoughts, opinions, suggestions matter to me and that is how we learn from each other is to share. Thank you and all the best to all. Love you all.


Talin Orfali

5 thoughts on “Getting to Know Me More – If You Have Questions About Me & My Blogging – I Could Write About It

  1. When I read somebody’s blog it’s the author of the blog that I wish to know about. Their experiences, their life in general, their hobbies and interests, their family, friends… I like to get to know the blogger and not just their dreams and aspirations.

    I’ve always liked your sprit and your ambition, but until recently I’ve not really known you. Lately you’ve been responding to comments and have been very receptive to blogging suggestions, and I think that’s great! Please continue in the same vein, because we are now learning about you as a person and – personally – I’m enjoying doing so 🙂

  2. I know you feel you have to blog every day, but sometimes it’s okay to wait until you have something meaningful about which to write.

  3. I am personally interested in travelling to NW Europe and Netherlands and Denmark next year – 2013. I have never been to NW Europe, and do not know anything about Euro, Passports and Visas, dealing with currency or medical issues. From your personal experience and knowledge of travelling there to here, can you define, what is needed to do, how to go about it, inexpensive and safe ways to travel, what is needed to know about passports in the different countries and visas, too. Also, are there travellers support groups or even groups that travel together, which are safe, for being safer with each other, while travelling? Are there re-location services in Denmark, and Netherlands, that you know of? What to look for online to get more information? What to study online and off, for being prepared for travelling there?
    Probably, I missed asking the correct “more questions”. You probably know more about it that I do.

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